I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 19

“Sensei, what are you doing here?”

Mayumi: “Ah, I’m here on…”  and she hooks 014’s arm, “a date with my boyfriend!”

Natsuki: “I didn’t know you have a boyfriend… especially after you rejected Takeo-sensei…”

Mayumi: “He’s my actual fiancé”

Natsuki: “Ah I see…”

014: “My name is Takuya, pleased to meet you.” and he shakes Natsuki’s hand.

Natsuki: “How long have you been dating Sensei?”

014: “Around 5 years, I was overseas most of the time, that’s why people thinks that Mayumi is single…”

Natsuki: “I see…”

Honoka: “Why don’t we have a double date?!”

Natsuki: “I don’t mind.”

Mayumi: “As long as Takuya-kun is willing.”

014: “Sure, why not?”

Honoka: “Let’s go to the roller coaster then!” and the two couples start walking towards it.

Mayumi whispers: “Is that real name?”

014: “No… I made it up.”

Mayumi: “Aww, I thought it’s your real name…”

014: “Keep wishing.”

After the roller coaster ride, Natsuki has to carry Honoka.

Honoka: “I’m sorry, my legs went jelly.”

Natsuki: “It’s normal for you to turn jelly, it was pretty scary.”

They entered the haunted house next, Honoka fainted. After that they decided to take a break at the café.

Honoka: “I’m sorry for being so weak… It must have been inconvenient.”

Mayumi: “It’s okay, it was hilarious.”

Honoka blushes.

014: “Me and Natsuki will order food and drinks, you two just stay here.”

Mayumi: “Okay~”

The guys went to queue.

Natsuki: “I have a question.”

014: “Hmm?”

Natsuki: “Do you really love Sensei?”

014: “Yeah. Why doyou ask?”

Natsuki: “I cannot sense any love or romance coming out from you.”

014: “It’s just my personality, I’m rather cold.”

Natsuki: “I see…”

014: “But what about you? Do you truly love Honoka?”

Natsuki: “I do.”

014: “You are concerned about Mayumi a little too much.”

Natsuki: “She’s my teacher, of course I’m concerned.”

014: “I guess so.”

And the both of them went silent. They eventually ordered the food and drinks and went back. After finishing their break, they went to the merry-go-round and many other rides.

They also attended the parade in the evening. After the parade, they split up for their own dinners.

Honoka: “Awww, Sensei’s fiancé is cute and tall…”

Natsuki: “Sorry that I’m as tall as him…”

Honoka: “I’m kidding, I just want to make you jealous.”

Natsuki: “It was super effective.”

Honoka giggles.

Natsuki: “What to eat for dinner…”

Honoka: “Some western food?”

Natsuki: “Sure… Let’s go to the restaurant we always go to.”


They entered the restaurant, ordered food and starts eating.

Natsuki: “What do you think about Takuya?”

Honoka: “What about him?”

Natsuki: “I think they are not actually dating… He looked like he’s acting.”

Honoka: “So you think they are a fake couple?”

Natsuki: “Maybe… I’m not so sure.”

Honoka: “Is it bothering you a lot?”

Natsuki: “I’m just worried that she’s dating the wrong guy the whole time…”

Honoka: “Don’t worry about it… She’s fine…”

Natsuki: “Yeah maybe.”


Meanwhile at another ramen bar.

Mayumi: “Your acting isn’t convincing enough.”

014: “I tried my best, we didn’t expect them to be there too. I have never loved anyone before, so I don’t know how to behave like a person in love.”

Mayumi: “You don’t have a crush?”

014: “Not till recently.”

Mayumi: “Recently?! Who do you like?! Tell me~~~”

014; “Someone in my workplace… I can never date her, since we are both from different timelines. Why are you such a busybody…”

Mayumi: “Just curious… You can’t just leave the agency and choose to live here?”

014: “I can, but there are a lot of paperworks. And besides, I’m saving my salary at the moment.”

Mayumi: “Oh… Saving for?”

014: “Settling down in another timeline of course, since my timeline is destroyed.”

Mayumi: “Ah I see… Is work at the agency tiring?”

014: “Not really, I actually kind of like the job, I can travel through time, unlike others who can only travel to different countries.”

Mayumi: “Sounds fun… I’m tempted to join now…”

014: “You have to go through vigorous training, protocol lessons… It took me 3 years to pass.”

Mayumi: “It’s that intense?!”

014: “And besides, your purpose to join is to meet different timelines of your fiancé anyways.”

Mayumi: “Ah, you read me like a book…”

014: “Too obvious. And also, once you join, you cannot exit easily too.”

Mayumi: “Yeah true…”

014: “I’m going to the washroom real quick…” and he leaves his seat.

Mayumi: “Okay~”

He left his futuristic-looking phone on the bar. It vibrates and displays a message.

Mayumi: “Hmm? A message?” and she reads.

“Executive Order: Apprehend Mayumi Immediately. If Order Not Executed Within 14 Days, You Will Be Heavily Punished.”

Mayumi: “Wait… He has been hiding this from me?”

014 comes back. Mayumi continues eating.

014: “I’m back. Oh my phone has a message.”

Mayumi stayed silent till they reached home.

014: “Why are you so silent all of a sudden?”

Mayumi: “Why are you hiding this from me?”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “Your higher ups has an arrest warrant on me a long time ago. Why are you not arresting me?!”

014: “Oh I guess you read the message…”

Mayumi: “Arrest me.”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “I said arrest me, now.”

014: “I can’t.”

Mayumi: “Why? I’m surrendering myself.”

014: “I want to fulfill your wish.”

Mayumi: “My wish is done, you told me why he committed suicide. Now arrest me.”

014: “I want to find a way to bring you to the past in your timeline to revert your fiancé’s amnesia.”

Mayumi: “Why?”

014: “Because you intrigue me. I have never met a girl who can fight, a girl with such determination. You are a girl that deserves happiness and you know it.”

Mayumi: “That’s no reason for you to not arrest me. I cannot let my selfishness make someone lose his job, especially a guy who has lost everything due to someone else’s selfishness. It’s your duty, arrest me now.”

014: “I already made my decision. I will find a way to get you back to the day on the bridge. I think I will leave, I will find somewhere else to stay. I will tell you my past on another day to show you who I really am… I’m not some heartless, immoral and disrespectful bastard who only cares about a damn job, about a damn duty.”

and he leaves the apartment. Mayumi just froze there. She didn’t sleep that night.


Mayumi leaves the apartment the next morning, bought some flowers and goes to the graveyard. She went to her family’s grave.

“Hi, I’m back again… How are you all? I’m not supposed to be here, but my other time travelling friend wouldn’t arrest me for being in the wrong place. It’s a long story…”

She then places the flowers down and sat down in front of the grave.

Natsuki: “Sensei… Why are you here?”



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