Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 2

And then we got married in-game the next day.

A few months later, the frontlines have cleared the 30th floor boss and we also moved to the 30th floor.

Yuji: “Hey.”

Kotomi: “Hmm?”

Yuji: “The quests are getting less rewarding than usual…”

Kotomi: “Yeah… and you have been returning home later…”

Yuji: “I was thinking… if we start going back into the field.”

Kotomi: “Eh?”

Yuji: “We don’t have to be at the frontlines again… but maybe we join a guild and do more challenging quests with them.”

Kotomi: “Do we really have to? I mean I can just do the quests with you…”

Yuji: “I calculated, it won’t be enough…”

Kotomi: “So… what do you plan to do?”

Yuji: “Let’s sell this house, roam around the floor to look for guilds that are willing to accept members. Our levels and stats are pretty high for the current player base so it won’t be hard to find a guild.”

Kotomi: “Okay then… As long as I’m with you.”

I smiled back at her.

The next day, we placed our names on a board for players looking for guilds to invite them. While waiting, we cleared 5 quests together before we got invited. We then meet up with one of their members. A female player met up with us.

“Welcome to the Iris guild family! My name is Asura, I’m the vice-leader of the guild. I have been wondering since inviting both of you… Are the two of you… by any chance… married?”

Yuji: “Thanks for inviting us, Asura… We are indeed married.”

Asura: “Ahhh… love birds… I’m so jealous…”

Kotomi: “Jealous?”

Asura: “I wish I can date someone…”

Yuji: “You will find someone for sure…”

Asura: “Did you two found each other in this game?”

Yuji: “No, we have been dating for 2 years before this game happened.”

Asura: “I see… Ahhh, so jealous~~~”

Kotomi: “I’m just curious but may I ask if your guild is a frontline guild?”

Asura: “We are not, we are a grinder guild, we constantly do quests together. We so far only managed to clear quite a few 4 star quests, but we are looking for stronger players so that we can do 5 stars and beyond quests.”

Yuji: “What’s your guild strength and average level?”

Asura: “We have 17 members and our average level is 45.”

Yuji: “Are those numbers including us?”

Asura: “No. The main reason we invited both of you because of your pretty incredible stats. You two have frontline level stats…”

Kotomi: “We used to be part of the frontlines, but we withdrew after 10 floors due to the amount of near death experiences we had… We thought it was easy…”

Asura: “I understand… It must be hard to be part of the frontlines… Rumors have said that there is a new guild going around clearing floors like crazy, they have cleared the 38th floor just hours ago.”

Kotomi: “Already?”

Asura: “Yeah… They send hundreds of people to fight bosses…”

Yuji: “I see…”

Asura: “Want to go to our headquarters? It’s on the 27th floor.”

Yuji: “Yeah sure…”

We then followed Asura to the headquarters.

Yuji: “It’s hard to find good players nowadays, huh?”

Asura: “Yeah, most of them are at the frontlines…”

Yuji: “I think you guys need to start grinding on the tougher quests… Buy potions and everything…”

Asura: “I was thinking… since you two have the experience, can you two be our guild’s strategists?”

Yuji: “Eh?”

Asura: “You two have frontline experiences, it will help us a lot.”

Kotomi: “That’s ages ago, the strategies we used can be rather outdated.”

Asura: “It’s fine, outdated or not, still strategies.”

Yuji: “Okay then…”

We visited their headquarters and they organized a welcome party for us and they let us stay in one of their rooms for the night.

The next day, I walked down from the room.

“Good morning, Yumiji.”

Yuji: “Ah… Good morning… You are… Katsu, right?”

A male member that talked to me for a bit last night during the welcome party…

Katsu: “Ah… luckily you remembered… But you do know you can browse our names in the guild list right?”

Yuji: “Oh yeah I forgot… Not used to that because this is my first guild…”

Katsu: “It’s fine, everything takes time.”

I then made coffee in the pantry.

Katsu: “I heard you and your wife have fought in the frontlines?”

Yuji: “Yeah, ages ago, we cleared 10 floors before quitting. We keep clearing bosses with 5% health and losing many other players… The experience is rather… traumatising…”

Katsu: “I see…”

Yuji: “Have your guild lost members because of death?”

Katsu: “Yeah… We lost like 5… for the past month.”

Yuji: “I’m sorry.”

Katsu: “It’s okay, it’s our fault for being overambitious. We wanted to try some 4 star quests because the 3 stars rewards are getting lesser and lesser, causing financial difficulties to the guild. We also had internal conflict due to this…”

Yuji: “Looks like I’m here to change things up…”

Katsu: “Then we will leave it up to you, Chief Strategist…”

Yuji: “Oh please don’t call me that… It feels awkward, just call me by my gamertag.”

Katsu: “Okay, if you say so…”

The guild then set off to the quests board in town.

Asura: “So, what quests should we do?”

Yuji: “Since you guys only managed to start clearing 4 star quests, let’s just do 4 star quests for the time being… Level you guys up is top priority, so we will skip the delivery quests and do the hunting ones… The exceptionally rare ones.” and then I picked 3 quests.

And we started to hunt for monsters. Me and Kotomi stood at the back like coaches and give tactic commands. The day ended after clearing 7 quests. We reached back HQ and all of the members dropped on the floor.

Yuji: “You guys should have told me to stop earlier… I didn’t know you guys will be this tired…”

Asura: “But at least we gained a bunch of XP and Cor… So it’s worth it…”

Kotomi: “That’s how we grind back in the frontline days. We do 8-10 quests each day to maintain our levels with other frontline players…”

Katsu: “I see…”

Me and Kotomi then passes out drinks to the other members.

Yuji: “I have been wondering… but where is the guild leader…? I have never seen him before around here.”

Asura: “Ah… he… he died… on the 25th floor boss raid…”

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