Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 8

Both of us then walked back to the base.

Elfa marches in: “Hey guys! He’s going to join the guild once I beat him to a duel!”

Yuji: “Don’t be so sure just yet…”

Then the other players starts circling around us and everyone is chattering. After the crowd starts to disperse, one of the players then told me: “You better be a fast attacker…” and walks away.

Elfa: “We will be dueling at the arena two days from now… You better go train…”

Yuji: “No need you to tell me that, I have plenty of quests completed, so I will have tons of XP…”

Elfa: “Oh I see… Can’t wait to see what you are really made of.”

I then walked out of the guild base and goes to clear my quests.


Two days passes and I leveled up for about another 5 times and it’s time to duel. They made me wear the Knights of Blood robe.

Yuji: “Ugh… white… Seems easy to get dirty.”

“This is a game, your clothes don’t get dirty.”

Yuji: “True but it’s a normal thinking I have in the real world…”

“Same for me but I think I got used to SAO already…”

Yuji: “It’s best not to get used to the game too quickly…” and I walked to the centre of the arena.

Elfa: “Are you ready?”

Yuji: “Of course…”

Elfa: “Have you been training?”

Yuji: “For a bit.”

Elfa: “Let’s see if it works out for you.” and she sends a duel invite. I accepted it quickly.

Elfa: “Standard rules, one hit will decide the winner.”

Yuji: “Okay.”

I pulled out my long black katana. She pulls out a dagger.

Yuji: “Looks longer than a standard dagger…”

Elfa: “I custom made it…”

Yuji: “I see…”

And the countdown timer begins.




Duel Start

She immediately rushed to the front.

“She’s fast!”

I blocked her swing, but barely.

Elfa: “Oh… you are slower than I thought.” and she starts her relentless dagger slashing.

I kept being pushed back until the edge of the arena.

Elfa: “Time to finish you off.” and she starts dashing towards me.

I quickly turned my katana to the back and uses my backhand to block.

Yuji: “Time to be serious…”

Elfa: “Wait… you are using your backhand… for such a long katana?”

Yuji: “Heh.”

I pushed her back and start my assault.

Elfa: “How did you regain speed so quickly?”

Yuji: “I’m used to using my backhand…”

The duel lasted for 5 mins and still at a stalemate. I decided to use my sword skill, she also starts to trigger her sword skill.

Yuji: “Time to end this…” and I start my dash.

A loud clang sound as our blades collide, and I stopped behind her. Elfa collapses and I won the duel.

I turned back and walk towards her. She’s lying on the ground and I bent down.

Yuji: “You okay?”

Elfa: “Yeah… but a deal’s a deal, you are free to go.”

Yuji: “After a second thought, maybe I wanna join the guild after all.”

Elfa: “Eh? For real?”

Yuji: “Your swordplay and determination showed me how much you want me to join the guild…”

I pulled her up to her feet.

Elfa: “And I will honor my promise, I will negotiate with the higher ups to destroy Laughing Coffin.”

Yuji: “Sure, I expect good news from you then…” and I walked away to exit the arena.

I then received a guild invite and I accepted it.


Back at the base, I received word that I will be part of the frontlines, but I requested to join the recon team instead, and they accepted.

I sat at the main lobby drinking tea, as usual and Elfa walked towards me and sat at my table.

Elfa: “So, which team have you been assigned to?”

Yuji: “I was assigned to the frontlines, as expected…”

Elfa: “Oh I see.”

Yuji: “But I rejected that and joined the recon team instead.”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Yuji: “Senpai.”

Elfa: “You calling me senpai gives me goosebumps, stop…”

Yuji: “Heh…”

Elfa: “Has anyone shown you around the place and your room yet?”

Yuji: “Yeah.”

Elfa: “Why are you drinking tea at this hour?”

Yuji: “A habit.”

Elfa: “Eh… okay… It’s getting late, I’m going upstairs.”

Yuji: “Yeah… I should go up too.”

Elfa: “Let’s go then.”

I followed her all the way to her room…

Elfa: “Why are you following me? Are you a stalker?” and starts wrapping herself with her hands.

Yuji: “My room is next to yours… it seems…”

Elfa: “Oh really?”

Yuji: “Yeah.” and I opened my door.

Elfa: “Okay then, looks like we are neighbors too…”

Yuji: “Yeah, good night.” and I entered my room.

Elfa: “Good night.”

I only slept for 3 hours that night… thinking about my vengeance…


The next morning, I woke up early since I can barely sleep and sat at the main lobby, eating breakfast.

Elfa: “You are up early…”

Yuji: “I’m always an early riser… Especially after this game started…”

Elfa: “This game changed a lot of us in many different ways…”

Yuji: “Yeah it did.”

Elfa: “We will be going to headquarters later.”

Yuji: “Hmm?”

Elfa: “To ask the higher ups to start a campaign against Laughing Coffin.”

Yuji: “Eh? I thought you are the one who is going to negotiate with the higher ups, alone.”

Elfa: “Oh please… I can’t do this alone, they are kind of scary…”

Yuji: “I thought you are fearless, you are part of the recon team…”

Elfa: “Everyone has their own weaknesses…”

Yuji: “I guess…”

Elfa: “Are you done yet? Let’s go already…”

Yuji: “I’m not even that impatient…”

Elfa: “You want to end them quickly or what…”

Yuji: “Since I’m in the guild anyways, I can take my time…”

Elfa: “Let’s just go already!” and she grabs my hand, pulling me out.
We then traveled to the headquarters. We are at the main gate.

Elfa: “This place always gives me the creeps…”

Yuji: “Looks massive…”

Elfa: “We are the largest guild in this game, so yeah…”

Yuji: “Can tell.”

And the gates open.

Elfa: “Oh no…”

Yuji: “You brought me here, now you have to go in with me and guide me in.”

Elfa: “Yeah…”

And we both entered the massive headquarters…





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