I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 25

Natsuki: “Me???”

Mayumi: “Yeah, but way older, of course.”

Natsuki: “So you are telling me that I will commit suicide?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, but that’s the Natsuki I know in my timeline though, I’m not so sure about you.”

Natsuki: “I don’t know what… to say…”

Mayumi: “So I’m here to prevent that from happening.”

Natsuki: “Why did I commit suicide?”

Mayumi: “It’s a long story… Let’s talk it over during dinner.”

Natsuki: “Ok…”

Mayumi texts 023: “I’m busy tonight, so its probably your best chance to bring him out on a date.”


023 receives the message.

023: “Oi, Natsuki.”

014: “Don’t call me by my real name…”

023: “Let’s go eat dinner together!”

014: “What about Mayumi?”

023: “She texted me saying she’s busy later.”

014: “Oh really…”

023: “Bring me to nice places to eat, since you stayed here for years.”

014: “Sure…”

023: “It’s a date then!” and she hooks her arm onto 014’s.

014: “Sigh…”

023: “Hehehe…”

And they left the apartment.


Mayumi told Natsuki about her past and the truth about 014 at the restaurant…

Natsuki: “I didn’t know you went through so much hell… I’m so sorry…”

Mayumi: “It’s fine… I’m over it anyway.”

Natsuki: “So what are your plans now? Since that guy told you everything.”

Mayumi: “Probably stuck here for the rest of my life, there is no point going back since he’s not there anymore.”

Natsuki: “Don’t you find it weird?”

Mayumi: “Hmm?”

Natsuki: “You are here to fill in the void since the Mayumi in this timeline is dead…”

Mayumi: “It never cross my mind.”

Natsuki: “Maybe I’m right.”

Mayumi: “I don’t know… but I will get arrested sooner or later.”

Natsuki: “I see…”

Mayumi: “I will not evade arrest when it comes. I don’t belong here anyway.”

Natsuki: “Ok…”

They then finished dinner.

Mayumi: “I will walk you back home, it’s getting late.”

Natsuki: “Ok…”


014 brought 023 to a fancy restaurant…

023: “Oooo I didn’t know such a place exists in this town…”

014: “I was surprised too when I found the place.”

023: “Oh you found it?”

014: “Yeah, I didn’t even bring Mayumi here because it’s pricey.”

023: “Oh really? You did this for me?”

014: “Because it’s probably once-in-a-lifetime you will be here so might as well go all-out.”

023: “Even though, its not for love, but I still thank you.”

They continued eating…


Mayumi: “And we are here…”

Natsuki: “Thank you…”

Mayumi: “Have a good night, don’t think too much, I don’t think the events that happened in my timeline will happen to you.”

Natsuki: “Ok…”

Mayumi starts walking away. Natsuki was about to walk in, but he turned, ran towards Mayumi. He grabs her hand to turn her around and kisses her.


014:  “Did you enjoy dinner?”

023: “Of course, it’s so expensive when I saw the bill, I feel kind of bad for making you pay that amount…”

014: “It’s fine, it’s a one-time thing anyway.”

023 smiles: “Let’s grab a drink at the store and drink outside for a bit, I don’t want to go back yet.”

014: “Sure…”

They went to the store, grab a couple of beers and sat outside the store.

023: “So, what are your plans now?”

014: “If they agree to my proposal, then we will just arrest Mayumi and then send her back.”

023: “Ok then… But what if they refuse?”

014: “I will reveal the masterplan behind the agency, all of the time traveling, all the timeline hunting…”

023: “You still haven’t tell me what is all of this conspiracy?”

014: “Not yet, sooner or later you will find out.”

023: “Ok then…”

014 takes a sip.

023: “Actually… I don’t care how many times you reject me, I will not give up on you.”

014: “Hmm?”

023: “I still love you. My heart will never waver or change.”

014: “I told you… I can’t accept you. You are way out of my league.”

023: “No, YOU are out of my league, but I’m willing to be a better person and pursue you.”

014: “How am I out of your league?”

023: “Your constant compose nature, your ice-cold barrier that I can almost never break through, your experience in the field…”

014: “That’s nothing much.”

023: “I can sense you have a sense of romanticism in you, but you are unwilling to let it out because you couldn’t save Mayumi back then. You have to let it go, you were a kid back then, there is nothing you could have done…”

014: “I…”

023: “Stop talking, and just… accept me.” and kissed Natsuki’s cheek.

“You two sure have time for romance when doom is coming…”

014: “You… Why are you here…?”


Mayumi pushes Natsuki away.

Mayumi: “No, stop… There are many reasons why this will never work… Our age gap is too wide. I am a teacher, you are a student in my class. And the one I love will always be the Natsuki back in my time…”

Natsuki: “I can replace him! I am him!”

Mayumi: “No you are not…”

Natsuki: “I will work hard, I will graduate from university, I will marry you and spent the rest of my life with you.”

Mayumi: “Don’t waste your youth on me…”

Natsuki: “It’s not a waste! You are just someone I’m fighting for!”

Mayumi: “I’m not worth it… I’m a criminal.”

Natsuki: “I don’t care!”

Mayumi: “What do you think your parents will think? Dating and marrying someone 20 years older…

Natsuki: “Then we elope, if they dare to disapprove.”

Mayumi: “No, that’s too extreme…”

Natsuki: “That’s how dedicated I am for you.”

Mayumi: “No, I can’t… I’m sorry…” and she runs away. Natsuki looks down and walks into the house.


Kyouya: “Did you enjoy today?”

Honoka smiles back: “Of course!”

Kyouya: “I’m glad…”

Honoka: “Sometimes I wish today can last forever…”

Kyouya: “Why? Then you want to skip school again tomorrow?”

Honoka: “No, today is enough, I still want to go to university…”

Kyouya: “Haha…”

Honoka: “Ah… It’s the path of Natsuki’s place…”

Kyouya: “Want to detour?”

Honoka: “It’s fine. Let’s just go.”

Kyouya: “Ok then.”

They eventually walked to Natsuki’s place.

Kyouya: “Wait… is that Natsuki?”

Honoka: “Yeah… who is in front of him?”

Kyouya: “It’s… Sensei…”

Honoka: “So Natsuki do love her after all…”

Kyouya: “She ran away…”

Honoka: “She probably knows why she can’t accept him…”



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