Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 15

Asami then released her hand Usagi’s mouth.

Usagi: “Why did you cover my mouth?”

Asami: “To stop you from revealing too much information.”

Usagi: “Eh?”

Asami: “I’m sorry for being rude.” and she bowed.

Usagi: “Don’t be shy! We are all SAO survivors!” and she pushed me into the centre of the group.

I had a great time, made new friends and drinking too. The party lasted until late at night.

“Okay okay, it’s getting late, time to split!”

And everyone gave a big “Aww…”

Yuji: “It’s late, I should go…”

Usagi: “Okay then! Let’s go home…”

I walked out of the bar.

“Hold on a minute!”

I stopped and turned around, it’s Asami.

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Asami: “How long are you staying here?”

Yuji: “Until the new years… Why did you ask?”

Asami: “May… may I have your phone number?”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Asami: “It’s fine if you don’t want to…”

Yuji: “Sure. Give me your phone.”

Asami: “Eh?” and she passed me her phone.

Yuji: “Here you go.”  I passed her back her phone after keying in my phone number.

Asami: “Thank you… Are you playing any VR games at the moment?”

Yuji: “Not really, after finally getting out of SAO, I was working non-stop just to fly here…”

Asami: “Okay… Do you want to play an SAO-esque game but without the death?”

Yuji: “I… don’t mind…”

Asami: “I don’t think you brought an Amusphere…”

Yuji: “I don’t even have one. I… gave my NerveGear away.”

Asami: “Oh… no games then…”

Yuji: “I will look around, if it’s not expensive, I will get one.”

Asami: “It’s cheaper than NerveGear, don’t worry.”

Yuji: “Okay, I will look around tomorrow, what game is it by the way?”

Asami: “ALO, Alfheim Online.”

Yuji: “Oh that game, I’m interested in it when I was looking at games.”

Asami: “Oh, that’s great! Maybe we should go out tomorrow… so I can help you get an Amusphere…”

Yuji: “Erm… sure.”

Asami: “Okay then! Tomorrow morning, let’s meet here.”

Yuji: “Okay…”

Asami: “Have a good night.”

Yuji: “You too.” Just when I was about to walk, white particles starts falling down from the sky. I stopped my footsteps and tried to grab one…

Asami: “Oh it’s snowing…”

Yuji: “Snow…” I spun around and smiled like a kid.

Asami: “You love snow?”

Yuji: “My first experience of snow…”

Asami: “You have a cute smile…”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Asami: “Too bad I don’t get to see it in-game…”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Asami: “Nothing! Have a good night!” and she ran away.

I continued my journey to Takeya’s house. Since buses don’t run this late, I had to walk for 20mins. I enjoyed the snowfall while walking back.

I finally reached his house, opened the door and took off my shoes. Takeya was sitting in the living room.

Takeya: “You are finally back…”

Yuji: “Sorry for taking so long… The party took forever.”

Takeya: “It’s fine, at least you had a great time.”

Yuji: “I’m going out with someone tomorrow, I’m going to look for an Amusphere…”

Takeya: “Making friends already? Is it a girl?”

Yuji: “Erm… yeah.”

Takeya: “You sure is fast.”

Yuji: “We are not going that direction! We are just friends…”

Takeya: “That’s what they all say…”

Yuji: “But her voice sounded familiar…”

Takeya: “Hmm… You know her?”

Yuji: “I don’t know… I did suffer from amnesia from the game… I only remember what happened in-game until Kotomi died in my arms…”

Takeya: “Hmm…”

Yuji: “You can join tomorrow if you want.”

Takeya: “Hmm, okay then. Go to bed, it’s getting late.”

Yuji: “Good night.” and I went upstairs.

I entered the guest room, turned on the heater and changed into my sleeping wear. I then sat on the bed.

“Why I don’t remember anything after that… Why does her voice ring some bells…”


The next morning…

Takeya opened the door: “Good morning!”

I was changing my clothes.

Takeya: “Eh? Why are you changing clothes?”

Yuji: “I told you that we were going out.”

Takeya: “This early?”

Yuji: “We are going to eat breakfast outside with them.”

Takeya: “Them?”

Yuji: “I told her that you were coming, so she asked a friend of hers to come along.”

Takeya: “Oh I see… Another girl?”

Yuji: “I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”

Takeya: “Okay, give me 10 mins, let me wash up and change my clothes.”


30mins later… We went to the meet-up point.

Takeya: “Where are they… It’s so cold…”

Yuji: “They should be coming soon…”

Asami and Usagi then came about 10 mins later.

Asami: “I’m sorry, did you wait long? Usagi likes to take her time.”

Usagi: “You woke up so early in the morning!”

Yuji: “It’s fine… We just go here, right Takeya?”

Takeya didn’t answer, I looked at him and he’s staring at Usagi.

Yuji: “Erm… Takeya?”

Takeya: “Ah! Yeah! We just got here.”

Yuji: “Now that everyone is here, let’s go eat breakfast… I’m hungry.”

We went to a fast food restaurant.

Takeya: “The guys will order the food, girls can take a seat.”

Yuji: “May I take your order, ladies?”

Usagi: “The normal burger meal…”

Asami: “Same for me.”

Takeya: “Please take a seat.”

And the guys went on to order food. After a pretty long queue later…

Takeya: “Sorry we took long, there was a queue…”

Asami: “I guess I picked the wrong shop, I forgot this place is usually crowded at this timings…”

Yuji: “It’s fine, at least we got the food now.”

We ate breakfast quickly as it was getting more and more packed by the minute.


We went to the departmental store and looked around at the Amuspheres.

Yuji: “Expensive… even though it is still cheaper than the NerveGear back then…”

Takeya: “I will pay for it, you can pay me back when you get back.”

Yuji: “Eh… I shouldn’t…”

Takeya: “Otherwise you are the only one who doesn’t play ALO at this point.”

Yuji: “Eh… Fine… I will pay you back as soon as possible…”

Takeya: “Take your time, it’s fine.”

Yuji: “Thank you so much…”

I bought the Amusphere and ALO altogether.

Takeya: “I was thinking… if you two girls want to come to my place for dinner later?”

Asami: “Eh?”

Takeya: “I can cook so what we need to do is just get groceries.”

Yuji: “I can help with the cooking later.”

Asami: “Hmm, I don’t mind.”

Usagi: “Sure, free food, why not.”

Takeya: “That’s great!”


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