I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 21

Mayumi: “Na…tsuki?”

014: “Mhmm, but I’m only 27 years old.”

Mayumi: “But why do you look different?”

014: “Different parents I guess.”

Mayumi: “How do you know that you are the Natsuki I know?”

014: “Because you exist in my timeline… or should I say used to.”

Mayumi: “What happened to me in that timeline?”

014: “I tried to save you… but you got sucked in… right in front of my eyes…”

Mayumi: “Ah…”

014: “That is my only regret… I couldn’t save you.”

Mayumi: “I guess you like that Mayumi then…”

014: “I do, even as a small kid.”

Mayumi: “Then… do you like me?”

014: “I do. The moment you entered the timeline. But I do know I will never get you to love me back, you have someone else to save…”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry…”

014: “You don’t have to. The reason why I’m here is because I volunteered to do this mission, because of you.”

Mayumi: “I see…”

014: “I do know your motive already, the moment you met that Natsuki the night you entered.”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry… For being a prick… Even though you gave me the chance…”

014: “It’s fine… so are you willing to take up the proposal I gave you?”

Mayumi: “No, I don’t want to put your job on the line.”

014: “Ok then…”

Mayumi: “Let’s change topics… Do you have anyone you like at the agency?”

014 spits his coffee: “What a random change of conversation.”

Mayumi: “Hehe, I want to change the mood.”

014: “I still couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t save you, so I decided not to date anyone.”

Mayumi: “Aww…”

014: “Working at the agency is too stressful to make time for dating…”

Mayumi: “Do you have any admirers?”

014: “Did get a couple of love letters, but I tore them. There is one girl who keeps pursuing me.”

Mayumi: “So you took the chance by coming here to escape from her?”

014: “Yeah, she nearly volunteered to join me, but I refused.”

Mayumi: “Why didn’t you accept her?”

014: “She’s a great girl, but she deserves someone better.”

Mayumi: “Don’t put yourself down, just because you cannot save an alternate version of me.”

014: “That’s how I am…”

Mayumi: “Sigh… Ok then… Oh yeah, come back to my apartment.”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “Eating alone at home is boring.”

014: “Ok… I will move back later.”

Mayumi: “That’s great! Finally someone to accompany me for dinner.”

014: “I have things to attend to, so I will leave first.”

Mayumi: “Ok, I will go buy some groceries then.”

014: “Can’t wait for your dinner.” He smiles, foots the bill and leaves the café.

Mayumi goes to the supermarket, notices Kyouya buying some snacks.

Mayumi: “Hey Kyouya!”

Kyouya: “Ah? Sensei, what a coincidence, what are you doing here?”

Mayumi: “Buying groceries, you?”

Kyouya: “Just some snacks.”

Mayumi: “Ah I see…”

Kyouya: “Sensei, after your groceries shopping, may I talk to you about something? I can help you with the bags.”

Mayumi: “Eh? Sure.”

Kyouya: “Thank you.”

Mayumi bought her groceries, then the two of them walks to a nearby park and sat on a bench.

Kyouya: “Are you busy later? You bought quite a lot of stuff… Are you cooking dinner later for someone?”

Mayumi: “Ah, I’m cooking for my fiancé later.”

Kyouya: “Oh you do have a fiancé…”

Mayumi: “Yeah… What do you want to talk about, Kyouya?”

Kyouya: “I like Honoka.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Kyouya: “But now she’s dating my best friend… It’s hard for me to face them everyday at school. I have minimized my time with them.”

Mayumi: “I know how you feel… I have a friend who is like that… But don’t worry, there are many girls out there…”

Kyouya: “I liked a lot of girls, but all of them ended up liking Natsuki…”

Mayumi: “Why did you not pursue them?”

Kyouya: “I don’t see the point to pursue when their heart is at someone else…”

Mayumi: “I see…”

Kyouya: “Sigh…”

Mayumi: “Fight on, you will eventually find someone that will truly love you… You are a funny guy. Oh look at the time, I need to go back to cook dinner. And by the way, I think there is a girl from another class that likes you. She keeps peeking at you during lunchtime. Be observant and you will find her.”

Kyouya: “Eh?”

Mayumi took her grocery bags and quickly walks away.


“I’m home.”

014: “You are slow…”

Mayumi: “Eh? You are back already?! Let me cook dinner quickly.”

014: “I will help.”

Mayumi: “Ah ok… You can help slicing the veggies…”

014: “Ok”

They started cooking together. Dinner is served rather quickly.

014: “Dinner is great.”

Mayumi: “Because we are eating together. Food tastes better when you are not alone.”

014: “True.”

They finished dinner quickly.

Mayumi: “Why are you eating so quickly today?”

014: “I want to bring you out for a walk.”

Mayumi: “A walk?”

014: “Yeah a walk.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”


They walked out of the apartment.

014: “What’s your plan now? Now that you know why he died and everything?”

Mayumi: “I’m going to stay here until Natsuki graduates high school.”

014: “You do know it’s going to be near impossible for you to even stay for a year.”

Mayumi: “If they come to arrest me, I will just go with them… I won’t fight back.”

014: “Which is why you should just go ahead with my proposal.”

Mayumi: “No way, it’s a bigger risk. Both of us will be implicated.”

014: “Letting you stay longer than you should is already a crime for me.”

Mayumi: “Can they monitor our activities?”

014: “No, we can only detect distortion in timelines.”

Mayumi: “How do you know why my Natsuki commited suicide then?”

014: “I checked for his data specifically, without them knowing.”

Mayumi: “What?”

014: “It’s kind of obvious why you came here, so I went back to the agency and attained his data. If they found out, its a breach of privacy laws.”

Mayumi: “What will happen if they found out?”

014: “Jail time, most likely. If I requested for the data, they will probably not give me, so I had to do it.”

A female voice: “You had to do what?”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

014: “023, why are you here?!”

023: “To find you, to warn you, to see what you are doing…”

6 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 21

  1. OMG This is like El Ministerio del Tiempo (Spanish show called The Ministry of Time). Love that show–need to catch up on season 3 though. My question is… if Natsuki has different parents, then how is he still Natsuki? Because you know DNA–all that molecular composition is unique to one person… so?

    Liked by 1 person

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