I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 26

014: “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to get you to start arresting.”

014: “I will do it sooner or later… You go back first, 008”

008: “They will be coming soon… Mark my words, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” and he disappears.

023: “You don’t trust him?”

014: “I have never trusted anyone.”

023: “Even me?”

014: “Sometimes.”

023 sighs.


Mayumi reached home, drops her bags and pounces on her bed, burying her head in the pillow.

023 and 014 also reaches home…

023: “Ah, she’s back… but asleep, in her working clothes…”

014: “She’s probably tired from work. Let her be. Go shower and go to bed… I’m tired too…”

023: “Okay…”


The next morning…

014 wakes up.

Mayumi: “Good morning~” and she serves breakfast on the table.

014: “Where’s your breakfast?”

Mayumi: “I ate already, I need to go for school slightly earlier today.”

014: “Oh ok… Have a good day then.” and Mayumi hurriedly left…


Mayumi has been avoiding Natsuki at school the whole day. Kyouya and Honoka approached Natsuki and they reconciled. Natsuki also congratulated them.

Honoka: “Sensei has been avoiding you didn’t you?”

Natsuki: “Yeah…”

Kyouya: “There is a generation gap between you two… It’s impossible for you two to get together.”

Natsuki: “But I’m willing to try.”

Kyouya: “Up to you then.”


The day is finally over.


Kyouya: “Hey, wanna join us for dinner?”

Natsuki: “It’s fine… You two have fun, I’m just going to be a third wheel.” and he leaves.

Honoka: “He looks like he is in agony…”

Kyouya: “Yeah… his kiss from last night was pretty passionate… He’s serious about it. Never mind him, let’s go eat. What do you want to eat?”

Honoka: “Fast food?”

Kyouya: “Sure.”

And they leave school.


014: “Mayumi said she’s not coming back for dinner again.”

023: “Hmm, I wonder what she is up to this time…”

014: “So what now?”

023: “Let’s go out and eat again!”

014: “Sigh…”

023: “I’m paying this time, don’t worry.”

014: “Not that, but I’m just lazy…”

023: “Let’s go already… I’m hungry…”

014: “Fine…” and they leave for dinner.


Honoka: “It’s been awhile since I ate fast food…”

Kyouya: “Oh really? Scared that you will gain weight?”

Honoka: “Shhh…”

Kyouya snickers.

Honoka: “What do you think about Natsuki and Sensei…”

Kyouya: “I don’t know… The generation gap is there, people will judge…”

Honoka: “Do you approve of the relationship?”

Kyouya: “I’m neutral, if they do date, I wish them the best… What about you?”

Honoka: “I’m fine about it. They do look kind of sweet.”

Honoka: “Want to hit up the arcade later? I saw a plushie that I want to get…”

Kyouya: “Oh? Sure.”

Honoka: “Yay~”


014 brought 023 to a random ramen bar.

023: “I can afford something better than this, you know…”

014: “Don’t judge the quality of the food here with its price…”

023: “Okay then…”

023 tries the ramen.

014: “How is it?”

023: “Oh my god, it’s actually great…”

014: “Told you.”

023: “Wow, didn’t know you know such great food.”

014: “I didn’t stay here for so long for nothing, you know.”

023: “I want to get a plushie here before I get back…”

014: “Let’s hit the arcade later then.”

023: “Ahhh, I wonder what type of plushies they have…”

014: “A huge variety…”

023: “Oooo.”

014: “Just shut up and finish your food.”

023: “All right, all right…”


Honoka and Kyouya arrived at the arcade first.

Honoka: “I think I changed my mind, I want that one now…”

Kyouya: “You sure at indecisive…”

Honoka: “It doesn’t matter, we haven’t started playing it yet…”

Kyouya sigh…

The other couple then arrived at the same arcade.

023: “Wow, I’m spoiled for choice…”

014: “Oh great, you can’t decide, how long is this going to be…”

Honoka finally decided on what she wanted and Kyouya got the plushie on his first try.

Honoka: “Wow, that was easy.”

Kyouya: “I do hit up the arcade often.”

