Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.4

So, I ended up agreeing to date her, despite my previous failures. Being hopeful isn’t something I do everyday, but this was a first in like almost half a decade.

Time passes by and we dated for almost a week at this point.

Haruno: “I was thinking…”

Me: “Hmm?”

Haruno: “Let’s meet up, in real life.”

Me: “Eh?”

Haruno: “I want to see how you are like in real life.”

Me: “My online persona is totally different from my real life one.”

Haruno: “I don’t care. I just want to see you…”

Me: “I don’t know…”

Haruno: “Okay, just treat it like I didn’t ask… Sorry for being forceful…”

Me: “I’m sorry… But I think it’s too fast…”

Haruno: “It’s okay, I should be sorry…”

Me: “Let’s play some non-VR games together…”

Haruno: “Yeah we should, but I’m going to suck, it’s been awhile since I played with mouse and keyboard.”

Me: “Same here.”


We then played a shooting game together. She was pretty bad, but after hours of playing, she did improve.

Me: “You are a fast learner.”

Haruno: “Ehehe…”

Me: “I’m going to eat dinner soon, we texting later?”

Haruno: “Aww, okay, sure, you not going to do VR later?”

Me: “Erm, no, kind of tired today… I will play tomorrow instead.”

Haruno: “Okay then. Have a good dinner.”

Me: “You too.” and I hung up from the voice chat.

I ate dinner and did some homework that night and went to bed. I spent the whole night thinking about her request to meet up. And ended up losing sleep.


The next morning, while I was walking to school…

“Good morning!”

I didn’t respond.

“Hello, Harumi to Yuji~”

Me: “Ah, Haru, good morning, I’m sorry, was thinking about something.”

Harumi: “Eh? What are you thinking?”

Me: “Nothing…”

I didn’t tell anyone in real life about Haruno.

Me: “So, how’s things with your boyfriend?”

Harumi: “Normal I guess…”

Me: “Why sound so sad?”

Harumi: “Did I sound sad? I’m fine.”

Me: “Okay…”

Harumi: “Want to eat lunch together?”

Me: “Sure.”

Harumi: “What should we get?”

Me: “We’ll see later.”

Classes was slow, and finally, it’s time for lunch.

Harumi: “What should we get?”

Me: “Let’s just eat at the canteen.”

Harumi: “Okay.”

We both walked to the canteen.

Harumi: “It’s crowded…”

Me: “Let’s just takeaway.”

Harumi: “Sure.”

I bought a sandwich and she bought fried rice. We then walked up to the rooftop to eat our lunches.

Harumi: “That’s your lunch?”

Me: “I’m not hungry…”

Harumi: “You can just lend money from me if you are broke…”

Me: “I’m not broke…”

Harumi: “Okay then. But feel free to lend money from me.”

Me: “I’m not broke I said.”

Harumi smiled and I started munching my sandwich.

Harumi: “Want to go to the arcade later?”

Me: “Eh?”

Harumi: “It’s been awhile since we last went to one together… You have been playing your VR games at home non-stop…”

Me: “But I…”

Harumi: “Pleaseeeee~~”

Me: “Okay then… Let’s go after school”

Harumi: “Yay~”

The 2nd round of boring classes continue… Time passes even more slowly this time round. Eventually, classes are finally over. It’s time for us to go to the arcade.

Me: “What do you want to play at the arcade?”

Harumi: “Hmm, some driving games. I have improved a lot compared to the last time.”

Me: “Oh we’ll see.”

Harumi: “I will bring out the Tokyo Drift in me.”

We entered the arcade and ran to the driving machines. We played for about 2 hours non-stop, and we stalemated the games eventually.

Harumi: “Ah… so close… I could have beaten you.”

Me: “I’m getting rusty…”

Harumi: “Told you I have been practicing.”

Me: “Yeah, seems like it’s true. But don’t be too smug, I will finish you next time.”

We then walked home together until we had to part ways.

Harumi: “See you tomorrow. It’s Friday tomorrow, so its going to be the weekends.”

Me: “Yeah, finally, Friday is coming. See you.”

I walked home, ate dinner straight away, and entered the VR world again. After connecting into the game, I quickly entered Haruno’s room.

Me: “I’m sorry, I was busy with real life the whole day.”

Haruno: “It’s okay, I was busy too.”

Me: “What should we do today?”

Haruno: “We don’t have much time left since it’s getting late now.”

Me: “Let’s play pool again?”

Haruno: “Sure.”

We teleported to the pool tables and we started to play.

Haruno: “What did you do today?”

Me: “I went to the arcade with a classmate.”

Haruno: “Oh, same…”

Me: “Went for about 2 hours…”

Haruno: “Wow, that’s long…”

Me: “Yeah.”

Haruno: “Who won?”

Me: “No one.”

Haruno: “Eh?”

Me: “We draw.”

Haruno: “Oh I see… Weird, same as my arcade games as well.”

Me: “Such a coincidence…”

Haruno: “Yeah…”

We played and chatted till late at night and eventually we had to go to sleep.

Me: “It’s 1am already, I have school tomorrow.”

Haruno: “Oh it’s already this late? I have school tomorrow too.”

Me: “Ok, I will go to sleep now. See you tomorrow?”

Haruno: “Yeah, it’s Friday, of course we will meet up!”

Me: “Oh yeah, I was thinking about this all night last night…”

Haruno: “About what?”

Me: “About us meeting up in real life.”

Haruno: “Yeah? What about it?”

Me: “Let’s meet up.”

Haruno: “For real?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Haruno: “Really?!”

Me: “Yes.”

Haruno: “We will talk about it tomorrow. It’s getting late now.”

Me: “Sure.”

Haruno: “Can’t wait to see you~”

Me: “Me too…”

Haruno: “Good night.” and gave me kiss before logging out. And I logged out too.

“Now… to plan the date…” I thought to myself.









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