I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 28

Mayumi: “I guess you guys are finally here…”

“My name is 001. I’m the head of the agency. Looks like 014 has protected you long enough.”

Mayumi: “Come and arrest me then.”

001: “Cuff her up.”

014: “No…” He pulls out a button in his pocket and presses it.

Mayumi disappears.

001: “What?! You smuggled that equipment? Put him into a Level 3 Lockdown cell and find the girl!”


Mayumi: “Eh? Why am I here?”


Mayumi turns around: “Natsuki?”

Natsuki: “He told me everything.”

Mayumi: “He?”

Natsuki: “Yeah, 014.”

Mayumi: “What? When?”

Natsuki: “On the day you accepted me.”

Mayumi: “Oh… What are you going to do?”

Natsuki: “I have both of our luggage, we elope.”

Mayumi: “Wait, you have my belongings?”

Natsuki: “He planned it thoroughly. He sent it to my house during our date.”

Mayumi: “Oh…”

Natsuki: “Let’s go.” He smiles and pulls her hand. Natsuki then recalls what 014 told him…


I was on my way home after being accepted by Sensei.

014: “Hey.”

I turned around: “Oh it’s you.”

014: “I guess she accepted you.”

Natsuki: “Yeah. Are you here to declare war?”

014: “No, since I’m not her fiancé.”

Natsuki: “Huh?”

014: “I’m supposed to be arresting her for coming here from the future.”

Natsuki: “Oh I see…”

014: “I guess she told you her side of the story, because you don’t look surprised.”

Natsuki: “Yeah, a few days back…”

014: “I see. Now you are not safe too, since you know the secret.”

Natsuki: “So, what’s the main point of the conversation? I know you want to tell me something.”

014: “Ah, yes. I want you to elope with Mayumi.”

Natsuki: “Huh?”

014: “I was supposed to arrest her ages ago, but I chose not to, and my superiors are coming, so I want you to elope with her.”

Natsuki: “But, I’m just a high schooler.”

014 then passes a bunch of money: “This should be able to last a week for you. Elope, once things get sketchy, start running again. You two will be constantly on the run.”

Natsuki: “Sounds fun… Running away with Sensei…”

014: “I will be passing her stuff on Saturday…”

Natsuki: “But I’m going on a date with her and also overnight…”

014: “Ah I see, ok then, I will send the stuff to your house.”

Natsuki: “Ok, sure…”


Mayumi: “Hey hey.”

Natsuki: “Ah.”

Mayumi: “Are you okay? You look distracted.”

Natsuki: “It’s nothing, just planning stuff for the next few days.”

Mayumi: “Oh… Where are we going?”

Natsuki: “I found a place at the last station…”

Mayumi: “That’s a city.”

Natsuki: “That’s the point. It’s harder for them to find us…”

Mayumi: “How long do you think we can hide?”

Natsuki: “I don’t know… but let’s keep hiding as long as possible.”

Mayumi: “Okay then…”

Natsuki smiles.


014 has his hands tied and hanging in midair.

001: “You think your plan will work? We can track her easily.”

014 in a weak voice: “You think I’m stupid? You cannot predict when someone foreign enters a timeline… So looking for her will not be easy…”

001: “Heh, I will putting all the manpower just to find her.”

014 smiles.

001: “You think your planned coup will work out?”

014’s face changes.

001: “You think I don’t know?”

014: “How…”

001: “She told me everything…”

023 walks in.

014: “She…”

023 looks up at 014, her left eye is glowing red.

014: “What have you done to her?!”

001: “Just some simple brainwashing to get her to spill the beans…”

014: “You…”

001 laughs and walks out. 023 follows.


Natsuki brings Natsuki to the place he found.

Natsuki: “It’s not as big as yours, but we will still be able to live.”

Mayumi: “It’s fine… As long as I’m with you.”

Natsuki: “I have money for about a week, so I will take the time now to find a job.”

Mayumi: “Me too… I should find a full-time job too…”

Natsuki: “Are you going to be a teacher?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, that’s the only job route I can take for now.”

Natsuki: “Okay then…”

Mayumi: “I like kids, so I should be a preschool teacher, even though the pay won’t be as great as being a high school teacher…”

Natsuki: “Maybe we should make some.”

Mayumi: “Perv… and no, you are still a minor. I don’t want to get arrested.”

Natsuki: “I’m just kidding… I should just work in a ramen bar.”

Mayumi: “Sounds like your thing.”

Natsuki: “I’m just a student, that’s probably the only job I can get…”



A week later…

Doorbell rings.

Mayumi opens the door: “Who is it?”

A guy with a familiar uniform: “Hi…”

Mayumi: “Are you from the agency?”

The guy nods.

Mayumi: “You are here to arrest me.”

Man: “No. I’m here to protect you.”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Man: “My code name is 007. There is a lot of bad things happening since you disappeared.”

Mayumi: “Come in…”

007 enters the apartment: “Surprisingly neat.”

Mayumi: “So what do you have to say?”

007: “Here’s a rundown of things. 014 is captured, but 023 managed to tell some of us about his plans.”

Mayumi: “Is he ok?”

007: “For now, yeah, he’s in a Level 3 Lockdown chamber means I cannot gain access to visit him. 001 wants to capture you before he plans to do anything to him. He nearly sent all the agents out to search for you. ”

Mayumi: “Okay…”

007: “023 is brainwashed, so he told him about 014’s plans, who she told and everything. I managed to escape before he could get me.”

Mayumi: “How did you find me here?”

007: “023 told me about this place, I think 014 told her.”

Mayumi: “I see…”

007: “The rest of the defected agents are now brainwashed, we can only rely on ourselves now…”

Mayumi: “I see.”

Natsuki enters: “I’m home…”

Mayumi: “Ah welcome back, dear~”

Natsuki: “Who is he?!” and pulls out a knife from the kitchen.

Mayumi: “It’s fine, he’s on our side.”

Natsuki puts back the knife: “What is he doing here?”

Mayumi: “Protection, the agency is under 001’s control.”

Natsuki: “I guess he’s the one in-charge.”

Mayumi: “Yeah…”

007: “I have a place to stay, it will be close by, once I sense anything off, I will be warning you guys and we will have to be on the move again. Don’t worry, it’s not easy for them to find us.”

007 then leaves the apartment.

Mayumi: “I’m worried for 023… She’s been brainwashed…”

Natsuki: “It’s okay… I will protect you, no matter what it takes…”



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