Honoka: “Ooo, I see.”

Meanwhile, on the other couple’s side, things look rather grim.

023: “It’s your 15th try already!”

014: “It’s been awhile since I last played this…”

023: “You are wasting money!”

014: “Shush, I got this…”

Honoka: “Look at that couple… They look like they are having difficulties…”

Kyouya: “Yeah…” as he looks at 014 missing another plushie.

Honoka: “You want to go help them?”

Kyouya: “Sure.” and he walks over towards them. Honoka didn’t notice that the guy is 014.

Kyouya: “You guys need some help with that?”

023: “Yes please, this guy here is completely useless with the joystick.”

Kyouya gave a small “pfft.”

014: “Oh shut up, you can’t even hold it at all.”

Kyouya: “Which one do you want?” and 023 points at it.

Kyouya then did his trick and he got the plushie on the first try.

023: “Wow, thank you so much!”

014: “Thank you.”

Kyouya: “Don’t mention it…” and walks towards Honoka.

014: “Eh?”

023: “Huh? What’s wrong?”

014: “That girl… was supposed to be dating Natsuki… Did she jump ships? Or is she cheating on Natsuki?”

023: “Ask Mayumi later, she might know.”

014: “Let’s go back… It’s getting late.”


Mayumi walks out of a bar, drunk. Swaying left to right while walking. Natsuki who was on his grocery shopping trip and was about to go home, saw her.

Natsuki: “Sensei? Are you okay? Wow, the reek of alcohol…”

Mayumi: “Ah? Hehehe, it’s a young looking Natsuki… What are you doing here?”

Natsuki: “She must be thinking that she’s in her timeline… Let’s get you home…” and he piggybacks her.


Honoka: “Tonight was fun.”

Kyouya: “It sure is…”

Honoka: “Were they fighting when you approached them?”

Kyouya: “Yeah, they were bickering.”

Honoka giggles.

Kyouya: “Wait, is that… Natsuki and Sensei?”

Honoka looks: “Yeah it is them, I think Sensei is drunk…”

Kyouya: “This relationship journey is going to be a long and challenging one…”

Honoka: “I kind of do hope they get together…”


Natsuki eventually reached her apartment, he presses the doorbell. 014 opens the door.

014: “It’s you again.”

Natsuki: “She’s drunk, take care of her.”

014: “Thank you for carrying her back… Should be heavy since you have grocery bags…” and he carries Mayumi.

Natsuki: “It’s nothing…” and he walks away.

014 lays Mayumi in bed and tucks her in.

023: “Is she always like this when she drinks?”

014: “Nah, she has great alcohol tolerance, if she drinks till she drops, means she’s hiding something from us…”

023: “What is she hiding?”

014: “God knows, she has a lot of secrets she haven’t told me, you know…”

023: “She is a pretty mysterious person, isn’t she?”

014: “She’s smart about that.”


Mayumi woke up late the next morning.

Mayumi: “Ah… headache.”

023: “You are finally awake.”

Mayumi: “Oh no, I’m way too late to go to school…”

023: “Don’t worry, I already called your school about it. I told them I’m your little sister.”

Mayumi: “Thanks… But I need to go somewhere.”

023: “Just rest up already.”

Mayumi: “Just a quick trip, I will be back.”

023: “Ok then, please don’t screw up or 014 will kill me… He ordered me to take care of you before he left for work…”

Mayumi: “Don’t worry, I’m a grown woman.” and she rushes off.

Mayumi then texted Natsuki to meet her after school.


Natsuki walks to the back of the school, with Mayumi waiting for him already.

Natsuki: “Why did you call me back here?”

Mayumi: “After your confession, I was thinking about it the whole time. I love this place, because it reminds me of my schooling days, I don’t think I want to go back to the future anymore, since there is nothing left for me there anyways. And also thank you for carrying me back home last night. I must have looked rather disgraceful…”

Natsuki: “It’s okay…”

Mayumi: “I want to respond to your confession.”

Natsuki: “Eh?”

Mayumi: “Let’s date.”

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