Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 12

Elfa unlocked the door and I walked out of her room. I didn’t go back to my room, but instead I walked out of the base and roamed around the town.

I walked to a bar, sat at the bar table and bought alcohol.

“Drinking alone?”

I turned my head and I saw Hanami sitting down beside me.

Yuji: “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Hanami: “I heard you and Elfa quarreling, and then saw you walking out of her room.”

Yuji: “So it was you who was eavesdropping.”

Hanami: “Oh… you can sense me? I thought my stealth stats are pretty high.”

Yuji: “I can sense anything. I maxed a lot of my stats already.”

Hanami: “Looks like I have to be careful around you.”

Yuji: “Mhmm.”

Hanami: “So… what is wrong?”

Yuji: “You heard everything.”

Hanami: “Yeah, I mean what’s wrong… Why are you so defensive?”

Yuji: “I’m not ready for any relationship at this point. I cannot protect anyone.”

Hanami: “But… it’s not your fault that your girlfriend died…”

Yuji: “I don’t know.” and I finished the mug.

Hanami: “Don’t drink too fast, this game can simulate intoxication.”

Yuji: “It’s fine… It’s been awhile since I got drunk.”

Hanami then sighed…

Yuji: “What?”

Hanami: “I’m just worried about you… Elfa can help you walk out of the darkness…”

Yuji: “But I enjoy the dark, it’s just going back to the life I lived before I met her…” and I smiled ecstatically, laughing slightly hysterically

Hanami: “Your mental state isn’t stable…”

Yuji: “After crushing that guild, I will probably go back to normal.”

Hanami: “Is that all you live for now?”

Yuji: “Maybe.”

Hanami: “I wonder why Elfa likes you sometimes…”


The week passes by and it’s finally time to crush the death guild… The recon team marches in front of the main party and scout for a route to attack the guild.

I didn’t talk to Elfa or Hanami while we were walking. My mind is filled with vengence and how to torture the members whenever I find one to kill.

We found their base, but… no one was there.

“Where did they go?”

“Did they escape after we got discovered the other time?”

Then we got a message from the main party that they got ambushed. I immediately ran back to the main party without a word.

My mind filled with rage and vengeance controlling my legs and after 3 minutes of running non stop.

I pulled out my katana and continuously stabbing and slashing the members. I was laughing hysterically, and my Player Cursor turned orange.

I was in ecstasy killing them, until I’m no longer aware of my surroundings. A member then came from my back, attempted to stab me, but…

“Watch out!”

Asura stood behind my back and shielded me from the stab. I woke up from my ecstasy and swiftly killed the member.

Yuji: “No no no… Asura…” and I took out a potion, attempting to heal her. She then pushed the potion away.

Asura: “Looks like… my time is up… Don’t worry… I will look after Reimi… for you… See you on… the other side…” and she disappears on my arms.

This is the 2nd time I witness a player… dying in my arms… I took my katana from the ground and went back into the fray.

After 2 hours of fighting, we wiped out the killer guild. I single-handedly killed 32 members, but we also lost quite a few players, including Asura. Everyone cheered.

I stood at a side, pulled out my shorter katana, eyes filled with tears and looked at the sky.

“Kotomi… Asura… I did it… Now… that my work is done… I will join you two.”

I place both of my hands on the katana, backhands it and closed my eyes. I let out a sigh, preparing to stab myself and…


I opened my eyes and I saw Elfa using her bare hands gripping my katana, stopping me from committing suicide.

Elfa: “Please don’t do this… If you don’t have a reason to live, I will give you one…” and she starts tearing up.

I didn’t say anything and I let go of my katana. Elfa then hugged me.

Elfa: “It’s okay if you don’t want to be in a relationship… It’s okay if you don’t accept me… But just… stay… We are almost there to clearing this game… Let’s walk out of this game together…”

I pushed her back.

Yuji: “I’m sorry… for scaring you…”

Elfa: “It’s fine… as long as you don’t do it ever again…”

Yuji: “Okay…”

Elfa: “Let’s go home… Today is a good day. We have to celebrate.”

I nodded and she grabbed my hand, walked me back to the main party.


We celebrate in the town centre at night. Everyone is dancing, playing music… Hanami, Elfa and I was sitting outside of a restaurant eating dinner, looking at the people celebrating.

Hanami: “I heard that you killed 32 members…”

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Hanami: “And I heard that you were about to commit suicide after we wiped out the guild.”

Yuji: “Who told you that?”

She points at Elfa. I glared at her.

Elfa: “She asked me where we went, so I told her the truth.”

Yuji: “You don’t have to tell her everything!”

Hanami: “I’m not surprised… that you were thinking about suicide after wiping out the guild… Your laugh during the fighting, scares me…”

Elfa: “Now that it’s over… We can live our normal lives, until we have to clear floors again…”

Hanami: “Just 30 floors to go… and every floor boss is getting tougher and tougher…”

Yuji: “I need to go somewhere…”

Elfa: “Huh?”

Yuji: “I need to go to my previous guild for a bit…”

Elfa: “Oh… I see… You want me to join you?”

Yuji: “Sure… if you want.”

Hanami: “Are you two dating yet?”

Just as I was about to speak, Elfa stopped me.

Elfa: “No… and never will…”

Hanami: “Eh?”

Elfa: “There’s no point in loving someone who doesn’t love me back…” and she pulled my hand.

We then walked to the guild building.

Elfa: “You want me to go in with you?”

Yuji: “Just wait outside… It’s my fault she died, I have to be responsible for her death.”

Elfa: “Okay…” and I walked into the building.

I opened the door and the mood is intense… Everyone is inside, mourning. As I walk in, everyone just stares at me. I got down on my knees.

Yuji: “I am here, asking for forgiveness from all of you… I caused Asura’s death, I’m willing to do anything you guys ask…”

Then one of the members stood up.

“Stand up… We are not blaming you for anything. She volunteered to join the raid, she was mentally prepared to die.”

Yuji: “But I…”

“We know, she was trying to protect you, but she rejected your potion. The main reason why she joined the raid isn’t for the sake of revenge. She wanted you to seek closure, she wanted to see you smile again…”

My eyes widen, and tears started to drip down. The guy then put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m glad that you have finally got over it… If that’s her wish, we would not hold it against you…”

I wipe my tears away.

Yuji: “So what is the plan for the guild?”

“We are disbanding.”

Yuji: “Eh?”

“Asura told us to disband if she never returned.”

Yuji: “She did?”

He nodded.

Yuji: “I was wondering… if I can get you guys to join Knights of the Blood… I can request the higher ups to get you guys into the guild, because you guys are interested in joining the frontlines.”

“You can?”

Yuji: “I cannot promise anything, but I’m willing to try.”

“That would be great.”

Yuji: “My only way to make it up for Asura…”

“Thank you… We will wait for your news.”

I then leaved the building.

Elfa: “Did you cry?”

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Elfa: “Okay.”

Yuji: “You are not asking why?”

Elfa: “Nah, it’s fine. I don’t want to know.”

Yuji: “Now I have to meet the leaders again…”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I want them to join the guild.”

Elfa: “Okay then, I will help you.”

Yuji: “Thank you…”









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