I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 22

014: “To warn me about what?”

023: “We know what you are doing. They are going to take action too.”

014: “I’m ready for it.”

023: “You are willing to risk your life for a girl like her? Just because she looks like your childhood sweetheart?”

014: “Yeah.”

Mayumi: “Wait, risking your life? I thought only jail time?”

023: “He will be expelled, live in a timeline he doesn’t know anyone or he will be sentenced to death.”

Mayumi: “What?”

023: “We don’t have “a jail.”, only suspension of duties for some minor faults.”

Mayumi: “You have to arrest me now.”

014: “I will not do it.”

Mayumi: “You need to wake up, your life is at stake here!”

014: “I’m mentally prepared for it, that’s why I volunteered.

023: “Sigh…”

014: “Why are you here even? I thought you had missions.”

023: “Finished earlier than expected. Now I have a week of break, so I decided to come here.”

014: “I see.”

023: “Where are you staying?”

014: “Her apartment”

023: “WHAT?!”

014: “Relax we only shared the room, we didn’t share the bed.”

023: “I still don’t approve of this. You are mine!”

014: “Stop.”

Mayumi: “So she’s the one, eh?”

014: “Yeah.”

023: “May I stay in your apartment for a week? So I can save money on hotel. I will pay for the food for the week.”

Mayumi: “It’s going to be crammed if you don’t mind.”

023: “I don’t mind.”

Mayumi: “Ok then… I have a lot of things to talk to you about…”

023: “Hmm?”

Mayumi: “Natsuki, can you walk in front? I want to talk to her in private.”

023: “You know his real name already?! We are not supposed to reveal our real names, especially to criminals!”

014: “I revealed it just because I technically know her.”

Mayumi: “Oops.”

014 then walks away first. Mayumi talks to 023 behind him.

023: “So what do you want to talk about?”

Mayumi: “Tell me more about yourself, how you join the agency and your past.”

023: “Why?”

Mayumi: “Do you want his heart or not?”

023: “Oh ok then… I’m from the future, like very far in the future. You most probably will never see me even if you didn’t time travel…”


My life is perfect, I had everything I wanted, but only a guy to love. I kept rejecting guys over and over, because I don’t think I can click with them.

I had dreamt about joining the agency all of my life, as a child. I even left my parents for the sake of fulfilling the dream of being an agent. I have never seen them for over 10 years.

I went through the intensive training for 5 years, and finally passed the hell test. I joined the agency when I was 17, finally became an agent when I’m 22. There were rumors since I joined, that a kid managed to be an agent at an age of 14, when I finally graduated, and joined the team, he was the one.

When I walked past him for the first time, he gives off a cold aura, a guy who has no emotions. It took me ages to approach him, and I’m glad that I did.

After having conversations with him, I knew more about him, and after 2 years of interacting with him, I get to see his smile.

Immediately after he smiled, I confessed to him. But his answer was…

“I cannot date you. I don’t have the ability to protect anyone. You will find someone better than me.”

And then he moved on for his mission. I thought of him everyday, and finally after so long, I have my break… and here we are.


Mayumi: “I see… You probably will be the cure…”

023: “Cure?”

Mayumi: “For his psychological trauma.”

023: “Really?!”

Mayumi: “Don’t be impatient. Advance slowly, and grab his heart bit by bit.”

023: “Ahhh, can you be my mentor?!”

Mayumi: “Huh, me???”

023: “Since you know how to deal with him, you have a similar fiancé like him right?”

Mayumi: “You are right… but he has slightly different preferences in some things… and besides, he’s not my type of guy, so I didn’t really figure out his likes and dislikes. You have to do it on your own. But I’m willing to guide you though.”

023: “Thank you… As a form of gratitude, I will tell you my real name! My name is Shiina!”

Mayumi: “Sh… Shiina…” and she goes down on her knees.

014 turned his head: “Mayumi! What’s wrong?” and he runs towards her.

Mayumi covered her ears and keeps trembling: “Shiina… Shiina…”

023: “What’s wrong with her?”

014: “She has a friend called Shiina, died because of her. Probably triggered her PTSD.”

023: “Will she be okay?”

014: “She’s going to be fine. Let me carry her back home.”

014 carries Mayumi up.


Mayumi then regained consciousness.

023: “Are you okay?”

Mayumi: “Wh… what happened?”

023: “You nearly went berserk after I told you my real name…”

Mayumi: “Oh…”

023: “I’m sorry… if I knew that you had such a horrible experience, I would have kept a secret…”

Mayumi: “It’s okay…”

014: “Did you have past attacks before?”

Mayumi: “Yeah a couple of times… Whenever people mentions her name…”

014: “Don’t worry, she is a different Shiina…”

Mayumi: “Oh I see…”

023: “He told me all about your past and everything… You are such a dedicated person…”

Mayumi: “It’s nothing…”

014: “Have some water.” and he passes a glass of water.

Mayumi: “Thanks…” and sips.

014: “Do you need a break tomorrow?”

Mayumi: “I will see how it goes tomorrow morning…”

014: “Go rest up, I need to talk to 023 about something.”

Mayumi then goes to bed and 023 tucks her in.

014 walks out to the balcony, 023 follows and closes the door.

023: “Why didn’t you tell her? I am THAT Shiina… but in a totally different timeline…”

014: “You saw how she reacted to your real name, do you want her to end up in hospital?”

023: “You are right…”

014: “Luckily your personality is totally different, otherwise she wouldn’t believe the lie.”

023: “What else you want to talk about?”

014: “I want you to go back.”

023: “What? Why?”

014: “They can track you, you do know that. I don’t want to implicate you into the mess I made.”

023: “I have decided to come here, so don’t stop me.”

014: “Sigh…”

023: “But I think the guys up top are planning something…

014: “I know what they are planning.”

023: “Huh?”

014: “I know why does the agency exist…”

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