Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 13

Time passes by, the 74th floor is cleared, by a single player, from what I heard. Our guild leader then told us to take a break for half a month due to the difficulty of the boss.

Elfa: “Now what are we going to do for a month?”

Yuji: “Relax? I don’t know…”

Elfa: “Let’s explore the 74th floor then.”

Yuji: “Sure…”


We walked around Kamdet.

Elfa: “This place is rather boring eh…”

Yuji: “It is a small town after all…”

Elfa: “What do you want to do?”

Yuji: “Let’s go for a coffee date.”

Elfa: “D…Date?”

Yuji: “Mhmm.” and I smiled at her.

Elfa: “O…okay then.” and she blushes.

I pulled her hand and sat down at a coffee place. We ordered our coffee and cakes.

Elfa: “Can’t wait to go out and clear the 75th floor.”

Yuji: “Hmm… relax…”

Elfa: “I want to be the next player who clears the boss solo.”

Yuji: “Okay, that’s too ambitious.”

Elfa: “He must be a great player… Imagine how many levels he jumped after soloing the boss.”

Yuji: “Are you addicted to this game?”

Elfa: “No…”

Yuji: “Okay then.”


The break passes by fast and it’s time for us to scout for the boss. A 20 player team was sent out to scout for the boss.

Elfa: “We are so deep in the dungeon already, the monsters are getting tougher.”

Yuji: “Just stay alert.”

Hanami: “Guys! I found it!”

We all turned around.

Yuji: “Behind this door?”

Hanami: “Definitely.”

Elfa: “Let’s go in and see if the monster is hard.” and she triggered the door.

Yuji: “No wait… We need to bring more people in!”

We all walked into the boss room. The boss name is The Skull Reaper.

Elfa: “Let’s fight it, let’s see how tough he is.”

Yuji: “This is a bad idea.”

We all then started fighting. But all of our attacks did little to no damage.

Yuji: “Let’s get out of here, we need a proper raid party.”

Elfa: “Yeah, let’s go.”

We are about to escape the room, but the boss instantly moved to block our exit.

Yuji: “No way, he’s way too fast. We need to distract him away from the door.”

We fought hard, but we lost 9 players already.

Elfa: “This is my fault… I’m sorry…”

Yuji: “Let’s just find a way to get out of here first.”

The distracted Elfa was about to be attacked by the boss.

Hanami: “NO!” and she pushed her away.

As I turn around, Hanami has already been sliced.


And she disappears.

I quickly pulled out my heavysword and cuts off one of its legs, the boss monster fell down and was immobilized.

Yuji: “Hurry! GET OUT OF HERE!”

A dazed Elfa is on her knees, not listening to what I said. I ran to her and carries her out.

We got back to base, reporting the bad news. Elfa just sitting on a bench, and I stood in front of her.

Elfa: “I killed Hanami… All because I was obsessed in trying to get better in the game so that future clearing would be easier… I’m so sorry…” and she starts tearing up.

I then sat beside her, put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her in. She then leaned on my shoulder.

Yuji: “It’s fine… No one expected the boss to be this strong… Let’s just kill it tomorrow as a form of making up to the players that has fallen…”

Elfa: “I’m not going tomorrow…”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Elfa: “I can’t…”

Yuji: “Yes, you can…”

Elfa: “I shouldn’t stay, I will just drag down the entire guild. I will quit the guild after we cleared this boss…”

Yuji: “Then I’m quitting too.”

Elfa: “Huh?”

Yuji: “You are the reason why I joined the guild… Now that you are leaving, I will leave too.”

Elfa: “No… Stay, this guild need strong players like you.”

Yuji: “If you stay.”

Elfa: “Fine… I will stay…”

Yuji: “Good.”

Elfa: “May I have a request…”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Elfa: “Sleep with me tonight… I… don’t think I can sleep alone, the guilt will keep me awake…”

Yuji: “Okay…”

Elfa: “Thank you…”

We then went to Elfa’s room and slept. Elfa hugged me the whole night while constantly sniffing.


It’s morning. Elfa was seeing me off before the raid party leaves for the boss fight.

Elfa: “Be careful out there…”

Yuji: “I’m not like you…”

Elfa: “Ha ha, funny.” and she kissed me in the lips.

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Elfa: “A protective charm kiss.”

Yuji: “Okay, sure.”

Elfa: “I’m surprised that you didn’t push me away.”

Yuji: “I guess I’m getting comfortable around you.”

Elfa: “That’s good.”

We waved goodbye, and I joined the raid party while they were leaving.


We are already mid-fight, clearing 3 of the boss’s health bars. The boss starts to move with more agility than ever, and eventually the boss caught me off guard and lethally slashed me from behind.

I fell down to the ground and I see my health bar dropping down slowly to zero.

“Ah… This is the end of the road it seems…” I thought to myself.



It’s Elfa.

Yuji: “I thought you are not coming…”

Elfa: “I was at the back, doing support…” and she pulled out a potion.

I pushed the potion away.

Elfa: “Eh? Let me heal you!”

Yuji: “No… It’s my time…”

Elfa: “No no no! Don’t go!”

Yuji: “Don’t leave the guild, if you guys managed to kill the boss…”

Elfa: “The boss is killed, now stay… please…” then she got paralyzed and collapsed. I turned around, everyone was paralyzed. I see the guild leader and one of our members fought, before I disappeared because my health reaches zero.


And then I woke up.

“Where am I?”

“Onii-chan? You are awake?!”


“Let me get a doctor!” and she ran off.

I removed my NerveGear from my head.

“I’m back… in the real world?” and I pinched myself. It’s only a bit painful because my four limbs are weak.



3 responses to “Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 13

  1. Oof cool sao fanfic reminds me of one I wrote then felt too embarrassed to publish.

    Might want to include more inner thoughts of the protagonist so we get a feel of their character!

    Liked by 1 person

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