I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 31 (Ending A)

Mayumi: “Eh??! The other Natsuki and 014?”

014: “I am Natsuki too!”

Mayumi: “I know but…”

Natsuki: “Who are they?!”

Mayumi: “It’s you, but other versions of you…”

Teen Natsuki: “We are here to cancel this wedding.”

Mayumi: “Eh~~~”


Back in the real world, 014 managed to put the Doctor to sleep with some anesthetic.

014: “This should keep him down for a few days… I accidentally overdosed…”

023 then pressed the computer to get Mayumi’s brainwashing reversed.


Mayumi eventually woke up.

Mayumi: “Eh… what happened? I just had the most wonderful dream.”

014: “You were about to be brainwashed.”

Mayumi:  “I see… Why is 023 here?! Isn’t she brainwashed too!?”

014: “She managed to fight over the brainwashing.”

Mayumi: “I see.”

014: “023, lie down, we have to free you.”

023 looked slightly surprised.

014: “Hurry up, on the bed now”

023 then lie down, Mayumi puts the helmet on her. 014 then initiates the reversal.

014: “Just keep a lookout at the door, this will take some time.”

Mayumi then stands by the door. Eventually 023 is free from the brainwash. 023 wakes up, quickly removes the helmet and hugs 014.

023: “Thank you… I didn’t expect you to save me… Constantly fighting against the mind control is tiring…”

014: “Ok, leave the hugs for later, we need to get out first…”

023: “Okay okay…”

The trio leaves the room, and starts to look for a time machine. But inevitably got caught by the other brainwashed agents.


001: “So you think you guys can just walk out of here without being noticed? Brainwash them.”

014 scoffs.

“I block that motion.”

001: “What?”

014: “M…Minister of Time?”

Minister: “Yeah, looks like the evidence is enough to imprison him forever.”

001: “Agents, get him.”

The Minister then pressed the button, and all the agents collapsed.

001: “What is that?”

Minister: “A killswitch to that brainwashing contraption you have.”

001: “How did you acquire that?”

Minister: “The doctor told me all about it.”

001: “He betrayed me?”

Minister: “It’s not betrayal, he is doing the right thing. Now, arrest this man.”

014 then handcuffs 001.

Minister: “Where is the doctor?”

014: “Erm… I may have accidentally overdosed him with the anesthetic…”

The doctor then wakes up a few days later.

So months passes-by, the agency is rebuilt, all the agents have their minds back and the Minister of Time designates 014 as Director. Mayumi stayed as a temporary agent to help rebuild. 001 is imprisoned for life.

Mayumi’s life in the agency is pretty much a normal agent. Travelling to different timelines to fight crime, and also help certain people with their troubles, like a counsellor.

Mayumi: “Hey 014, is it possible to restore destroyed timelines?”

014: “I’m sorry, once it’s destroyed, it’s gone. Otherwise I would have been back to my own timeline…”

Mayumi: “You are right.”

014: “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something.”

Mayumi: “Yeah?”

014: “I have the Minister’s approval, you can go back to your timeline.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

014: “Yeah, it’s time for you to go back. You don’t belong here. You are supposed to be free.”

Mayumi: “I… I have nothing left back there, I’m happy here.”

014: “No you are not. I have a surprise for you when you go back. So get ready to go back. I will send you back in 3 days.”

Mayumi: “3 days?”

014: “You have nothing to pack anyway, you cannot bring back anything that is here.”

Mayumi: “Okay…”

014: “So this 3 days will be your holidays. Go to whichever timeline you want, as long as you don’t change anything.”

Mayumi: “I know…”

She took the next 3 days going back to her high school days, looking at the past. 3 days passes by quickly and it’s time for her to return.

014: “So, go ahead, step into that machine.”

Mayumi: “I… I don’t know…”

023: “Yessss, it’s time to go back!” and 023 pushes her into the machine.

014: “Don’t worry, I will visit you every now and then… You might see me, you might never see me ever again. We’ll see if you are sharp enough to sense me…”

023 then activates the machine. All of the agents came to bid their farewell.

