I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 27

Natsuki: “Are you serious?”

Mayumi nods and smiles: “But we have to keep it a secret.” She winks and put her finger in front of her lips.

Natsuki: “Sure… Not even Kyouya or Honoka?”

Mayumi: “Yup…”

Natsuki: “Okay then…”

Mayumi: “We will go on dates only on weekends, and we have to go to the next town to avoid people.

Natsuki: “You are right.”

Mayumi: “Okay, you are dismissed, I need to head back home.” and she walks away.


Mayumi reaches home.

023: “Ahhh thank god you are done before he gets back…”

Mayumi: “Relax… I told you I will be done quick. Did you buy groceries?”

023: “Yeah, it’s all in the fridge.”

Mayumi: “Do you know how to cook?”

023: “Not really…”

Mayumi: “I will then teach you, before you go back once your break is done…”

023: “Really? Thanks…”

And two of them started cooking.


014: “I’m back.”

023: “Welcome back~ What took you so long?”

014: “Had to do overtime…”

023: “I prepared dinner.”

014: “You??? I thought you can’t cook.”

023: “Mayumi taught me.”

Mayumi: “I gave her a 7/10. It’s not bad for her first try.”

014: “Really? I must try then.” He sits down and eat.

023: “How is it?”

014: “Not bad already, even though Mayumi is definitely still better.

023: “I will definitely try and improve.”

014: “Just don’t burn down the whole kitchen, like the last time.”

Mayumi: “What happened last time?”

014: “We have to close the cafeteria of the agency for a week because she messed up the kitchen badly.”

Mayumi laughs.

023: “Shush, why did you tell her?”

014: “She has to know the truth.”


Dinner ends. Mayumi washes the dishes.

014: “You are going back tomorrow right?”

023: “Yeah, why?”

014 then passes a list: “I want you to tell the people in the list about the truth about the agency.”

023: “But I don’t know about the truth.”

014: “I’m going to tell you now.”

023: “Are you going to plan a coup?”

014: “When the time comes, yes.”

023: “Ok…”

And 014 told her everything.

023: “Wait, are you serious?”

014: “Yeah.”

023: “I will tell them immediately after I return…”

014: “Be careful…”

023: “Oh you are worried?”

014: “Of course, I’m worried you will mess it up.”

023: “How do you think I have survived in the agency for so long?”

014: “Yeah yeah, don’t get cocky now.”

023 grins.

014: “And also… I accept your confession.”

023: “Eh?”

014: “I accept you as my future housewife.”

023: “Now you are progressing a little too fast.”

014: “This is a do-or-die relationship. If we break up, I will never enter another relationship ever again.”

023: “Wow, so depressing.”

014: “I did tell you, I’m not meant for relationships.”

023: “But it doesn’t have to be this depressing.”

014: “I am a depressed individual.”

023: “Then it’s my job to heal you. To be honest, if you proposed now, I would have said yes…”

014: “Oh really?”

023: “Because I’m sure you are the only one for me.” and she kisses 014.

014: “Ok, don’t get too intimate now, Mayumi might be looking.”

023: “Why are you embarrassed about it? She will be happy for us.” and kisses him again.

014 blushes.


The next day…

Mayumi: “Do you really have to go?”

023: “Yeah, break’s over, probably have another mission waiting for me… Take care of this kid for me…”

Mayumi: “Don’t worry.”

014: “Shut up and leave already.”

023: “Bye, love you.” She kisses 014’s lips and disappears. 014 blushes.

Mayumi: “Are you two official?”

014: “Kind of.”

Mayumi: “What do you mean kind of? It’s a yes or no question.”

014: “Yes we are official.”

Mayumi: “Awww, so sweet. So proud of you, you got over it. I told you she won’t hold it against you, since the situation is uncontrollable.”

014: “Yeah, you are right… I was thinking about it for days…”

Mayumi: “At least I’m glad that you got over the trauma.”

014: “Yeah, I have to thank you I guess.”

Mayumi: “Okay, I need to go somewhere today, can you look after the apartment for me?”

014: “Ok then sure.”

Mayumi: “I might not be coming back tonight. So you have to settle your own dinner.”

014: “Why?”

Mayumi: “My colleague is going to have a sleepover.”

014: “Okay then. Looks like I’m alone tonight.”

Mayumi: “Sorry and don’t worry, I stocked the fridge for you already. I gotta go now, bye!” She waves and rushes off, 014 waves back.


Natsuki is already waiting outside the train station, Mayumi runs towards him.

Mayumi panting: “I’m sorry for being late… I overslept.”

Natsuki: “It’s fine, I just reached here anyway.”

Mayumi: “Let’s go then!” and she grabs his hand.

They took the train to the next town.

Natsuki: “Want to drop the bags in the hotel first?”

Mayumi: “Sure…”

They checked in to their hotel separately. Mayumi gets the hotel room card and Natsuki goes to the room a few minutes later. They placed their bags and went on to eat lunch. Busy taking selfies and food pictures.

After lunch, they go around shopping for souvenirs and other stuff. People around them are constantly staring at them, due to their obvious age difference.

They then ate dinner and finally going back to the hotel.

Natsuki: “You having fun time?”

Mayumi: “As long as you are having fun, I’m having fun.”

Natsuki: “You sure are easy to satisfy.”

Mayumi: “Of course, I’m just a simple woman.”

Natsuki laughs.

Mayumi: “People keeps staring at us today…”

Natsuki: “Don’t mind them…”

Mayumi: “It can get rather uncomfortable sometimes…”

Natsuki: “We have to deal with it, you accepted the relationship, remember?”

Mayumi nods.

They then entered their hotel room separately again and goes to sleep.

The next day, they ate breakfast at the hotel and ride the train back home. They walked to Mayumi’s apartment.

Natsuki: “It sucks when we can only date during weekends…”

Mayumi: “I know it’s hard, but we have to bear with it. We already had a lot of stares yesterday…”

Natsuki: “Yeah…”

Mayumi: “Go home now.”

Natsuki: “See you in school…”

Mayumi nods and she enters her apartment, Natsuki walks away.

“Oh, are you Mayumi?”

Mayumi looks up: “Who are you?” She sees a group of men with 014 on the floor, beaten up pretty badly. She ran towards 014.

Mayumi: “What have you done to him?!”

“We are here… to bring you back…”







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