I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 30

001: “Is the therapy done for them?”

086 and 054 is lying down in beds with helmets on their head.

Doctor: “Almost done. They are resisting it pretty well, so it’s taking slightly longer.”

001: “Okay, just take your time. And I will have one more patient for you to attend to later.”

Doctor: “Oh okay.”


Mayumi: “What is going on here? Why are you all tied up and hanging? Is it because you didn’t arrest me sooner?”

014: “That and also something else. A secret that guy has been keeping all of us in the dark for years…”

Mayumi: “What is it?”

014: “He created this agency not just to arrest criminals from changing timelines… but to save his daughter…”

Mayumi: “Huh? What do you mean by that?”

014: “The real purpose of creating the agency is to scout every single timeline ever existed to save his daughter…”

Mayumi: “Really? What happened to his daughter?”

014: “She was knocked down by a truck and died… He intends to keep changing the timelines until he can get her daughter back in his own timeline. All of this crime fighting stuff is just a distraction from the real motive.”

Mayumi: “A kettle calling a pot black…”

014: “Yeah… He actually killed Kyouya to get his time traveling tech…”

Mayumi: “Wait what?”

014: “Not from your timeline, but from his timeline… He stole his tech and refined it so we can time travel wherever we like, whenever we like…”

Mayumi: “What happens if he finally got what he wants?”

014: “Probably ends the agency and eliminate all of us.”

Mayumi: “What… Oh yeah, what happened to 023? And what is this therapy he speaks of?”

014: “I don’t know how he did it, but he can brainwash people.”

Mayumi: “What… so 023 was brainwashed? And 084 and 054 are getting brainwashed?”

014: “Yeah… wait, what happened to 007?”

Mayumi: “He died. He was shot in the head.”

014: “No way…”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry…”

014: “What happened to the timeline?”

Mayumi: “He deleted it.”

014: “Wait, he can make blackholes too?!”

Mayumi: “Yeah…”

014: “He’s too powerful…”

Mayumi: “He is…”

001 then enters the chamber.

001: “Did you have a good rest?”

Mayumi: “Shut up…”

001: “Don’t worry, you will forget about everything soon.”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

001: “Bring her to therapy.” 086 and 054 walks towards Mayumi and grabs her arms.

Mayumi: “No, let me go!” and gets dragged out.

001: “Don’t worry, 023 will accompany you so you won’t be lonely.”

023 then walks in and stands at the door. 001 closes the door.


Mayumi is then tied up in the medical bed. The doctor injects anesthetic because of her endless struggling. He puts the helmet on her and commences the brainwashing.


023 then moved towards 014.

014: “Huh?”

023 took out a device and starts to hack the locks on his four limbs.

014: “What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be brainwashed?”

023 didn’t speak or show any facial expressions, but her red eye has turned purple.

014: “Wait, you partially broke free from the brainwash?”

023 nods.

014: “Bring me to the place where you got brainwashed, we have to save Mayumi.”

023 quickly hacks the door open and they ran out of the chamber.


“Wait… where am I? Why is everything white?”

Natsuki: “Mayumi.” and he hugs Mayumi from the back.

Mayumi: “Natsuki… from my time? Why are you here? How are you alive?”

Natsuki: “You revived me. Your quest to the past worked.”

Mayumi: “Then why is everything white?”

Natsuki: “Oh let me fix that.” and he snaps his fingers.

Mayumi: “This is… our house.”

Natsuki: “Yeah, our wedding is tomorrow…”

Mayumi: “It’s still on?”

Natsuki: “Of course.”

Mayumi: “Did my hard work really paid off?”

Natsuki: “I would say so…”


023 and 014 are still sneakily trying to get to the brainwashing room.

014: “Is it very far?”

023 nods.

014: “We have to hurry. We also have to free you from the brainwashing too.”

014 and 023 starts to run.


Mayumi and Natsuki are walking in the streets while it’s snowing.

Mayumi: “Ahhh snow… it’s been awhile since I last saw snow…”

Natsuki: “Were you in the summer when you time traveled?”

Mayumi: “Yeah and it was hot and humid too…”

Natsuki laughs.

Mayumi: “Where are we going?”

Natsuki: “Let’s have a few drinks tonight, before the wedding tomorrow.”

Mayumi: “I don’t want a hangover…”

Natsuki: “Just a normal drinking session, a heart-to-heart talk before the wedding.”

Mayumi: “Okay then…”

They entered a bar, sat down at the bar table.

Mayumi: “What do you want to talk about?”

Natsuki: “Stories about your time travels…”

Mayumi then told him everything.

Natsuki: “Sounds fun…”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry that I kind of cheat on you… I thought I can never come back here ever again…”

Natsuki: “Technically you were still dating me, so that’s okay.”

Mayumi: “But I still feel kind of guilty… I saw him die…”

Natsuki then hugs her: “It’s fine… it’s all over.”

Mayumi starts to cry. Natsuki tries to console her.

Mayumi wakes up the next day.

Natsuki: “Wake up lazy bum, today is the day.”

Mayumi: “Eh? What happened last night?”

Natsuki: “You cried to sleep so I carried you back. Ok, it’s getting late, it’s time to go.”

Mayumi: “Go where?”

Natsuki: “The wedding.”

Mayumi: “Whose?”

Natsuki: “Erm… ours?”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry I’m not awake yet… I forgot…”

Natsuki laughs, and Mayumi gets out of bed to dress up.

They reached the place for their wedding and they split ways to do their make up and change clothes.

Mayumi sits down in front of the dressing table.

“Time for your big day~”

Mayumi: “That voice…” and she turns around.

Shiina: “Hello beautiful woman.”

Mayumi starts to tear up: “You are alive?!”

Shiina: “What are you saying? You want me dead?”

Mayumi: “No no no… it was…”

Shiina: “Relax, Natsuki told me everything… Thank you for saving me…”

Mayumi: “I didn’t do anything for you in the past though…”

Shiina: “You did change the past. Okay, stop crying, today is your big day…”

Mayumi wipes her tears: “Okay okay I will stop.”

Shiina: “Better don’t ruin my makeup with your tears…”

They finished changing into their wedding clothes and putting on make up. The ceremony then commences.

It was the signature lengthy wedding speech until eventually…

“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace…”

The door slams open.

“We object!”

Mayumi turns around. It’s 014 and Natsuki from high school…



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