Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.7

It’s Sunday… and I need to do homework. I dragged my feet with my homework, leaving for Harumi’s house.

“Ugh… What a way to spend on my Sunday…” I thought to myself as I press the doorbell. Harumi’s mom opens the door.

Harumi’s mom: “Oh, hello Yuji, what brings you here on a Sunday?”

Harumi from behind her: “He’s here because I told him to… We are doing homework in my room later.”

Harumi’s mom: “Ah I see, come in…”

Me: “Sorry to disturb…” and I took off my shoes at the door.

Harumi’s mom: “Just go upstairs to her room. I will bring in drinks later.”

Me: “Okay…” and I climbed up the stairs. Harumi was standing at her room door.

Harumi: “Hurry come in… we have lots of work to do.” and she pulled me in.

Harumi: “Just sit down by the table and put your work on the table. Start doing them, any questions just ask me.” and she smiles. She then left the room.

I sat down and started working on my math homework.

Harumi’s mom brought in some pastries and drinks. Harumi came in after her.

Harumi: “No eating of cookies until you finish a page.”

Me: “Devil…” She then sat down beside me and starts doing her homework.

Me: “Does your parents know about us?”

Harumi: “Yeah. I told her, she saw you walking me back last night.”

Me: “I guess the kiss too.”

Harumi: “Yeah…”

Me: “Your mom seems rather calm about it.”

Harumi: “She said she wasn’t surprised… And besides, she approves of you.”

Me: “Oh… I see.”

Harumi: “What about your parents?”

Me: “I told them about the date the night before, and revealed your identity after reaching home last night.”

Harumi: “How did she react?” and she leans closer while looking at my face.

Me: “My mom… erm.. was happy about it… Why are you leaning so close?”

Harumi: “After being your childhood friend for so long, I finally got over the barrier that only a girlfriend can break, let me enjoy the moment…”

Me: “You were pretty close to me even before we started dating…”

Harumi: “But not this close…”

Me: “Can you let me finish my work first before we get touchy feely…”

Harumi: “Oh yeah, I’m sorry.” and she went back to work.

Finally, after 2 hours, I finished all my homework.

Harumi: “Oh you are done already? I’m not done yet…”

Me: “You sure are slow sometimes…”

Harumi: “Just another 2 more pages…”

Me: “Need help? You looked like you got stuck at that page for quite awhile…”

Harumi: “It’s fine, you rest up.”

Me: “Is this from history class?”

Harumi nods.

Me: “I can help. I’m decent at history.”

Harumi: “Okay…” and she blushed.

The two pages took us half an hour to complete.

Harumi: “Finally… we are done.”

Me: “You are really bad at this…”

Harumi: “Everyone has a certain weakness…”

Me: “Sure… So now that we are done… What are we going to do?”

Harumi: “Let’s have some private time…” and she locks the door.

Me: “Eh?”

Harumi: “Lets… you know…” She blushed and started taking off her clothes.

Me: “Huh?!”

Harumi: “I want you to stay over tonight… Since there is no school tomorrow.”

Me: “What about your parents?”

Harumi: “They are going overseas. For about 2 weeks.”

Me: “Eh?!”

Harumi: “They left after giving us drinks…”

Me: “Is this the reason why you asked me over?”

Harumi: “One of the reasons…”

Me: “Wait… we are going too fast…”

Harumi: “I have been holding my feelings for you for so many years… I can’t take it anymore.”

Me: “But I can’t do this…”

Harumi: “We are not doing “that” yet… I just want you to take a nap with me in bed…”

Me: “Oh… okay..”

We then laid down in bed.

Harumi: “I will cook dinner for you later…”

Me: “And I will tell my parents about staying over later.”

Harumi smiled: “I never thought that this day will happen…”

Me: “Hmm?”

Harumi: “Me with you… together…”

Me: “Ah… me too…”

Harumi: “What time is it…”

Me: “5pm.”

Harumi: “Ah I need to cook dinner.”

Me: “Let me help.”

Harumi: “No, just relax in the living room.”

Me: “Okay… I will make a call first.”

Harumi went downstairs and I made a call back home about staying over. After the call, I went downstairs.

Me: “Haru, I need to go back to get some clothes and my mom has a gift for you.”

Harumi: “Oh okay. I will take my time to cook then.” and I left her house.

Once I reached home, I grabbed the bag with my clothes.

Mom: “Here you go, this is for Harumi.”

Me: “What was it?”

Mom: “Just a little something for her…”

I peeked inside the bag.

Me: “Wow… your handmade brownies… You never made for me in years and you made some for Harumi in a heartbeat… Unfair…”

Mom: “I will make for you once you marry her into the family.”

Me: “You are a little impatient.”

Mom: “I’m worried that you will never get married… Now finally you got a girlfriend, and it’s Harumi, you should make it quick… You two have been together for so many years…”

Me: “But it’s still too fast…”

Mom: “Why are you staying over there? Are you two already wanting to make me a grandchild?”

Me: “Ok, stop. I’m leaving.” and I left my house.

I walked back to Harumi’s house and opened the door.

“Welcome home dear~ You want to eat dinner? Take a bath? or… me?”

Me: “This is starting to feel weird…”

Harumi: “I’m just trying to be a housewife…”

Me: “Why is everyone talking about marriage…”

Harumi: “Okay okay, let’s have dinner!” She then hooked my arm and pulled me to the dining table.

Me: “That is a lot… of food… for just the both of us.”

Harumi: “It’s okay, we can finish it.”

Me: “I miss your cooking, so I will finish it.”

Harumi smiled.


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