I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 23

023: “What? What do you mean?”

014: “I can’t tell you yet. This is a mess I definitely don’t want you to be involved in.”

023: “Oh c’mon…”

014: “All I need you to do is to be obedient for the week and go back pretending nothing happened.”

023: “Are you going to stage a coup?”

014: “No… Not really.”
Mayumi didn’t go to school the next day.

014: “You stay home and rest. Me and 023 will buy groceries.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”

014 and 023 left. Mayumi started to clean the house despite orders to rest. After a few hours of cleaning…

Mayumi: “They are taking their time…”

The doorbell rang.

Mayumi: “He didn’t bring his keys?” and she walks towards the door, opens it.

“Hi, Sensei.”

Mayumi: “Natsuki? What are you doing here?”

Natsuki: “I’m here to visit you, you didn’t came to class.”

Mayumi: “How did you get my address?”

Natsuki: “I asked another teacher for it. You don’t mind if I come in?”

Mayumi: “Yeah sure, come on in.”

Natsuki enters. Mayumi is relieved that she cleaned the room in advance.

Natsuki: “Your room looks clean, that’s rather unexpected.”

Mayumi: “I’m a responsible adult, ok? Do you want any drinks?”

Natsuki: “Just a glass of water will do.”

Mayumi gets a glass of water and serves it to Natsuki.

Natsuki: “Actually I’m here to tell you something.”

Mayumi: “Hmm?”

Natsuki: “I think Takuya doesn’t love you.”

Mayumi: “Ah… Honoka told me before.”

Natsuki: “She did?”

Mayumi: “She was worried, but I told her, it’s just his personality.”

Natsuki: “Oh really? But I don’t think so. You two just don’t click.”

Mayumi: “What do you mean?”

Natsuki: “You two don’t have the chemistry.”

Mayumi: “We have been dating for years, I know what kind of person he is…”

Natsuki: “I think you are lying.”

Mayumi: “Huh? How did you even come to such a conclusion?”

Natsuki: “I don’t know… I just have this gut feeling…”

And the door opens.

023: “We should get some ice cream too…”

014: “This is heavy enough.”

Mayumi: “Ah Takuya-kun, you are back.”

023: “Takuya-kun?”

014: “Shush.”

Natsuki: “Oh, now that Takuya is back, I should leave…”

014: “No, stay for lunch.”

Natsuki: “Ok then… And she is…?”

014: “She’s my little sister, Harumi.”

023: “My name is Harumi, pleased to meet you.”

Mayumi thought to herself: “Great acting skills…”

014 started cooking with 023 in the kitchen.

Natsuki: “I will question him later.”

Mayumi: “No, don’t.”

Lunch is served.

014: “Let’s eat.”

Silence across the table…

Natsuki: “Takuya, do you actually love Mayumi-sensei?”

014: “Huh? What kind of question is that? I do.”

Natsuki: “Are you sure?”

014: “Why are you asking me this question?”

Natsuki: “I don’t want to see Sensei suffer because of you.”

014: “I won’t let her suffer, don’t worry… You should care about your girlfriend more.”

Natsuki: “I got that covered already.”

014: “You sure about that? You are oddly being over concerned about my fiancée…”

Natsuki: “She’s my teacher, I care about her.”

014: “Maybe a little too much? You even came to her doorstep.”

Mayumi: “Ok, stop quarreling and eat in peace.”

And then another moment of silence… After lunch, Natsuki left the apartment.

014: “I think he likes you.”

Mayumi: “Huh, me???”

023: “It’s kind of obvious at this point… And also, what is with this engaged plot?! I don’t approve this! He’s mine!”

014: “It’s a long story.”

Mayumi: “I told everyone in school I had a fiancé, so… I have to find someone to be one…”

023: “Hmph… I still don’t approve.”

014: “It’s because we bumped into him when we were at an amusement park, so she had to pull that off to prevent rumors. I find it okay…”

023: “What a coincidence.”

014: “It’s the truth though.”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry, I will return him to you when the time comes…”

014: “Hey, I’m not an object.”


Natsuki was about to reach home, then he received a text message.

“Meet me at my house, let’s go out on a date.”

Natsuki then turns around and starts walking towards Honoka’s house.

Honoka is already waiting outside his house.

Natsuki: “Did you wait long?”

Honoka: “Not really… Do you have any plans on the date?”

Natsuki: “Hmm, a movie then maybe some shopping and finally dinner.”

Honoka: “Sounds great… What movie should we watch?”

Natsuki: “A horror one. Never watched a horror movie with you before.”

Honoka: “Oh no…”

Natsuki snickers.


After the movie, Honoka’s legs got jelly again.

Honoka: “I’m sorry for the constant screaming and hugging.”

Natsuki: “It’s ok, I’m used to it. Now walk carefully…”

Honoka: “I feel too shaky to do shopping…”

Natsuki: “Want me to piggy back you?”

Honoka: “But… I’m kind of heavy…”

Natsuki: “I carried you from a roller coaster before. You are not that heavy…” and he squats down.

Honoka blushes and hug him from behind.

Natsuki: “Ready?” and Honoka blushes and nods.

Natsuki stands up: “See? You are light. Let’s go, which shop do you want to go first?” and Honoka pointed towards an accessory shop.


Time flies and its dinner time, they went to a family restaurant to eat.

Honoka: “Are you tired from piggybacking me all day? You are sweating…” and she starts wiping Natsuki’s sweat with her handkerchief.

Natsuki: “I’m fine. I did say you are light, so no worries…”

Honoka: “I’m so embarrassed because you piggyback me at the cashier, and all the way to our seats…

Natsuki: “It’s part of my duty.”

They ordered their food and started eating.

Natsuki: “Are you ok? You look distracted…”

Honoka: “I’m fine. Just thinking about something.”

Natsuki: “Okay… I’m not going to question it then.”


They finished dinner and it’s time to go home.

Honoka: “Can we go to the park first? I need to talk to you.”

Natsuki: “Ok then.”

Natsuki follows Honoka and eventually, they reached the park.

Honoka looks at the moon: “The moon is so bright and round tonight…”

Natsuki: “Yeah… What do you want to talk about?”

Honoka: “Ahhh…”

and she turns around.

“I want to break up with you.”

Natsuki eyes widen: “What?”

Honoka smiles and repeats herself: “I







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