Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.5

The next morning…

Me: “You are looking rather cheerful in the morning… Oh yeah it’s Friday…”

Harumi: “That and also something else…”

Me: “What is it then?”

Harumi: “Me and my boyfriend is finally meeting up…”

Me: “Oh, that’s great… When is it?”

Harumi: “We haven’t decided yet… We are going to discuss it later after school…”

Me: “Looks like you are going to have fun…”

Harumi: “I don’t know… I might mess it up.”

Me: “Nah, you got it covered…”

Harumi: “We’ll see I guess… What about you? You found any crushes in school yet?”

Me: “No… And I told you, I’m done with romance… at least for now.”

Harumi: “I feel guilty to feel happy all by myself… Looking at you so depressed everyday worries me…”

Me: “You live your life, I live mine…”

Harumi: “But…”

Me: “Uh uh, discussion over.”

Harumi then gave me that apologetic look.

We reached school and sat down for class.

Harumi: “Have you done your homework?”

Me: “I did…”

Harumi: “That’s great, I thought you are going to skip those…”

Me: “At most I will just ask for yours and let me copy them.”

Harumi: “I’m not going to let you copy my homework anymore.”

Me: “Okay okay…”

Class then started. Time flies and it’s lunchtime. We went to the roof again for lunch. I ate sandwich again, and she bought instant yakisoba.

Harumi: “Are you sure you are not broke?”

Me: “I’m not, my work pays me decently.”

Harumi: “Maybe I should jump over to your place to work…”

Me: “I don’t mind.”

Harumi: “What do you work as?”

Me: “A convenience store.”

Harumi: “Is it tough?”

Me: “It’s not bad. Flexible working hours, air-con environment…”

Harumi: “I will tell you once I’m interested… I don’t know when is my date so yeah…”

Me: “Okay sure, just tell me whenever you are interested. We are kind of urgently hiring people, so you probably will get the job easily.”

Harumi: “Yay…”

I continued to munch my sandwich.

Harumi: “I wonder how my boyfriend look like…”

Me: “Are you going to expect him to look incredibly charming?”

Harumi: “Nah, I’m fine with anyone, it’s the inside that matters.”

Me: “Ahh… He is one lucky guy…”

Harumi: “No… You will find the right girl for you one day, don’t worry.”

Me: “Yeah yeah whatever.” I finished up my sandwich, stood up and exited the roof.

Harumi: “Wait for me~!” She quickly finished her food and chased me.

The 2nd half of class is pretty much as dry as the 1st and the day is finally over.

Harumi: “Weekends!!!”

Me: “Glad for you…”

Harumi: “I’m going to run home to discuss about the date with my boyfriend… Bye~!” and she ran off.

Me: “So eager about it… Now, to plan my own date…” and I entered into brainstorm mode till I reached home.

Reached home, runs up to my room and entered the world of virtual reality.

Haruno: “Ah! Yumiji, finally, I was waiting for you for half an hour.”

Me: “Sorry, I was taking my time to reach home from school…”

Haruno: “Oh I see… Regarding the date…”

Me: “Ah, yeah about that…”

Haruno: “Yeah?”

Me: “Tomorrow?”

Haruno: “Whew… you sounded like you were about to cancel it…”

Me: “Sorry if I sounded that way…”

Haruno: “Yeah sure, tomorrow… Looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight…”

Me: “Haha… Me too…”

Haruno: “So… what to do for the date then?”

Me: “I got it all planned out.”

Haruno: “What? Already?”

Me: “Yeah… What type of movie do you want to watch?”

Haruno: “Hmm… I don’t really care…”

Me: “Horror movie it is…”

Haruno: “Eh???”

Me: “Yeap, you heard me.”

Haruno: “I… I’m not good with horror movies…”

Me: “But I’m great with it. You can hug me during the scary moments.”

Haruno: “So that was your plan… You are actually more experienced than I thought…”

Me: “Not really, it’s just something I popped up from the back of my mind…”

Haruno: “I’m excited now… Looks like I don’t need to worry or help out with the planning after all.”

Me: “What other things you wanna do besides the movie?”

Haruno: “What time we meeting first?”

Me: “What time do you want to see my face?”

Haruno: “You…”

I smiled.

Haruno: “Maybe morning? I want to spend the whole day with you…”

Me: “Even breakfast.”

She nodded.

Me: “Okay then.” I pulled out a map showing the town. “We will meet up here at… 8am?”

Haruno: “Yeah sure.”

Me: “You sure are impatient…”

Haruno: “I can’t wait to see what you look like… and also… I live around the area too…”

Me: “Oh really? That’s great, makes things a lot more easier for me. Okay, I will book the tickets now.” And I pulled out a web browser in-game.

Haruno: “Oh no… Horror movies…”

Me: “10am is fine right?”

Haruno: “The movie?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Haruno: “Sure… We can talk more during breakfast. I like it. You do know what you are doing after all…”

Me: “Believe it or not… I used to help my other colleagues plan dates…”

Haruno: “Eh? You?”

Me: “Yeah… Ironic, right?”

Haruno: “I don’t… know what to say… I’m surprised.”

Me: “Okay, I keep the plans for the rest of the day a secret.”

Haruno: “Ehhhh??? Tell me about it…”

Me: “No, I want to surprise you.”

Haruno then pouted. I laughed. We then played mini games after mini games until it was getting pretty late.

Haruno: “Stay up with me… I can’t sleep…”

Me: “I can’t, I have homework to do… My friend won’t let me copy her work anymore…”

Haruno: “Ugh, your friend stinks… How stingy.”

Me: “Haha… I’m sorry. But I can still text you though…”

Haruno: “Okay then, we will text…”

Me: “See you tomorrow.”

Haruno: “See you…”

I logged out and start to do my homework. I finished it pretty quickly but I stayed up just to text with her until she decides to sleep… at 4am. I slept after saying good night… even though it’s technically morning.

Finally, its time. She said she is wearing a simple white dress with a hat, and I wore a black shirt and white pants. I reached our meeting point just in-time, because I nearly overslept, thanks to her keeping me up till 4am.

It’s 7.55am, I looked around the place, until I found a girl wearing a white dress and a hat.

“Is she the one? and why does she look so familiar…” I approached her. “Haruno?”

She turns around, we both widen our eyes.







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