I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 31 (Ending C)

Mayumi: “Eh??! The other Natsuki and 014?”

014: “I am Natsuki too!”

Mayumi: “I know but…”

Natsuki: “Who are they?!”

Mayumi: “It’s you, but other versions of you…”

Teen Natsuki: “We are here to cancel this wedding.”

Mayumi: “Eh~~~”


Back in the real world, 014 managed to put the Doctor to sleep with some anesthetic.

014: “This should keep him down for a few days… I accidentally overdosed…”

023 then pressed the computer to get Mayumi’s brainwashing reversed.


Mayumi awakens.

014: “Hey, are you okay?”

Mayumi: “Yeah…”

014: “Let’s get 023 fixed and get out of here.”

They then reversed 023’s mind control and left the room.

Mayumi: “Where are we going now?”

014: “Get a time machine and get out of here.”

Mayumi: “But they can track us down.”

023: “We will delete the timeline data that we are going to on the time machine and destroy our transponders. That way it will take them forever to track us down again.”

Mayumi: “Sounds like a plan.”

014: “We will go back to your timeline.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

014: “You can go home, we adapt to other timelines easily so don’t worry about us.”

Mayumi: “Oh… okay…”


They used an abandoned time machine in a hidden room.

014: “This one is slightly older, so it will take awhile to load up…”

023 starts setting up the machine.

Mayumi: “What do we do once we get there?”

014: “We will temporarily stay at your place until we get jobs and then move out.”

Mayumi: “Oh… Will we still be in contact once you guys starts moving?”

014: “We will…”

Mayumi: “What happens if we still got found?”

014: “I doubt they will, once we delete the data, that timeline does not exist in the records, if they were to try and search the timeline again, it will take decades…”

Mayumi: “I see… but what if we still managed to get found?”

014: “We run like you used to. It will be harder to trace us because they only have a portion of the timeline’s data, it takes another few years to fully analyse a timeline.”

Mayumi: “Okay…”

023: “It’s ready.”

Mayumi: “Let’s go then.”

014 pushes her in.

Mayumi: “Eh?”

014: “Sorry, we lied.”

023: “You will not go in if we told you our plans.”

Mayumi: “What are you planning to do?!”

014: “Kill the tyrant, perhaps.”

023: “This place is an armory, we have the weapons we need to kill him.” and she activates the time transport.

Mayumi: “But…. wait!”


Mayumi wakes up from her bed: “It’s… all a dream…?”


She then lived her life as usual, like nothing happened, but she still keeps reminiscing about her dream.

She’s about to meet a client, rushing her way through the human traffic. Eventually bumped into someone, dropped her files.

Mayumi: “I’m sorry! I was in a rush.” and she starts gathering her belongings.

Guy: “It’s okay… Let me help you…”

Mayumi: “Thank you…” as she receives her stuff from the man. “Have… we met before?”

Guy: “I don’t think so… Why do you ask?”

Mayumi:  “You look… like someone I know…”

Guy: “I’m sorry, but I think you got the wrong guy.”

Mayumi: “I’m so sorry about knocking you over.”

Guy: “It’s fine, I believe you were in a rush?”

Mayumi: “Oh yeah! Thank you!” and she rushes off.

A girl then approached him: “Did she remember?”

Guy: “Vaguely, she asked me if we ever met.”

Girl: “Luckily we didn’t tell her about the side effects of that machine too… Do you want to approach her more?”

Guy: “No… let’s keep it this way, it’s better for her not to remember anything.”

Girl: “Do you want to go to the past and change her fate?”

Guy: “I already did…”

Girl: “Huh?”

Guy: “She never met Natsuki and gang in university. I stopped Haruka from dating Natsuki again and Shiina’s death is prevented. Now Kyouya and Shiina gotten married, Natsuki is still find that perfect girl…”

Girl: “And that perfect girl is…”

Guy: “Yeap… if my calculations are correct, they will meet in a few days…”


Mayumi is then forced by her colleagues to go on a mixer, even when she refused.

