Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 5

The next day, we only managed to finish 3 6-star quests…

Yuji: “Sorry, looks like we didn’t plan the quests well…”

Asura: “It’s okay. It’s my fault for making the build way too massive… I was obsessed to make our guild return back to the old days…”

Yuji: “You intend to go back to the frontlines?”

Asura: “Not really, but I want to make this guild become a sanctuary, for low level players having difficulty leveling up…”

Yuji: “I see.”

Kotomi: “That’s a great plan. We will be glad to help out.”

Yuji: “To be honest, the guild can be split into many groups at this point, the older members are now at an adequate level to help train the newer and weaker members.”

Kotomi: “The 3 of us can go around scouting for members, or maybe do quests on our own.”

Asura: “I see, so you guys are not against me building the guild?”

Yuji: “A guild should expand of course, but not at a rapid rate. This guild will now only scout for members and not accept requests.”

Asura: “Okay…”

Yuji: “We will scout for weak players and help them grow.”

Kotomi: “It has been a long day, you guys have a good rest.”

I pulled Kotomi upstairs to our room.

Yuji: “Hey…”

Kotomi tilts her head: “Yeah?”

Yuji: “You want to stay in this guild till this game is over or want to stay in a guild for a period of time then jump to another?”

Kotomi: “Why the sudden question?”

Yuji: “Just something I went through my mind. Since we are stuck in a game, might as well just live life with it.”

Kotomi: “Up to you, I will follow you wherever you go.”

Yuji: “Hmm, let’s stick around for the time being, when things head south, then we decide our next move.”

Kotomi: “So wise…”

Yuji: “Just trying to make sure we don’t get into another mess, like back in the frontlines…”

Kotomi: “I understand… I don’t mind going back to the frontlines if you want to.”

Yuji: “No, I will never go back ever again, after you nearly lost your life…”

Kotomi: “It’s fine… I just forgot to buy potions that’s all…”

Yuji: “But still no. There’s still too many risks.”

Kotomi: “Okay then…”

Yuji: “Just live life to the max for the time being.”

Kotomi smiles: “You matured a lot since this death game started.”

Yuji: “Oh really?”

Kotomi then pinches my cheeks: “Yeap, so cute~~~”

Yuji: “Stop it…”

Kotomi: “Hehe…”

Yuji: “Go to sleep already, let’s go out adventuring tomorrow.”

Kotomi: “Eh?”

And I carried Kotomi to bed and tuck her in.

Kotomi: “I’m not a kid.”

Yuji: “You will always be a kid in my eyes.”

Kotomi: “Shut up…” and I walked towards the door.

Kotomi: “Are you going to drink tea again?” and she gives me that worried look.

Yuji: “Yeah… Don’t worry, I will be back in a jiffy…” and I left the room.


The next day, the both of us travelled to the 35th floor and went to the Forest of Wandering to kill some monsters for loots and hopefully some rare drops. While trying to defeat a bunch of monsters, we heard a scream. We quickly used all of our skills to quickly defeat the monsters and ran towards the direction of the scream.

We saw a female player getting attacked by a bunch of monsters while she’s paralysed.

Yuji: “Her health is low! Let’s hurry!”

Kotomi quickly defeated them and I quickly healed her with potions and antidote to cure her paralysis.

“Ah, thank you… I thought I was about to die…”

Yuji: “You are welcome… What’s your name?”

“My name is Ara.”

Kotomi: “What are you doing here alone? Where are your friends?”

Ara: “All my friends died… at the beginning stages of the game.”

Kotomi: “I’m sorry…”

Yuji: “I’m assuming you are here to grind levels and looking for rare drops?”

Ara: “Yeah…”

Yuji: “This place is great for leveling up, but its always better to have a partner, most of the monsters here are poisonous, even with high poison resistance stats…”

Ara: “I see…”

Kotomi: “Want to join our party? We can help.”

Ara: “Really?”

Yuji: “Yeah sure.”

Ara: “Thank you!”

I sent a party invite to Ara, but she…

Ara: “How do I accept this? I never receive a request before!”

Kotomi starts snickering.

Yuji: “Just pull down your main menu and press party, accept the invite…”

Ara: “I’m sorry…”

Yuji: “It’s okay… What weapon you use?”

Ara: “I use daggers…”

Kotomi: “Oh I have a rare dagger drop.”

Ara: “Eh?”

Kotomi: “I was thinking about selling it, but I think you need it more to defeat monsters easier…” and she passes the dagger to Ara.

Ara: “Wait… This is an ultra rare drop!”

Kotomi: “Eh?”

Ara: “If you sell this, you will get 5 digit sums!”

Kotomi: “Can I have it back?”

Ara: “Eh?”

Yuji: “She’s kidding, we are not running out of money at the moment.”

Ara: “So I can keep it?”

Kotomi: “Yeah you can, we don’t use daggers anyway…”

Ara: “Thank you!”

Kotomi: “You are welcomed…”

Yuji: “Were you looking for something around the area?”

Ara: “No… I was just trying to level up so that I can join The Knights of Blood.”

Yuji: “Eh? Why you want to join?”

Ara: “I want to join the frontlines so I can get out of this game faster…”

Yuji: “Ah… But being in the frontlines isn’t great… You constantly prepare for death…”

Ara: “I don’t mind at this point… I can join my friends who had already fallen…”

Kotomi: “Don’t think that way. Everyone has a reason to live.”

Yuji: “You are like me back in the day, until I found my reason to live.”

Ara: “Eh? That is?”

Yuji: “This woman right here.”

Ara: “Wait, you two are a couple?”

Kotomi: “I thought it was pretty obvious.”

Ara: “I don’t know… You two acted like friends…”

Yuji: “Hmm, maybe we are not intimate enough.”

Kotomi: “Okay, topic change… Are we killing monsters or what?”

Yuji: “Oh yeah, let’s start grinding.”

After a few hours of grinding, Ara leveled up like 12 times.

Yuji: “It’s getting late, let’s go back… Where do you stay?”

Ara: “I don’t have a house, I stay in inns every night.”

Kotomi then clapped her hands: “Ah, why not you join our guild?”

Yuji: “Yeah, we do need more dagger players, most of us uses swords…”

Ara: “Eh? A guild?”

Yuji: “Yeah, join our guild… We have players that are willing to help you level up.”

Ara: “Okay, I’m willing to join.”

Kotomi: “Yay…”

Yuji: “Let’s go back, and get Asura to invite her.”
We went back to the guild building and Asura invited her to the guild.

Katsu: “Where did you find her?”

Yuji: “35th floor forest. She was paralyzed and close to dying.”

Katsu: “Oh I see… She looks… cute.”

Yuji: “Heh, love at first sight already?”

Katsu: “N…no.”

Yuji: “It’s okay to fall in love…”

Katsu: “I’m here to get out of this death game, and nothing else…”

Yuji: “Oh you will take back what you said once you experience romance… Oh yeah, where’s Kotomi?”

Katsu: “I think the new girl pulled her to the back.”

Yuji: “Oh okay.” and I walked to the pantry.


“Are you dating Yumiji for real?”

I thought to myself: “What are they talking about?” and I lean against the wall beside the door to eavesdrop.

Kotomi: “Yeah I am, I’m dating him in real life. Even though long distance relationship, but I’m moving to his place once this game is over.”

Ara: “I see… But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance right now…”

Kotomi: “Huh?”

Ara: “I want him. I’m confident I can be a better girlfriend than you.”


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