Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.6

“You are… Yumiji?”

“Yeah… And you are Haruno…”

Harumi nodded.

Harumi: “You were my boyfriend… the whole time…”

I tried to change the mood.

Me: “Looks like it’s going to be an easy date for me.”

Harumi: “Huh?”

Me: “We have been friends since preschool, I know your likes and dislikes, and you know mine. Let’s go eat breakfast, I’m hungry, girlfriend.” I smiled and pulled her hand.


We sat down at a fast food place.

Harumi: “I still cannot believe it’s you…”

Me: “I guess we both used voice modulation software on our mics…”

Harumi: “Yeah I did, I sound weird with my mic… That’s why I used it.”

Me: “Me too.”

Harumi: “I guess we are more alike than we thought.”

Me: “Maybe…”

Harumi: “I don’t know how to act around you now… Since you are my boyfriend now…”

Me: “You can choose to act like how you usually act, or maybe just go straight the lovey-dovey route.”

Harumi: “You are enjoying this, aren’t you…”

Me: “Actually I’m glad that I’m dating you…”

Harumi: “Huh?”

Me: “I actually can’t really sleep last night… Worried about how she’s going to judge me… Worried about my behaviour… I am not excited about it at all… When I saw it was you, I felt extremely relieved.”

Harumi: “So that smile on your face was genuine and not sarcasm…”

Me: “Yeah. Why would you think that?”

Harumi: “I don’t know…”

Me: “I actually had a crush on you for a period of time in school…”

Harumi: “Eh? Why didn’t you pursue me then?”

Me: “My haunting past and my inferiority complex. And besides, you are my childhood friend, you deserve someone way better than me.”

Harumi: “Actually, I… did like you since middle school, but I couldn’t bring myself to confess to you, and every time I got the courage, you ended up dating someone… Then when you break up, you are constantly depressed, making me hard to confess…”

Me: “I’m sorry… But now that we are dating, time to make it up to you!”

Harumi: “Eh?”

Me: “Are you done eating? Let’s go!”

Harumi then ate faster: “Where are we going?”

Me: “Enter the cinema first for some one-to-one time…”

Harumi: “You want to do something lewd in the cinema?!”

Me: “Don’t say that out loud…”

Harumi then covered her mouth.

Me: “I’m not… I just want to tell you things that I don’t dare to say in public… I checked the seating, there is not much people watching this movie, and our seats are far away from other people… Come on, you know me, I’m not a perv…”

Harumi: “Oh okay then… But wait, you are a perv.”

Me: “Sometimes.”

Harumi: “Called it.”

We finished breakfast. It was still early so we walked around the mall, with Harumi hooking my arm. We eventually got bored and bought our popcorn and drinks, then entered the cinema early. We found our seats and sat down. I pushed the centre armrest to the back.

Harumi: “What do you want to tell me?” and she stares at me closely.

Me: “I… love you… You gave me a reason to love again. I want to thank you…”

Harumi: “You are welcome…” and we kissed…


The movie ended with lots of screaming and my left ear was ringing when I exited the cinema…

Harumi: “That movie has a lot of jumpscares…” and she was still wiping her tears…

Me: “Thanks to you I cannot hear on my left ear…”

Harumi: “I’m sorry… and thank you for letting me hug you.” and kissed my cheek as a reward.

Me: “Looks like it was worth it.” and Harumi smiles widely.


We then ate lunch after the movie. After lunch, we bought matching clothing, matching keychains. We also entered an anime shop and bought some figurines, eventually we ended up quarreling in the shop over waifus… We left the shop and never talked for 30mins.

Me: “Want to grab dinner before we end it?”

She didn’t reply me.

I then hugged her from the back.

Harumi: “What are you doing?! Everyone is watching…”

Me: “Because you didn’t reply me…”

Harumi: “Okay okay… dinner… and you are paying.”

Me: “Sure… Let’s go to a convenience store.”

Harumi: “What?!”

Me: “I’m kidding… I already had dinner planned… Just follow me…” and I pulled her hand.


I brought her to a café.

Me: “Since the weather is rather cool today, let’s sit outside…”

Harumi: “Okay…”

We then ordered our food. The sun went down and our table is facing the park.

Harumi: “It’s sure is dark here…”

Me: “No, just wait…”

The park has decorative lights installed and it turned on.

Harumi: “Oh its bright again, wow, the lights… looks beautiful.”

Me: “Which is why I suggested to sit outside…”

Harumi: “What if it was raining?”

Me: “I had it all planned out after you slept.”

Harumi: “Eh?”

Me: “Magazines about shopping places and food, weather forecasts, I got it all covered…”

Harumi: “Why are you so dedicated?”

Me: “Just trying to make a positive first impression…”

Harumi: “This is way too much…”

Me: “Hmm?”

Harumi: “Please don’t do this ever again… Don’t sacrifice sleep or your own time just to satisfy me… You know what let’s take turns in planning dates.”

Me: “Okay I will stop… And sure, next time you plan.”

Harumi smiled and pinched both of my cheeks: “You are such a cutie sometimes…”

Me: “Okay… stop that, everyone is watching…”

Harumi: “I don’t wanna…” and pinched harder.

Me: “Okay, it’s starting to hurt…”

Harumi: “Sorry…” and she lets go.

Me: “My turn.” and I pinched her cheeks.

Harumi: “Ahh ahh!”

Me: “Who’s a little cutie…” Talking to her like talking to a baby.


After the rather eventful dinner, I walked her home.

Harumi: “Thanks for bringing me back… and also taking all of my shopping bags.”

Me: “It’s getting late already, so might as well…”

Harumi: “You want to meet up tomorrow?”

Me: “Date again?”

Harumi: “Did you do your homework?”

Me: “I did.”

Harumi: “All of it?”

Me: “Okay, maybe not math…”

Harumi: “Bring your remaining homework over, let’s do it together.”

Me: “Okay…”

Harumi: “Good night…” She then kissed my cheek before grabbing her bags and enters her home.

I started to walk back home after seeing her room lights turn on.

I reached home opened the door, my mom happened to be at the front door.

Mom: “Wow, you are home late tonight… So… how was it?”

Me: “It was Harumi all along.”

Mom: “Oh really?!”

Me: “Yeah.”

Mom: “You looked like you had a great day too.”

Me: “Eh?”

Mom: “You are smiling from ear to ear…”

I blushed, slapped my face and quickly ran upstairs to my room…







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