Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 9

After walking into the huge tower, we walked to the main office where all the sub-leaders are.

Elfa: “Sorry to disturb!”

Daizen: “Come in.”

We both walked in.

Uzaka: “So you are the new guy… who defeated one of our fastest members of the guild?”

I nodded.

Uzaka: “Not really a talkative guy eh?”

Elfa: “I’m sorry, he meant no disrespect.”

Uzaka: “Relax… I’m not angry that he didn’t respond to me.”

Daizen: “She’s nervous, every time when she comes here…”

Elfa blushed.

Elfa: “Where is leader and sub-leader Asuna?”

Daizen: “They are busy at the moment, so you will have to talk to us only for the time being.”

Godfree: “So, why did you want to speak with us?”

Elfa: “Ah… About that, I was thinking that we should temporary halt frontline sweeping since we are making slow progress for the past few weeks, and take the time now to crush Laughing Coffin.”

Godfree: “Why the proposal?”

Elfa: “Frontline morale has been pretty low since the clearing of floors have slowed down dramatically for the past weeks. So we take the chance now to crush this red guild to build the morale back again.”

Godfree: “I mean your true intentions…”

Elfa: “I…”

Yuji: “I seek vengeance.”

Uzaka: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I want to crush them personally, but I can’t do it alone. I need your help.”

Uzaka: “No wonder you still joined the guild even though you won.”

Yuji: “That’s not the only reason why I joined this guild.”

Uzaka: “Hmm?”

Yuji: “I witnessed Elfa’s swordplay, I would say her dedication made me wanna join.”

Uzaka: “It was me who wanted to invite you into the guild.”

Yuji: “Oh I see, thank you for the invitation.”

Elfa: “So erm… regarding the guild clearing…”

Godfree: “We need to discuss with Heathcliff and Asuna about it. This is a big matter.”

Elfa: “Okay…”

Daizen: “We will put in a good word for you, Elfa.”

Elfa: “T… Thank you.”

And we both walked out of the HQ.

Elfa: “I think they will accept the proposal…”

Yuji: “If they reject it, I will just do it alone myself.”

Elfa: “Maybe I will join you, if they did reject.”

Yuji: “Huh? No way.”

Elfa: “Yes way.”

Yuji: “It’s my personal vendetta, I’m not bringing any outsiders into this.”

Elfa: “Is a family member still an outsider?”

Yuji: “Huh? What family member?”

Elfa: “In this guild, everyone is family. We share our personal problems to one another and maybe we can solve it.”

Yuji: “I’m not willing to share this one.”

Elfa: “I will make you.” and she pulls my hand again.

Yuji: “Where are we going?”

Elfa: “Back to base! We are going to have a heart-to-heart talk!”

And we went back to base and she pushed me into her room.

Elfa: “Stay here, I will bring in some coffee.” and she rushes out and slams the door.

“Her room is rather… tidy…” I thought to myself while looking around.

Elfa: “I’m back with coffee…” as she walks in with 2 cups. She passes me a cup.

Yuji: “Thank you.” as I received the cup.

Elfa: “Okay, this will be like a therapy session. Tell me everything that has happened in this game so far, I won’t tell anyone.”

Yuji: “Eh… I need to say…”

Elfa: “Yes, or else you are not leaving this room. I need you to open up, at least to me. Otherwise you can never get over it.”

Yuji: “What if I don’t want to get over it?”

Elfa: “What is wrong with you?”

Yuji: “I don’t like to share my personal tales to people, especially people I only just met.”

Elfa: “But… I want you to trust me more…”

Yuji: “Fine… I will tell you everything.”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I’m telling you everything.”

Elfa: “Okay!” and she sits up straight.

I then told her about me and Kotomi in the past till she gets murdered by the Laughing Coffin members.

Elfa: “I’m sorry about you and your girlfriend… I understand why you didn’t wanted to share your story… Maybe I shouldn’t have asked…”

Yuji: “It’s fine, thanks to you, I feel much better!”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I will forget about the past now, but I still want to stop Laughing Coffin…”

Elfa: “And I will still join you when the higher ups rejects the proposal…”

Yuji: “You sure you want to join?”

Elfa: “Yeah of course!”

And we chatted till late at night.


The next morning.

“Good morning…”

I opened my eyes: “Ko…Kotomi?” and I rubbed my eyes.

Elfa: “Kotomi? Is that your girlfriend’s real name?”

Yuji: “Yeah…” and then I looked around myself. “Where am I? This is not my room…”

Elfa: “You are still in my room… since yesterday, and you are… on my bed…” and she blushes.

Yuji: “Eh?!” I quickly jumped out of bed. My clothes are still on.”

Elfa: “Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything lewd… You just fell asleep and your room was locked so I thought that we should just share beds.”

Yuji: “I’m so sorry.” and I rapidly bowed.

Elfa: “It’s okay… I didn’t…” and I quickly left the room, ran for my room and locked the door.


Things got really awkward for the next few weeks, Elfa tried to approach me, but whenever I see her, I will end up remembering what happened that morning.

Then one day, Heathcliff then initiated war with Laughing Coffin, after they had killed many of innocent players, so the recon team was activated to look for their hideout. And of course, me and Elfa were involved.

Apparently they are hiding in a dungeon in the lower floors, forgot exactly where. After reaching the dungeon, we were splitted into pairs to search the whole area and in a totally surprising turn of events, I was paired up with Elfa, totally surprising, not expecting this at all.

Okay, it was all sarcasm.

But things got very awkward.

Elfa: “Erm… hey…”

Yuji: “Yeah?”

Elfa: “I’m sorry about that day, I didn’t expect that you would feel extremely uncomfortable. Because I didn’t want you to sleep on the floor, and also you were sleeping extremely soundly so I didn’t want to wake you up…”

Yuji: “It’s okay… I’m over it.”

Elfa: “That’s great, then… we still be friends?”

Yuji: “Sure.”

Elfa: “Yay.”

We walked and walked…

Elfa: “I…need to talk to you about something.”

Yuji: “Yeah?”

Elfa: “I… I think I like you…”





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