Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 7

My world has turned upside down at this point.

Asura: “I’m sorry, we couldn’t reach here fast enough…”

I didn’t reply, my mind is in a blank. After reaching back to the guild building, I went to my room and locked my door. I sat at the door and cried the whole night.

The next morning, I went down the stairs and told Asura that I’m going to leave the guild.

Asura: “Eh? Why the sudden leave?”

Yuji: “I want to be alone for a bit…”

Asura: “But you can be free even being with the guild.”

Yuji: “I think I will pull down the guild with my current condition.”

Asura: “I’m sorry about Reimi… I really don’t know what and how to say…”

Yuji: “It’s fine.”

Asura: “Are you going to seek revenge?”

Yuji: “Not now, but eventually.”

Asura: “Good luck with your future endeavors…”

Yuji: “Same to you too.” and I smiled.


I left the guild and went to the weapon store where the guy, that I help his in-game daughter, worked at. I reached the place and opens the door.

Man: “Welcome! Oh, its you!”

Yuji: “Hi…”

Man: “Where is your wife?”

Yuji: “Ah… She was murdered, by the Laughing Coffin.”

Man: “Oh no, I’m sorry…”

Yuji: “It’s fine…”

Man: “What do you need? I will give anything to you.”

Yuji: “Weapons… And I will pay them.”

Man: “What weapons are you using now?”

I showed him my inventory.

Man: “I do have an ultra rare drop that someone sold to me last week… It’s a long katana.”

Yuji: “May I see it?”

And he brought me to his secret vault. The sword is black and curved, stretching to nearly 2 metres long.

Yuji: “I will take that.”

Man: “I can’t give this to you for free, but I can give you a discount.”

Yuji: “Just give me the full price, I will pay for it.”

Man: “That will be 600k…”

I paid 650k.

Man: “Eh? What’s with the extra 50k?”

Yuji: “Use the money to build a bigger shop, it looks rather crammed…”

Man: “Thank you… Thank you!”

I left the shop and I started doing a lot of quests, until I didn’t rest or sleep, and eventually, I lost count the number of days I hunted monsters.

After leveling up for over 10 times, I still didn’t feel satisfied. I kept killing and killing until I got poisoned from a monster and got surrounded by a lot of other monsters.

“Is this… the end?” I thought to myself. “Kotomi… Looks like I’m going to join you soon…”

Then a pair of other players slayed the monsters that surrounded me.

“Are you okay?” a female player asked.

“He’s poisoned, and we don’t have any antidotes.”

“His HP is running out from the poison!”

“Give him your potions when his health is low, I will carry him back to base.”

The male player carries me on his back and the female player gives me potions whenever my hp bar is running low.

They carried me to a building and another player ran towards me, giving me an antidote, curing my poisoned status.

“Are you okay?” the female player asked. I passed out after that.


I then woke up in a bed, a female player is next to me.

“Ah you are finally awake!”

Yuji: “How long was I out…”

“About 3 days. You didn’t sleep it seems…”

Yuji: “Ah yeah, I was doing quests like crazy…”

“Ah I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Elfa.”

Yuji: “Hi Elfa… Where am I?”

Elfa: “You are at the Knights of Blood 50th floor Base.”

Yuji: “Oh… I should leave, I have been here for too long…” and I try to get up

Elfa: “It’s fine, you can stay here as long as you want.”

Then the door opens, a guy player pops his head out. “Elfa, step out for a moment, we need to talk.”

Elfa: “Eh? Okay…” and she stands up. “Stay in bed!”

Yuji: “Okay…”

The door closes and locks.

Yuji: “My weapons… and equipments…” and I started searching around the room. I found my weapons and equipments in a cabinet, I quickly equip everything. The window is locked and it’s 3 floors down…

“I need… to get out.” and used my sword skill to bust the window.

Elfa quickly opened the door: “NO!” and I jumped out.

I dropped on the ground hard and started running away. I hid in an alley.

Elfa: “Found you.”

Yuji: “Ugh. How…”

Elfa: “My level is high enough to track you… I’m part of the recon team of the guild.”

Yuji: “What do you want from me?”

Elfa: “Not me, but the ones up top wants you to join. Your skills are very valuable to us.”

Yuji: “Huh?”

Elfa: “You can join the frontlines and help us get out of this death game faster.”

Yuji: “I refuse.”

Elfa: “Eh? The most prestigious guild of Aincrad invited you, this is a rare chance.”

Yuji: “I always been a solo player, I prefer working alone.”

Elfa: “Why are you trying so hard? Is there a reason?”

Yuji: “I want to… end the Laughing Coffin.”

Elfa: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I want to be the strongest player of SAO and end a killer guild with my own bare hands.”

Elfa: “Is there… a reason why you have such deep hatred for them?”

Yuji: “I witnessed my own wife’s death in front of my very eyes.”

Elfa: “They… killed her?”

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Elfa: “I’m sorry for her death…”

Yuji: “Now if you excuse me… I need to go.”

Elfa: “No, join the guild. I promise you, I will negotiate with the higher ups to launch a campaign to end Laughing Coffin, together.”

Yuji: “Huh?”

Elfa: “Join the guild.”

Yuji: “Still nope.”

Elfa: “Then what will make you join the guild?”

Yuji: “When someone steps over my dead body.”

Elfa: “Okay, not to that extent but… if I duel you, and I won, will you join?”

Yuji: “Okay then…”

Elfa: “It’s set then!”

So I’m going to fight this girl… This is going to be easy…






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