Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 18

We flew to Swilvane and went to a weapon shop.

Elimi: “You sure can fly fast, even though we are the fastest race.”

Yuji: “I didn’t spend my time in SAO for nothing.”

Elimi: “Same here, but took me like a month or so to fly without a controller…”

Yuji: “Depend on who is playing it I guess.”

Elimi: “Yeah…”

I then bought a couple of katanas.

Elimi: “I suppose these weapons are similar to the one that you used in SAO?”

Yuji: “Yeah, I prefer dark coloured katanas. How did you know that?”

Elimi: “Because I bought mine with that same mindset too.”

We then toured around the city for a little bit.

Elimi: “What are we going to do now?”

Yuji: “I don’t know… Quests?”

Elimi: “Sure. After that we go to Gadan, you need to know how your city is.”

Yuji: “Okay then.”
We flew into a dungeon and start to fight monsters.

Elimi: “You need to use your magic spells more, that’s how this game is different from SAO.”

Yuji: “Eh? How do I do that?”

Elimi: “Look at your spell list and use them!”

And I did, my left hand became a literal flamethrower.

Yuji: “Wahhh…”

Elimi: “Nice…”

Yuji: “What are your spells?”

Elimi: “Wind magic, healing…”

Yuji: “Oh, I see.”

Elimi: “But I don’t have enough mana all the time, so don’t rely on me to heal you all the time.”

Yuji: “Got it.”

Eventually, we walked to the desert.

Elimi: “This is your side of the continent.”

Yuji: “Finally… Where is the city?”

Elimi: “Still need to fly there… Walking will take about a day.”

Yuji: “Argh…”

Elimi: “Logging out here will also make you vulnerable. When you log out, your body will still be here, so you need someone to protect you.”

Yuji: “I see…”

Elimi: “So you want to hunt more monsters or…”

Yuji: “Fly is probably the better option… and why do I feel hungry…”

Elimi: “You do feel hunger and thirst in-game, but you just cannot feel pain here.”

Yuji: “I see…”

Elimi: “Oh yeah, you feel fatigue too.”

Yuji: “No wonder I feel… exhausted.”

Elimi: “Let’s just fly there and find an inn to stay in and log out.”

Yuji: “Okay then.”

We then flew to Gadan.

Yuji: “I think I want to look around a little.”

Elimi: “Okay then, I don’t really know this place well myself, so let’s hope we don’t get lost.”

And we got lost.

Elimi: “Where are we? Why is this alley dark…”

Yuji: “It is night time after all.”

Elimi: “It is getting late… I want to log out somewhere safer…”

Then a player appears.

Yuji: “Erm… excuse me… do you know where the inn is?”

Player: “You guys new around here?”

Yuji: “Yeah… This is my first day…”

Elimi: “I never came here before…”

Player: “Just keep going straight, you will reach the main street, from there you probably can find the inn, the signage is pretty huge.”

Yuji: “Thank you!” I then pulled Elimi and walked away.

Eventually we ran to the main street.

Yuji: “There you go, the inn is over there.”

Elimi: “Ah finally… Did your stats increased after grinding so many monsters?”

Yuji: “Probably, I don’t know. What time is it…”

Elimi: “It’s going to be 1am…”

Yuji: “Okay… let’s just go in and log out already…”

Elimi: “We play more tomorrow?”

Yuji: “Yeah sure… Just text me whenever you want to go online…”

Elimi: “Okay.”

We then entered the inn and logged out.

I took out my Amusphere and Takeya is beside me.

Yuji: “Woah, what are you doing here? Are you a creeper?”

Takeya: “No, just wanted to see if you are asleep, but since you are still awake…”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Takeya: “I have questions to ask…”

Yuji: “Let me guess, about Usagi?”

Takeya: “Yeah… Since you had experience… But I don’t want to make you remember the tragedy…”

Yuji: “Just ask, I’m fine.”

Takeya: “How is… or should I say was, like to fall in love?”

Yuji: “For me… it’s sweet all the time.”

Takeya: “How did you two met?”

Yuji: “When VR isn’t about FullDive, online. I was like you, hesistant about having a relationship, due to another relationship prior, but she eventually managed to find her way to reason with me, and made me fall in love with her.”

Takeya: “Oh…”

Yuji: “I would say, just give it a try, no one ever knows what happens next. It might work out, it might derail, who knows? It’s worth giving it a try.”

Takeya: “I don’t know…”

Yuji: “Usagi is a nice girl, and I can tell see wants someone who can bring her out of the darkness. She’s still being haunted by the past.”

Takeya: “But I… never had someone liking me before…”

Yuji: “I was like you back in the day, but I took the risk, twice, and I’m still here.”

Takeya: “I will think about it.”

Yuji: “You probably can’t sleep tonight.”

Takeya: “Maybe.” and he left the room.

I went to sleep straight after.


The next morning…

Yuji: “Good morning…”

Takeya: “Good… morning…” and his eyes looked like a panda.

Yuji: “Looks like I was right…”

Takeya: “Yeah…”

Yuji: “You want me to arrange a date with you and Usagi?”

Takeya: “Ah… no!”

Yuji: “Why?”

Takeya: “I’m not ready…”

Yuji: “You will never be ready at this point. Just go out with her, if you like her, then move on from there.”

Takeya: “What if I don’t?”

Yuji: “You can reject her. She won’t hold a grudge on you or anything.”

Takeya: “Ahhh…” and started scratching his head.

Yuji: “Whatever, I’m arranging a date for you.”

Takeya: “No!”

And I texted Asami.

Yuji: “And we are doing it today. During lunchtime.”

Takeya: “That’s too quick!”

Yuji: “If you keep delaying, you will never be ready. Let’s get this over quick.”

Asami replied back.

Yuji: “Looks like it’s set.”

Takeya: “Eh??!!!”

Yuji: “Me and Asami will not interfere, it’s just the two of you.”

Takeya: “No… way…”

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