They waved to one another and Mayumi disappears.


“Time to wake up…”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Natsuki: “It’s time to wake up.”

Mayumi: “Na…Natsuki?!”

Natsuki: “Yeah, it’s me. What’s wrong?”

Mayumi: “Wait… I… No, nothing.”

Natsuki: “Weirdo.” And pinches her nose.

Mayumi thoughts to herself: “His personality… changed too… Is this the surprise 014 meant?”

Natsuki starts serving breakfast and Mayumi walks to the dining table after brushing her teeth.

Mayumi: “What are we doing today?”

Natsuki: “What do you mean? Today is the day.”

Mayumi: “What day?”

Natsuki: “The wedding?”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Natsuki: “Are you okay? Are you having a fever? If you are sick we can push it back.” and starts touching her forehead.

Mayumi: “I’m fine, I… I just find it unbelievable that today is the day already!” and starts laughing awkwardly.

Natsuki: “Cutie.” and pinches her cheek.

Mayumi: “Oww…” and Natsuki laughs.


Eventually they both went to the wedding venue and Mayumi enters the dressing room.

“Ah, the main character today!”

Mayumi: “Shiina too?!”

Shiina: “Too? I got married last year already, hello?”

Mayumi: “Ah, I’m sorry I was just… surprised.”

Shiina: “Yeah… Now, sit down already, I have to put that makeup on.”

Mayumi then sits down. Shiina then begins to put on makeup and they talked about the past…

Shiina: “Okay princess, all done. Why the short dress?”

Mayumi: “Easier to walk in… I don’t like it being too long and fluffy…”

Shiina: “Yeah, mine was heavy because Kyouya wanted it.”

Mayumi giggles…

Shiina: “Okay stop laughing, time to go and show it off to the men.”

Mayumi then walks out of the dressing room. The men stared in amazement.

Mayumi blushes: “Stop staring…”

Natsuki: “I’m sorry, but… you look… absolutely… stunning…”

Mayumi blushes harder.

And the wedding then went on smoothly. They went for their honeymoon straight after.


A few months later…


Mayumi is still doing her wedding planner job, but her business expanded and she is now the boss, so she doesn’t really have do much work anymore.

The day is over, Mayumi locks the door of the office. Her phone rings, its a text from Natsuki to meet him for dinner. Mayumi smiles and walks towards her car.

Just when she was about to enter her car, she notices someone is in the car opposite hers, she walks towards that car and knocks the side window. The side window winds down.

“Yes, may I help you?”

Mayumi: “You can never fool me.”

014: “Damn it, you are good…”

Mayumi: “Long time no see…”

014: “Yeah… How’s the marriage?”

Mayumi: “Nice. I assume it was you who changed the past.”

014: “Yeap, the Minister told me to do it, as a form of gratitude.”

Mayumi: “I didn’t really did much… What are you doing here?”

014: “Waiting for someone.”

023: “Hello~!”

Mayumi: “Eh? You are here too?”

023: “Yeah, we are on our honeymoon.”

Mayumi: “Honeymoon?! You two gotten married?!”

014: “Yeah, it was intense. She rejected my proposal twice.”

023: “Shush.”

Mayumi giggles: “You could have come and find me, you do know I work as a wedding planner.”

023: “We didn’t thought about that…”

Mayumi: “Oh yeah, 023, lend me your husband for a second.”

023: “Yeah, sure.”

Mayumi then kisses 014 in the cheek.

023: “EH?!!”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry, I have to thank him for what he did to my timeline…”

023: “I know… but I still feel jealous…”

014: “Shouldn’t you get going soon?”

Mayumi: “Oh yeah! I got to go!” and she rushes to her car and drives off. 023 enters 014’s car.

014: “Still feeling jealous?”

023: “I do know she’s your ex-lover, but…”

014: “And you were the one who suggested we come here for the honeymoon.”

023’s face turns red.

014: “At least she has her own happy ending…”

023: “She went through a lot, she deserves it…”


The End.




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