I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 31 (Ending B)

Mayumi: “Eh??! The other Natsuki and 014?”

014: “I am Natsuki too!”

Mayumi: “I know but…”

Natsuki: “Who are they?!”

Mayumi: “It’s you, but other versions of you…”

Teen Natsuki: “We are here to cancel this wedding.”

Mayumi: “Eh~~~”


Back in the real world, 014 managed to put the Doctor to sleep with some anesthetic.

014: “This should keep him down for a few days… I accidentally overdosed…”

023 then pressed the computer to get Mayumi’s brainwashing reversed.


Mayumi’s wedding scene then changed into the day Haruka confronts her and Natsuki.

Mayumi: “Wait… this is…”

Haruka is charging towards them, Shiina is running towards them from the other side.

Mayumi: “I can reverse this…” and she pushes Natsuki away, ran towards Haruka and gets stabbed.


014: “Wait, what? What’s wrong? Why is her heart rate increasing?”

023 shrugs and starts to panic in front of the computer.


Mayumi: “I deserve this…”

Haruka pulls out the knife and repeatedly stabs Mayumi. Mayumi slowly losing consciousness.


Mayumi wakes up in the real world.

014: “Eh, she’s awake.”

Mayumi then removes her helmet and stands up.

014: “Are you okay?”

Mayumi chokes 014. 023 rushes to stop her. Both of her eyes are red.

014’s eyes are rolling back. 023 knocks her out with a metal rod.

014 coughs: “What’s wrong with her?”

Doctor: “You two accidentally deleted her memories and personality.”

014: “What should we do?”

Doctor: “I did save a backup copy… I will restore it for you.”

014: “Why are you helping us?”

Doctor: “I was forced to brainwash them… He threatened to kill my family if I didn’t do it… He already sent brainwashed agents to “look after” them…”

014: “I see…”

Doctor: “I will restore 023 later.”


Mayumi wakes up in a completely white space again.

Mayumi: “I thought… I died…” and starts touching all over her body.

Natsuki: “Hello princess.”

Mayumi: “Eh? Why are you here?”

Natsuki: “To bring you back.”

Mayumi: “Back where?”

Natsuki: “Heaven.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Natsuki: “Come with me…” and he holds Mayumi’s hand.


014: “Why is her heart rate decreasing?”

Doctor: “She’s losing her will to live.”

014: “What can I do?”

Doctor: “I can neurolink your mind to hers. Wear a helmet.”

014 hurriedly wears a helmet. The Doctor then starts the process.


Just when Mayumi was about to be guided away, someone pulled her other hand.

014: “You are coming with me.”

Mayumi: “Eh? I’m just following the love of my life to Heaven.”

014: “Are you going to give up now? You spent so many years trying to save him. Are you just going to throw your efforts away?”

Mayumi: “What’s the point? He’s dead anyway, I can never bring him back to life…”

014: “I will save him, I will change the events in your timeline!”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

014: “I promise you. I will change things!”

Mayumi: “I…”

014: “Let go of his hand now…”

Mayumi then lets go of Natsuki’s hand.


Mayumi eventually wakes up.

014: “Hey… Welcome back.”

Mayumi: “Where am I? Am I in heaven?”

014: “No, you are still alive….”

Mayumi: “I remembered something about a promise… but I don’t know what it is…”

014: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember.”

Doctor: “Let’s get 023 done too.”


023: “Finally I’m free.”

Doctor: “What are your plans next?”

014: “Get Mayumi back to her timeline, then we bring the fight to them, if all else fails, let’s just blow up this entire thing, ending everyone in it.”

Mayumi: “Get me back? And are you suggesting a self-destruct?”

014: “Yes.”

Mayumi: “No, I will not allow it.”

014: “Not your call. Let’s go to the nearest time machine.”

Doctor: “Use mine, it’s at the back. I use it to get medicine back from home.”

014: “Okay, let’s use it.”

Gunshot. The Doctor gets hit.

014: “Get down!”

Gunshot intensifies.

014: “We need to get her into the portal now.” and he fires back.

023: “The time machine is in that room!” and points at a blast door room.

014: “Go go!” and the three of them retreated into the room and 023 immediately locks the door.

014: “This should buy us some time.”

023 then sets up the machine: “It’s ready.”

Mayumi: “I… I…”

014: “No time to waste just get in there. Don’t worry about us, we will make sure no one will ever harass you.”

Mayumi: “But you two should just come with me!”

014: “No, otherwise there is no one to do the self-destruct.”

023: “So we will stay behind, paving the way for the princess.”

The blast door then starts to glow red.

014: “They are cutting the door open! Hurry get in!” and he pushes Mayumi in. 023 quickly turns it on.

Mayumi: “No! I’m not done!”

014: “Farewell… May we meet again someday…”

And Mayumi disappears.

023: “Self-destruct sequence is ready.”

014: “Do it.”

023 presses.


Mayumi wakes up on her bed.

Mayumi: “I’m… back? Looks like nothing has changed… Natsuki is still… gone…” as she notices her stuff are still back in the same place.

Mayumi: “So I only left for 3 days… in this timeline…” and she looks at herself in the mirror. “I didn’t age a single bit? I looked way older back there… They probably preserved my age…”

She then went out to visit her parents, much to their surprise. They hugged and she brought them out for lunch.

She then carried on with her life and became a workaholic to distract herself over everything that has happened.

Time flies it’s been 6 months since she came back…

After a long day of work, as she was walking home, she walked past a guy in a café, she stopped, turned around and enters the café.

She picked a table beside his to take a closer look.

The guy looks like Natsuki, with longer hair, dyed in Metallic Pink. He turned his head around and look at Mayumi. He smiled at her.

Guy: “Good afternoon.”

Mayumi: “Hi…”

Guy: “Why are you staring at me like as if I remind you of someone.”

Mayumi: “I… Because you do remind me of someone…”

Guy: “May I know who?”

Mayumi: “My… fiancé.”

Guy: “Oh… Why do you sound sad about it? Did he call off the engagement?”

Mayumi: “No… He committed suicide.”

Guy: “Oh I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have asked.”

Mayumi: “It’s okay… It’s happened for a few years… I kind of gotten over it. My name is Mayumi. What’s yours?”

Guy: “My name is… Haruki.”

Mayumi: “Eh…”

Haruki: “What?”

Mayumi: “Nothing… just sounded rather familiar.”

Haruki: “I’m 34.”

Mayumi: “I’m 31. Are you married?”

Haruki: “No…”

Mayumi: “You are dating someone.”

Haruki: “No.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Haruki: “What?”

Mayumi: “A good looking guy like you but still not attached?”

Haruki: “What’s wrong about that? I just couldn’t find the right women for me…”

Mayumi: “Hmm, weird…”

Haruki smiles.


They eventually became friends. Haruki eventually went on to confess his love for her. But she rejected him, citing her misfortunes and how she will affect his life. How she affected his friends due to her actions, how she lived her life for the past 5 years being alone. She thinks Haruki deserves someone better.

But Haruki didn’t give up. After many rejections, Mayumi eventually gave in and accepts him.

They got married a year later, because their family thinks they are getting old and want them to be together…

And that generic line, they lived happily ever after.


And Mayumi didn’t meet any time travellers ever since.


The End








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