Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 11

Elfa: “My romance was short lived… Basically I thought the guy I liked was a great guy, but he showed his true colors once we started dating. I couldn’t take it and I broke up with him. Simple as that.”

Yuji: “Did he abuse you or something?”

Elfa: “Yeah, he grew incredibly depressed for some reason after we dated… When I broke up with him, he kept harassing me to get me back, but I eventually moved out of the town…”

Yuji: “I see…”

Elfa: “Then I got into gaming and here I am, stuck in a game for over a year.”

Yuji: “Sounds… about right.”

Elfa: “Where else you want to bring me?”

Yuji: “Maybe where my previous guild is… hopefully.”

Elfa: “Okay…”


We then teleported to the 30th floor.

Yuji: “This is the first building, back when the frontlines were only the 30th floor…”

Elfa: “Can we go in?”

Yuji: “It’s locked.”

Elfa: “It looks kind of small.”

Yuji: “We were a humble guild, our purpose is to help weak players grow, and eventually they can get strong enough to help out at the frontlines.”

Elfa: “Sounds… rather heartwarming.”

Yuji: “Coming back to this place everyday after quest grinding feels… like at home. Everyone is like family.”

Elfa: “Don’t you feel this way when you come back to base?”

Yuji: “Not as strong… There is a constant feeling that someone is missing.”

Elfa: “I see… Looks like I’m not good enough…”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Elfa: “Nothing.” and she smiled.

Yuji: “Okay, now to the 50th floor.”

Elfa: “We going home already?”

Yuji: “No, not yet… My guild was there.”

Elfa: “Oh I see.”


We then teleported to the 50th floor.

Yuji: “Here it is… Looks like the guild still exists.”

Elfa: “That’s great, you want to go in?”

Yuji: “I don’t know…”

Elfa: “This place looks pretty huge.”

Yuji: “We upgraded, because our member count grew 300% by the time 50th floor was cleared, then it dropped again because members want to join the frontlines…”

Elfa: “I see… No wonder we got quite a lot of requests during a period of time…”

“Ah, Yumiji?”

I turned around.

Yuji: “Asura?”

Asura: “Long time no see! That white robe…”

Yuji: “Yeah, I joined them…”

Asura: “I guess for the sake of revenge.”

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Asura: “I guess she’s… your new girlfriend?”

Yuji: “No… No way… I’m not going to date anyone, at least not for the time being…”

Asura: “Date me then. I’m lonely.”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Asura: “Just kidding… Just testing you.”

Elfa: “I’m Elfa. We belong in the same team.” and she bowed

Asura: “Nice to meet you. Want to come inside for some tea?”

Elfa: “Erm…”

Yuji: “We shouldn’t…”

Asura: “It’s fine, no one is inside.”

Yuji: “Eh? Where are they?”

Asura: “Quest grinding.”

Yuji: “Okay then.”

We then walked in and sat down for tea.

Yuji: “How’s the guild?”

Asura: “Great I guess, we got a few more members now. We are discussing about joining the frontlines…”

Yuji: “I see. But are you ready to go back again?”

Asura: “I am. I leveled up quite a bit while you were gone. I’m ready. The guild is ready.”

Yuji: “I see…”

Asura: “I heard that your guild are getting high level players to fight against Laughing Coffin. I guess that’s your work.”

Yuji: “Elfa’s work actually, otherwise this raid wouldn’t even been possible.”

Elfa: “I didn’t do much, he’s the one who managed to persuade them.”

Asura: “Okay okay… I get it. I might be interested to join the raid.”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Asura: “I guess my level is high enough. And also, I also want my revenge, for killing someone who is as close as my sister… I kept having nightmares every night after Reimi died…”

Yuji: “It’s not your fault that she died…”

Asura: “The guilt still lingers within me, even after so long… I’m not a great leader…”

Yuji: “Stop thinking that way… It’s over. I have slowly moved on, it’s time for you to do the same.”

Asura: “Okay…”

Yuji: “It’s night time already?”

Asura: “Yeah… Where did you go today, you sounded like as if you felt like time is passing by fast for you.”

Yuji: “We went to my old house, the old guild building and then here…”

Asura: “Sounds like a nostalgic tour.”

Yuji: “It was…”

Elfa: “I guess it’s time for us to go, thanks for the hospitality…”

Yuji: “I will help you get your name into the list of players joining the raid.”

Asura: “Really?”

Yuji: “If it will help you feel better, why not?”

Asura: “Thank you… You know how to contact me, right? I await your good news…”

Yuji: “Yeah I do. See you.”

Both of us then left the building and waving goodbye to Asura.


We headed back to base, finished dinner. We went to the announcement board and the raid is going to happen next week… Right after our break. I’m actually excited… I’m glad that it is happening sooner than I expected. Finally, my vendetta will be complete.

Elfa: “Come to my room first.”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Elfa: “Just come~” She pulled me in and locks the door.

Yuji: “Why are you locking the door…”

Elfa: “I can’t take this anymore.” and she starts removing her clothes.

Yuji: “What are you doing?!” and I tried to open the door.

Elfa: “It’s not going to work, I used a passcode to lock the door.”

Yuji: “Why are you doing this? Don’t make me kill you…”

Elfa: “You will lose everything when you kill me… Get hunted down by the guild, get hunted down by Laughing Coffin…”

Yuji: “I already lost everything… I have nothing to lose.”

Elfa: “Am I not something to you?!”

Yuji: “You are a friend to me… Nothing more, nothing less…”

Elfa: “But I want to be more than friends with you…”

Yuji: “Not now… Not yet… I really cannot accept you.”

Elfa: “We might die next week… I just want to date you for a week… That’s all I’m asking…”

Yuji: “No. My heart… cannot love anyone else…”

Elfa: “And you said you moved on.”

Yuji: “I was just trying to make her feel better… I can never move on…”






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