I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 24

Natsuki: “Why?”

Honoka: “I feel like… you don’t truly love me. Ever since you came back from the amusement park, I felt like… you don’t actually dating me for me…”

Natsuki: “I… I do love you…”

Honoka: “Stop lying… You don’t even know yourself anymore.”

Natsuki: “I…”

Honoka: “You like Sensei.”

Natsuki: “Huh, I don’t.”

Honoka: “If you don’t like her, you wouldn’t even be so concerned about her and her fiancé.”

Natsuki: “I’m just being me…”

Honoka: “I saw your face turned bitter when you heard that he is Sensei’s fiancé. It was obvious…”

Natsuki: “Please, give me a chance. I will prove it to you, I really do love you.”

Honoka: “Just… stop… It hurts every time I see you talk about Sensei…” and she runs away.

Natsuki didn’t give chase.


Honoka went to a corner of a street and sits down. Kyouya with a bunch of grocery bags somehow approaches.

Kyouya: “Honoka… is that you?”

Honoka raises her head and rubbing her face: “Ah Kyouya-kun…”

Kyouya: “Are you crying? What happened?”

Honoka: “Nothing…” and she stands up, attempting to run away.

Kyouya drops his bags and held her hand: “Don’t go, tell me what happened…”

Honoka: “I… broke up with Natsuki…”

Kyouya: “Why? What happened?”

Honoka: “I… don’t want to say.”

Kyouya: “Come to my apartment, we can talk there in private.” and he picks up his grocery bags.

Honoka then helps out with one of the bags.

Kyouya: “Thank you.” Honoka smiled.


Natsuki arrived home, immediately goes to his room. He texts Mayumi.

“May I meet up with you?”

She replied: “Sure, after school tomorrow…” and Natsuki goes to bed…


Kyouya then brought Honoka back to his apartment.

Kyouya: “Sorry if it’s a bit messy…”

Honoka: “It’s fine.”

Kyouya: “Are you hungry?”

Honoka: “I just ate… but I am craving for supper…”

Kyouya: “Does fried rice sound good?”

Honoka: “Yeah, I don’t mind.”

Kyouya then gives Honoka a cup of tea: “Here you go, make yourself at home.”

Honoka: “Thank you…” and Kyouya goes to the kitchen to cook.


014: “Who texted you?”

Mayumi: “Nah, just a colleague at school.”

014: “Ok…”

Mayumi: “I’m going to bed early, I have work tomorrow…”

023: “Where do I sleep?”

Mayumi: “We can share my bed, it’s big enough for the two of us.”

023: “Ok sure… I will join you in bed.” and she enters the bed.

Mayumi: “Let’s cuddle… I can finally hug someone.” and immediately hugs 023 like a body pillow.

023: “No don’t touch me! Only he can hug me!” and starts to struggle

Mayumi whispers: “Just let me hug… I have never hugged anyone in bed for over 10 years…” then 023 stops struggling.

014: “Good night.” and he walks to the balcony.



Kyouya serves the food.

Honoka: “Thank you…”

Kyouya: “Are you okay now? Want to talk about it? You will probably feel better about it…”

Honoka: “Natsuki… don’t love me.”

Kyouya: “What do you mean?”

Honoka: “He likes Sensei…”

Kyouya: “Mayumi-sensei?”

Honoka: “Yes… Ever since we bump into her and her fiancé at the amusement park, he sort of changed…”

Kyouya: “Changed?”

Honoka: “He became overly worried about Sensei and her fiancé, he said that they looked like they are acting as a couple.”

Kyouya: “So you suspect that he likes Sensei more than you?”

Honoka: “Yeah…”

Kyouya: “I see…”

Honoka: “So I decided to break up with him…”

Kyouya: “Are you going to be friends with him?”

Honoka: “If he wants to, sure.”

Kyouya: “Are you going to date anyone again?”

Honoka: “I don’t really know…”

Kyouya: “Are you willing to give me a chance to heal you?”

Honoka: “What do you mean?”

Kyouya: “I like you.”

Honoka: “What?”

Kyouya: “I liked you since we met.”

Honoka: “But…”

Kyouya: “I regretted heavily for not making my move first, but since I have the chance now, I will take it.”

Honoka: “I’m… not good.”

Kyouya: “I will heal you. I will be 10x better than Natsuki. It will be easy since he doesn’t even love you.”

Honoka: “I don’t… know…”

Kyouya then moves towards her, hand below her chin and kisses her.


The next morning…

Mayumi: “I’m leaving for work…”

014: “Let me join you, I’m leaving for work too. 023 stay home and clean up.”

Mayumi: “I will be back and we can buy groceries later together.”

023: “Okay~”

And the both of them leaves the apartment. Meanwhile Natsuki left his home for school, he didn’t sleep at night.


Kyouya wakes up, turns around, Honoka is in bed with him.

Honoka smiles: “Good morning…”

Kyouya: “Hey…”

Honoka: “I don’t feel like going to school today…”

Kyouya: “Yeah me too… Let’s skip school then.”

Honoka: “Yay…”

Kyouya: “What do you want for breakfast…”

Honoka: “I don’t mind anything.”

Kyouya: “Let’s go out then.”

Honoka: “Sure… But let me go back and change my clothes…”

Kyouya: “I will see you at your doorstep then.”

Honoka smiles as she closes the door.


Natsuki sits in class… with empty seats behind and in front of him.

Mayumi: “Ah, Honoka and Kyouya are not in class today? I wonder what happened…”

The day passed by so slowly but eventually, its time for them to meet.

Mayumi: “Why do you want to meet me for?”

Natsuki: “I want to tell you something.”

Mayumi: “What?”

Natsuki: “I like you, Mayumi.”

Mayumi: “Huh? Wait, what.”

Natsuki: “I like you. I don’t care if you have a fiancé or not, I like you.”

Mayumi: “But what about Honoka?”

Natsuki: “She broken up with me. She woke me up, she told me that I like you. I spent the whole night trying to figure out, and I thought it through…”

Mayumi: “I have a confession to make… He’s actually not my fiancé… He’s just an excuse so that I can reject Takeo-sensei. I do have a fiancé, but he’s not in here, because I don’t belong here. I’m from the future, but a different timeline.”

Natsuki: “What?”

Mayumi: “My fiancé commit suicide, I came to the past, hoping to find an answer why and prevent it from happening. But something happened during the time traveling that I got transported into a different timeline.”

Natsuki: “So… you are telling me… the night I saw you, that light was you?”

Mayumi: “Yes.”

Natsuki: “The Mayumi who died… that is you, from the future but a different timeline.”

Mayumi: “Yes…”

Natsuki: “Who exactly is your fiancé then?”

Mayumi: “You.”


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