I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 29

001 enters the chamber.

001: “007, 086 and 054 are missing.”

014 smirks.

001: “Where are they?”

014: “I don’t know… They are constantly on the run…”

001: “We found them 5 times, and they escaped 5 times…”

014: “Heh…”

001: “If you keep hiding the truth from us…”

023 walks to 001. 001 puts a knife on her throat.

001: “I can’t kill you yet, but I can end her… I give you till tomorrow, consider carefully…” and he walks away with 023.


Its been 3 months and they have been on the run. Moving apartments for 5 times. 054 and 086 joins the party. (Both are female)

086: “We are running out of places to run…”

Natsuki: “We should move overseas?”

054: “Probably the only solution left…”

007: “Making them track us on a global scale is probably better, and we can don’t need to run as often anymore.”

086 smuggled out equipment to forge documents, Natsuki is now 24 in the records and has a degree so he can find full time jobs easier.

054: “Where do you want to go?”

Mayumi: “Better to move to another continent.”

086: “Germany?”

Natsuki: “I don’t mind…”

054: “Let’s go then! I always want to visit Germany in this time… I’m sick of the future.”

They eventually bought the tickets for tomorrow.


That night, after some discussions, the agents left their apartment and Mayumi brought some beers out to the balcony.

Natsuki: “Time for bed, stop drinking, we have a long flight tomorrow.”

Mayumi: “Just a few more…”

Natsuki: “Ugh, you are drunk.”

Mayumi: “I’m just happy that we can last this long…”

Natsuki: “It’s only 3 months, not really that long.”

Mayumi: “But still…”

Natsuki: “If you are drinking, I’m drinking too.”

Mayumi: “No. You may be 24 in your ID, but you are physically still 15.”

Natsuki: “It’s fine as long as you don’t tell the authorities.” He winks and opens a can.

Mayumi: “Is this your first time drinking?”

Natsuki: “No… I already started drinking when I graduated middle school.”

Mayumi smirks.

Natsuki: “What?”

Mayumi: “You are not as innocent as I thought you are…”

Natsuki: “Of course. I was never a good boy.” and he drinks.


The next morning.

087 barges in: “GOOD MORNING~!!! TIME TO GO!!”

Mayumi: “Ugh…. Hangover…”

054: “How many cans you guys drank?”

Natsuki: “Quite a few…”

007: “We are going to miss our flight. We gotta go.”

Mayumi: “Luckily I packed the stuff before we drank.”

007 helps them carry the luggage and the couple walks out with hands at the side of their heads.


At the airport, they checked in their luggage and decided to chill at a café.

086: “Are you two going to get married?”

Mayumi shocked: “Huh?”

054: “You two look so lovey-dovey.”

Natsuki: “I’m not ready yet, and besides I’m only 15.”

086: “But we changed your age, so you two can just marry.”

Mayumi: “We only started dating for 3 months.”

054: “It felt like you two has been dating for years.”

Natsuki: “Because she’s experienced.”

054: “Oh really?”

Mayumi: “Very long story.”

086: “I wonder why 014 wants to save you…”

Mayumi: “I don’t know…”

007: “Are you two related?”

Mayumi: “He’s technically my fiancé… but another timeline.”

Natsuki: “Wait, so me and him are actually the same person?”

Mayumi: “But different timelines.”

Natsuki: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Mayumi: “I didn’t get any opportunity to tell you…”

086: “Don’t fight, we don’t know about this too!”

054: “Kind of surprised he actually cares for people too.”

Mayumi: “He’s in a mental trauma because I was gone with his timeline.”

007: “I see…”

054: “It’s time, let’s go.”


As they were about to enter the transit hall…

Natsuki: “Excited?”

Mayumi: “It’s been awhile since I last entered a plane… Of course I’m excited.”

086: “I have never took a plane from this era before…”

They passed the checkpoints without a problem.

Natsuki: “These forged documents does work wonders…”

086: “Shh, don’t say that out loud.”

Natsuki: “Oops, sorry.”

Mayumi: “Let’s go shopping for stuff before entering the plane.”

Natsuki: “What do you want?”

Mayumi: “Some cosmetics, since I ran out for like weeks…”

Natsuki: “Nah, you look great even without any cosmetics.”

Mayumi blushes.

086 coughs: “We are still single here, totally not jealous or anything…” and coughs.

Natsuki: “I’m sorry.”

007: “You guys go do your shopping then. We will meet at the gate in about an hour.”

The group agrees and they split ways.

The hour passes by quickly.

They all met at the gate and about to enter the plane… Then a sudden gunshot. Natsuki quickly hugs Mayumi. 086 got shot and fell to the ground. 054 was about to pull out her weapon but she got shot by the arm before she could pull it out. 007 pushes them aside before he got shot in the head.

001: “Finally, we got you guys this time…”

Mayumi: “How did you…”

001: “It was actually pretty easy, we just acted like it’s hard to track, to lower your guard.”

The other agents then says 007 is dead, 086 and 054 is only injured.

Mayumi: “I surrender, just cuff me.”

Natsuki: “No… I will never let you go!”

Mayumi: “It’s the end of the road, Natsuki, I’m sorry…” and she walks towards 001.

Natsuki then hold her hand: “No, I told you that I will protect you!”

Mayumi: “Face it… You can’t protect me against this… And besides, I don’t belong here…” and she yanks off her hand from his grip.

001: “Cuff her up.”

023 then appears behind him with the handcuffs.

Mayumi: “Wait… What have you done to her!?” as she notices the red light on the left eye.”

001: “Some things have to be done…”

023 silently handcuffs Mayumi.

Mayumi: “023… Don’t you remember me?”

001: “It’s useless, she’s under my control now… Bring the other 2 for “therapy” too. And also… end this timeline.”

Mayumi: “Wait, what?!”

A blackhole starts to form.

Mayumi: “What are you doing?!”

001: “This timeline knows our existence, we have to end it…”

Mayumi: “No, STOP IT!” as she is being dragged into a portal while looking Natsuki being sucked into the black hole.


Mayumi is then thrown into the same cell as 014.

001: “Have a good talk, once we rest enough, we have a questioning later…” and he slams the door.

Mayumi then rushes toward the tied up and hanging 014: “Are you okay?”

014: “I’m… fine… He doesn’t dare to kill me, if he didn’t find you…”

Mayumi: “But now he got me…”

014: “I’m prepared to die…”

Mayumi: “No… I will get you out.”

014: “It’s impossible, only he has the key…”

Mayumi: “What can we do?”

014: “We can only wait…”




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