Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 0.3

So I spent my next few weeks playing with Haruno. She understands me and not pushy all the time like Reimi.

Time passes by quickly and I played with her for a month already. I never met Reimi for the past month too, so I forgotten about her.

Haruno: “Let’s play some mini golf today, I saw it in the lobby list just now.”

Me: “Yeah sure.”

We both teleported to the mini golf lobby.

Haruno: “Looks packed…”

Me: “It’s a new lobby after all. Why don’t we play something else?”

Haruno: “How about some pool? I never played pool in VR before, I want to try if there is any difference.”

Me: “Sure.”

We then teleported to the lobby.

Haruno: “This one is rather packed too…”

Me: “It’s the weekend after all. There is an empty pool table there, let’s go.”

We moved to the table, set the table up and started playing.

Haruno: “You don’t mind playing this one the whole day?”

Me: “Yeah sure, since the other lobbies will probably as packed as this place anyways… And also, this game is getting more and more popular, so more players will be playing during the weekends…”

Haruno: “No wonder we keep having issues logging in…”

Me: “Yeah the servers can’t keep up.”

We played for 5 hours plus, and eventually, it’s getting late. She won every round, since I wasn’t really good at pool anyway.

Haruno: “This is physically demanding…”

Me: “Because we are moving in real life too.”

Haruno: “Want to go to a chill lobby to rest?”

Me: “Sure. It’s going to be hard to find.”

Haruno: “We can use my private lobby I created.”

People who paid to be premium members of the game gets to have a private lobby, I didn’t pay because I’m just a poor student.

Me: “Okay, sure…”

We teleported there, it’s a pretty cute looking room.

Me: “Looks cute…”

Haruno: “Thanks…”

Me: “I will never have money to pay the premium.”

Haruno: “You can have a 50% off code from me.”

Me: “Eh?”

Haruno: “Yeah, I will direct message you the code later.”

Me: “Okay thanks… That will help me a lot.”

Haruno: “Can’t wait to see how you going to decorate your room.”

Me: “I don’t know…”

Haruno giggles.

Me: “Okay, what you want to do here?”

Haruno: “Let’s talk about some personal stuff… if you don’t mind.”

Me: “Depends on how personal it is… I don’t really like to share.”

Haruno: “Oh I see, I will be careful what I ask then…”

Me: “Just ask away, don’t be afraid.”

Haruno: “Hmm, why are you alone all the time?”

Me: “I’m just socially awkward.”

Haruno: “Eh?”

Me: “I have friends here, but they either have other friends to play with or offline.”

Haruno: “You were not as awkward as you sound when I first approached you.”

Me: “Maybe you know how to make me feel comfortable talking to you.”

Haruno: “Hehe… Now ask me something personal.”

Me: “Erm… How old are you?”

Haruno: “20.”

Me: “Oh I’m 21…”

Haruno: “My turn! What are you doing right now in real life?”

Me: “Doing as in?”

Haruno: “Studying…? Working…?”

Me: “Studying and part-time working, you?”

Haruno: “Just studying… graduating soon though.”

Me: “Oh I see.”

Haruno: “Erm… Are you… single?”

Me: “Me? Yeah…”

Haruno: “Me too… It’s hard to find a great guy nowadays…”

Me: “Same goes to finding girls too… Why did you play this game?”

Haruno: “Finding friends and hopefully finding someone to love… You?”

Me: “Just for fun… I ran out of games to play, VR is hard to play sometimes… My room isn’t exactly big.”

Haruno: I understand… My room isn’t big too. Are you finding anyone at the moment?”

Me: “Finding?”

Haruno: “Like… finding someone to date…”

Me: “Not at the moment. In fact I can never picture myself to be in a relationship, ever.”

Haruno: “Why?”

Me: “All I have is rejections, and a bunch of fail relationships.”

Haruno: “But that doesn’t mean you should give up… Do you really intend to stay alone for the rest of your life?”

Me: “Yeah, I already planned that. I’m currently working my ass off and saving money to rent a place of my own… I will move after graduating.”

Haruno: “I see…”

Me: “And besides I’m ugly too, so I won’t be finding anyone really soon.”

Haruno: “Oh don’t be like this, you probably look fine… Send me a picture of yourself in our private chat and I will send mine.”

And I did, she also sent a picture of herself back to me.

Me: “That’s you?”

Haruno: “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Me: “You look cute.”

Haruno: “Thank… thank you. You look great too! Why did you say you are ugly?”

Me: “I had someone told me that before.”

Haruno: “He or she’s just jealous and insecure.”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Haruno: “You look nice… I wish I can date a guy like you…”

Me: “You will find someone, don’t worry. You look lovable. You are way out of my league…”

Haruno: “Oh don’t say that… You should feel good about yourself.”

Me: “It’s fine…”

Haruno: “What were we talking about again?”

Me: “Like finding a mate, I think.”

Haruno: “Oh yeah. And yeah, I do intend to find a boyfriend, hopefully soon… I feel so lonely.”

Me: “I’m used to it already.”

Haruno: “That’s not good.”

Me: “It’s better than expecting things.”

Haruno: “So pessimistic.”

Me: “That’s me…”

Haruno: “But what if I said that I want to date you?”

Me: “Huh?”

Haruno: “I want to date you…”

Me: “Why me?”

Haruno: “You are so close to perfection… The past month interacting with you was a blast. You made me want to play the game with you all the time. You had been so nice to me, I wasn’t expecting to meet someone like you on the internet.”

Me: “I…”

Haruno: “I really want to love you… You are a guy who got neglected by this world, I want to let you know that there is someone who wants you.”

Me: “But where do you live?”

Haruno: “Singapore.”

Me: “Oh, same as me.”

Haruno: “Wait really?”

Me: “I was intending to retort you with how long distance relationships never work, but you shot my thought out of the window.”

Haruno: “Let’s date then! We can meet in real life anyway!”

Me: “I don’t know… I have my life plan all planned out.”

Haruno: “It’s time to change it then, include me in your life plan.”

Me: “I…”

Haruno: “Okay… I will not force you, I will give you time to think about it.”

Me: “Sorry, but I have always seen you as a friend, nothing more…”

Haruno: “You don’t want to give it a chance.”

Me: “I’m honestly not prepared to this. I only played this game to make friends…”

Haruno: “I am willing to dedicate everything for you. I want to help you change the way you think… about yourself, and about the people around you.”

Me: “I…”

Haruno: “Give me a chance…”

I stayed silent for awhile…


Me: “Okay then, I will give you a chance…”



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