Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 4

Yuji: “I… love alcohol.”

Kotomi: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I started drinking when I was 14, never stopped ever since.”

Kotomi: “You are turning 23 this year… so you drank for nearly 9 years already? Why? What’s wrong?”

Yuji: “Life is filled with shit.”

Kotomi: “This is the best time to share your story.”

Yuji: “I…”

Kotomi: “Do it. I want to help solve your internal struggle. That’s what a wife should do for their husband every now and then. I expect you to do the same for me.”

I took a deep breathe and told her everything. The whole story took me about an hour or so to complete. I think I will share the story another day…

Kotomi then hugged me and starts to cry.

Kotomi: “I’m sorry… I didn’t know you went through so much… No wonder you were reluctant about dating me…”

Yuji: “I’m sorry for hiding this from you…”

Kotomi: “It’s fine, I understand why you don’t want to share it.”

Yuji: “I feel a lot better now, after telling you everything.”

Kotomi: “That’s great…”

Yuji: “Your turn. Tell me about your past.”

Kotomi: “Me? But mine isn’t are dark as yours.”

Yuji: “It’s fine. A change of tone for a bit, too much negativity isn’t good, especially when we are in such a game.”

Kotomi: “Okay then…”

She shared her story, filled with wonderful things. A wonderful family, a great childhood. Lots of guys who liked her back in school, but she rejected them because she thinks they are all normal guys…

Yuji: “Why did you want me then?”

Kotomi: “You are unique. I actually went to many other mixers before I met you and you are the only guy that was uninterested. That’s when I knew you are the one.”

Yuji: “That doesn’t mean anything…”

Kotomi: “I should say you made me determined to date you.”

Yuji: “Why do you like guys that are hard to get?”

Kotomi: “Because when I do get them, I feel accomplished, and makes me cherish them more.”

Yuji: “What if you don’t get the guy?”

Kotomi: “I doubt I would fail, I’m too adorable to resist, you are one example.”

Yuji: “No, I didn’t fall for your cuteness.”

Kotomi: “Yeah yeah…”

Yuji: “You want to go back?”

Kotomi: “Awww… is it time already?”

Yuji: “It’s nearing 5pm… let’s grab some dinner.”

Kotomi: “Okay then…”

We headed to town, entered a restaurant and ate for dinner.

Yuji: “I’m sorry about just now…”

Kotomi: “Eh? About what?”

Yuji: “My drinking habits and my past… I wish it doesn’t change your impression of me.”

Kotomi: “I love you for being you, not because of your past. But we do have to fix that drinking habit of yours…”

Yuji: “Yeah… I understand.”

Kotomi: “Which is why… I’m going to move to your place once we finish this game.”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Kotomi: “Yeap, I requested my company that I worked in to transfer me to Singapore.”

Yuji: “Huh?”

Kotomi: “Erm… Are you okay?”

Yuji: “I don’t know what to say.”

Kotomi: “You better start tidying up your place before I move in.”

Yuji: “My place is small though…”

Kotomi: “I don’t mind, small places can make us more intimate towards one another.”

Yuji: “I don’t know where you get that logic, but okay…”

Kotomi: “I was intending to surprise you by saying that I’m coming for a vacation, but this game ruined it.”

Yuji: “You could have kept the surprise until we finish the game, this one is on you.”

Kotomi: “But still…”

Yuji: “It’s okay.”

Kotomi: “Oh yeah, let’s go for some night shopping, I want to get better armor and weapons, the damage is getting a little bit low nowadays.”

Yuji: “Yeah, sure, I do need better weapons.”

Kotomi uses a long katana as her primary weapon, I uses a shorter katana and I used it backhanded. I also have a large broadsword that I used sometimes.

After dinner, we shopped for weapons and clothes.

Kotomi: “How’s this? Do I look cuter now?”

Yuji: “You look cute on whatever clothes you wear.”

She bought a pair of highheel boots to boost her height.

Yuji: “Why did you get these boots?”

Kotomi: “I look so short beside you, and besides, this game will correct my footing automatically so I will never trip and fall from running.”

Yuji: “Okay then, if you like…”

Kotomi: “Why are you buying larger and larger swords… Isn’t your current one huge enough?”

Yuji: “I have enough stats to carry heavier weapons.”

Kotomi: “But you slow down…”

Yuji: “Not really, it’s beneficial if we get surrounded by monsters.”

Kotomi: “Okay then, I expect you to protect me.”

Yuji: “I think I have done that a lot of times during the beginning of the game.”

Kotomi: “Oh shut it… I was still a noob.”

I snickered.

Kotomi: “Oh no, it’s 11, let’s go back already.”

We teleported back to the 30th floor and walked back to the guild building.

Yuji: “Wait… Did this place look different?”

Kotomi: “Yeah it does… It looked… larger.”

Asura then walked towards us from somewhere.

Asura: “Ah, welcome back.”

Yuji: “Did you upgrade the place?”

Asura: “Yeah we did, we used the money we earned from yesterday’s quest to upgrade the place.

Yuji: “Why?”

Asura: “I’m getting a lot of requests from players to join the guild today, and we are running out of room.”

Yuji: “How many did you accept?”

Asura: “We got over 20 requests, and we could only bring in 5 with the previous building, so I upgraded and accepted another 7 more.”

Yuji: “It’s best not to expand the guild too quickly, it’s going to affect our momentum. The amount of loot each person gets now will be reduced and experience gain will drop since we have a lot of members now.”

Asura: “Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t thought about the consequences for accepting so many members.”

Yuji: “It’s fine, the size for now is still decent, or should I say ideal.”

Asura: “Eh?”

Yuji: “Let’s try some 6 star quests tomorrow. If it works out, we can do more challenging quests in no time, to keep up with the gains, 5 star quests is not going to cut it, the guild will enter into another financial crisis in no time.”

Asura: “Really?”

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Asura: “Everyone will be excited. I will tell them inside!” and she ran into the building enthusiastically.

Kotomi: “Is this okay?”

Yuji: “Yeah, we cannot reverse the effects now, so might as well just wing it.”

Kotomi: “Okay then…”

Yuji: “We might have to fight with them tomorrow.”

Kotomi: “You are worried?”

Yuji: “The new members kind of brought down our average levels a bit, so we need to support them.”

Kotomi: “How many quests we going for tomorrow?”

Yuji: “Let’s just do 4 for now. Too many quests will be a risk. I will wake up early to buy more potions tomorrow.”

Kotomi: “Wake me up too, I will help you buy.”

Yuji: “Okay then, let’s go to bed, long day tomorrow…”


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