Mayumi and her friends then met the guys. She was forced to sit on the left to match with a specific guy.

Mayumi: “Hi…”

Man: “Hi.”

Mayumi: “My name is Mayumi…”

Man: “I’m Natsuki.”

Mayumi: “Natsuki… sounds… familiar…”

Natsuki: “Hmm?”

Mayumi: “N…nothing!”

Natsuki: “Nice dress you are wearing… Is it specifically wearing this for the mixer?”

Mayumi: “I was actually not interested, so I was forced to come here…”

Natsuki: “Oh… I was actually kind of excited for coming…”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Natsuki: “Looks like I’m going to be disappointed.”

Mayumi: “Ah! No… I mean… I was putting my expectations very low for this one…”

Natsuki: “So I’m not within your expectations…”

Mayumi: “No! I mean I went to many mixers they organized and they all ended up disastrously… That’s why I lowered my expectations…”

Natsuki: “Okay… What happened to your previous mixers?”

Mayumi: “Weird fetish guys… Socially awkward guys…”

Natsuki: “I’m actually kind of socially awkward.”

Mayumi: “I don’t think so! You are pretty easy to strike a conversation with…”

Natsuki: “Talk to me more and I will have this strange ability to kill the convo…”

Mayumi: “We’ll see, I would say that I’m kind of socially awkward too…”

They eventually got more comfortable with one another and the others decided to leave to let them have the table all by themselves.

The couple back then is just by the other table: “See?”

Girl: “How did you manage to time travel without me knowing?”

Guy: “During the escape, the reason why I decided to do the travelling separately is because of this.”

Girl: “Do you think they will find us again?”

Guy: “I don’t know. We’ll see how things goes…”

Mayumi and Natsuki eventually exchanged numbers, texted and called every night. After a few months of both sides being shy to one another, eventually Natsuki confesses to her. She contemplated for a few days and then accepts him.

It’s been 6 months since they started dating and they took time off to go to the amusement park.

Mayumi: “I want to go to the haunted house….”

Natsuki: “No, we go to the roller coaster first, then the haunted house…”

Mayumi: “But my legs will turn too jelly to walk after the roller coaster…”

Natsuki: “I will piggyback you all the way.”

Mayumi: “No, that’s too embarrassing!” She then starts pulling Natsuki to the haunted house, but loses her grip suddenly and bumped into someone.

Mayumi quickly turned around and rapidly bowed: “I’M SORRY!”

“It’s okay…”

Mayumi: “You are the guy who helped me with the files when I bumped into you.”

Guy: “Ah? You still remember me? It’s been a long time…”

Mayumi: “I did tell you that you remind me of someone… That’s why I remember…”

Guy: “Ah yeah…”

Mayumi: “You are here with your girlfriend?”

Guy: “Wife.”

Mayumi: “Oh, I’m sorry!”

Girl: “It’s okay… People say that all the time. Ohohoho…”

Mayumi: “Interesting wife you got there….”

Natsuki: “Want to go on a ride together?”

Guy: “Oh we are fine, actually we were just about to leave, we came since it opened in the morning. We are getting tired from all the rides…”

Mayumi: “Oh okay… See you when we see you two then…”

Girl: “Have fun~” and the couple leaves.

Natsuki then talked to Mayumi: “He does seem rather familiar too…”

Mayumi: “Oh really?”

Natsuki: “I can’t really remember…”

Mayumi: “Never mind then, let’s go to the haunted house!”

Natsuki: “No, roller coaster then I will piggyback you to the haunted house!”


Girl: “The two of them seemed pretty happy.”

Guy: “All part of the plan…”

Girl: “You seemed pretty proud when you said that I’m your wife.”

Guy: “It’s all for the sake of correcting her.”

Girl: “You just won’t admit… Speaking of marriage, when are we going to have kids?”

Guy: “Eh?”

Girl: “I want 5 kids…”

Guy: “Okay way too many…”

Girl: “I don’t care!”


And they all lived happily ever after…





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