I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 20

“Sensei, what are you doing here?”

Mayumi: “Ah, Natsuki… I, erm… I…”

Natsuki: “Do you know… this girl? Or are you that Mayumi but from the future?”

Mayumi: “No, I know this girl. I know her a long time ago… I heard she got into an accident…?”

Natsuki: “Yeah, she did. It was rather gruesome…”

Mayumi: “You were there?”

Natsuki: “Read the news…”

Mayumi: “Ah I see… What are you doing here?”

Natsuki: “Just sending some flowers, I could say she was my first crush back then.”

Mayumi: “Oh I see… What was her personality like?”

Natsuki: “Sweet, kind, caring… She was popular in school… If she were still alive, I would have dated her ages ago…”

Mayumi: “So sweet… Do you regret dating Honoka?”

Natsuki: “No… I got over Mayumi after awhile… The only regret is that I didn’t confess to her earlier.”

Mayumi: “Oh look at the time, I got to go. See you in school.” She stands up and leaves.


“Meet me at XX café at 3pm.”

Mayumi: “Oh, its 014… I still have time, I think I will get a can of coffee at the convenience store.”

She entered the store.

“Welcome~! Ah, sensei!”

Mayumi: “Oh, Honoka. You work here?”

Honoka: “Yes. What do you want? I will pay for you.”

Mayumi: “I’m just here for a can of coffee to pass the time, I will pay it myself.”

Honoka: “It’s fine! I will pay for it, just drink.”

Mayumi: “Ok, thank you…”

Honoka: “You’re welcome… What were you doing today, Sensei?”

Mayumi opens the can: “Nothing much, just visiting someone…”

Honoka: “I see…”

Mayumi: “What about you? How’s your relationship with Natsuki?” and sips.

Honoka: “We are great. Oh yeah, may I ask you something slightly personal, Sensei?”

Mayumi: “Go ahead.”

Honoka: “Does Takuya-kun really love you?”

Mayumi: “He does, it’s just him being himself. He’s been a cold person since I met him, that’s how he shows his love. Why did you ask?”

Honoka: “Natsuki-kun was worried about you…”

Mayumi: “Him?”

Honoka: “Yeah, after he said his theory, I got worried too.”

Mayumi: “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” and she giggles.

Honoka: “Okay then, since you said you are fine, I will tell Natsuki-kun too.”

Mayumi: “I got to go, thanks for the coffee and see you in school!” and she rushes off.


At the café, 014 is already waiting for her.

Mayumi sits down: “I’m sorry to be late, I was talking to two of my students earlier…”

014: “It’s fine.

She ordered a cheesecake and a cup of cappucino, 014 ordered just a cup of latte.

014: “Are you calm now?”

Mayumi: “I am calm. I want to know why you are willing to let me off the hook… I always thought you were eager to arrest me. This is not the right thing for you to do.”

014: “The reason why I was so eager to arrest you in the beginning, was because I want to arrest you, bring you back and try to send you back in time to another similar timeline where you don’t exist, to save your fiancé.”

Mayumi: “What is the point of doing that?”

014: “You are way too far back and way too far away from your original timeline, you will mess up the course of events and affect the other nearby timelines too.”

Mayumi: “How am I supposed to save my fiancé now with my advanced age?”

014: “Our time travelling device has the ability to change your age accordingly. You used a first generation unit, so your age didn’t change.”

Mayumi: “There’s such things?”

014 nods: “May sound ridiculous but that’s how it is. Technology does make wonders…”

Mayumi: “Then the story, tell me about your past. What happened to your timeline?”

014: “Hmm my past… It’s going to take awhile… I’m just going to start from the moment the culprit came to my time…”


I witness the time travelling, he came out of the portal. That was the moment the world started to change, it suddenly got cloudy and thunder starts roaring too…

A guy came over to me and hold my mouth.

“Shhh, don’t make a noise…”

I kept quiet until the culprit disappears.

014: “Who are you?”

Guy: “I’m the man that will arrest that person. I’m the police, but a totally different kind…”

014: “Like those spy movies?! Are you a secret agent?”

Guy: “I would say so.”

014: “Cool!”

Guy: “Please don’t tell anyone about me, ok?”

014: “Okay!”

And he disappears, that man will eventually be my benefactor. The time limit was 3 days, once that guy stays here and interrupts the course of events for 3 days, he will break the timeline. His motive of coming back is to prevent some events from happening to his past self.

He did a lot of things to change the future.

First day, he saved his past self from a road traffic accident, that caused him to enter a state of coma for 10 years.

Second day, he killed a bunch of murderers before they could kill his family. Apparently its about some debt.

Third day, he told him everything. Who he was, why is he here and everything. This event worsen the erratic weather patterns and triggered the black hole a few hours later. This black hole is strong enough to destroy the entire universe.


Mayumi: “This does not add up, didn’t the guy tried to stop him?”

014: “He did try, but apparently he got injured fighting him. He was more skilled in combat than he expected. He suspects that the culprit had travelled through many different timelines without our notice.”

Mayumi: “How did you guys not notice that?”

014: ” We have many different timelines to monitor, we cannot keep an eye on everything.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”

014: “There are many things I have to tell you… Like how I was in the past, and how I eventually became a “cold” person you see right now…”

Mayumi: “Sure. Tell me then.”

014: “But first I have a confession to make.”

Mayumi: “What confession?”

014: “My real name is… Natsuki.”

Mayumi: “Wait, what?”

014: “The Natsuki you always knew, but a different timeline…”

2 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 20

  1. Not surprised at all, but now I’m more inclined to believe that Mayumi has prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces) if she couldn’t tell 014 was Natsuki. Either that, or that contraption thing can change your appearance. Or maybe, it’s like Superman/Clark Kent–you wear glasses and no one could ever tell Clark was Superman.

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