I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 18

The next day…

Mayumi: “I’m leaving for work~”

014: “Have a good day.” while he is cleaning up the room.

Mayumi then cheerfully starts her motorbike and leaves for school.


Honoka: “Good morning~”

Natsuki: “Good mor… Wait… why do you look different…”

Honoka: “Guess then?”

Natsuki: “Hmm… The glasses and ponytail?”

Honoka: “Correct~”

Natsuki: “Didn’t know you wear glasses…”

Honoka: “I usually wear contacts.”

Natsuki: “Ah I see…”

Honoka: “Let’s start going to school!”

Natsuki: “Ok…”

Honoka grabs his hand and starts walking. They walked towards a traffic light.


Natsuki thought to himself: “That body figure… so familiar…”

Honoka: “What are you staring at?”

Natsuki: “Nothing…”


Mayumi thought to herself: “Oh it’s Natsuki with Honoka… I think I shouldn’t interfere with their relationship… I’m just gonna help them out…”


In school.

Natsuki thought to himself: “Ah, that bike is here…”

Honoka: “Why are you so distracted today?”

Natsuki: “Nothing… I was just curious about where Kyouya is…”

Honoka: “Oh yeah… ”

Natsuki: “Never mind, it’s getting late, let’s go into class first.”

Honoka: “Ok…”


Natsuki opens the classroom door and the entire class crowds around the couple

Student A: “Are you two dating?!”

B: “Someone saw you two eating dinner together!”

Natsuki: “Yeah… we are dating…”


C: “I always thought you were part of the singles club!”

Mayumi then claps: “Ok time for class to start, get back to your seats!”

Natsuki turned around and thought to himself: “The same clothing… It must be her on the bike…”

And the students went to their seats and class commences…

Mayumi: “Before we start class, I want congratulate Natsuki and Honoka. Heard that you two are dating…”

Honoka blushes and all the guys glaring at Natsuki…

Mayumi: “Oh Kyouya is absent today…”

Natsuki: “I will pass his notes and homework to him later.”

Mayumi: “Ok… Thanks Natsuki.”


The day is over.

Natsuki: “Sorry, Honoka, can I go home alone today? I need to pass Kyouya’s homework to him…”

Honoka: “Oh ok… Have a safe trip…”

Natsuki: “Text you later tonight.”

Honoka nods and Natsuki ran off.

Natsuki ran to the parking lots and peeks. Mayumi is getting ready to start her bike.

“It was her after all… She does look kind of sexy riding the bike…”

Mayumi then did a wheelie, and rides off.

Mayumi: “Is Natsuki a stalker in this timeline…”


Natsuki reaches Kyouya’s house, he rang the doorbell and Kyouya’s mother opens the door.

Kyouya’s mom: “Ah, Natsuki, I assume you are here for Kyouya? Come on in.”

Natsuki walks in and goes to Kyouya’s room. Kyouya is having a fever.

Natsuki: “Here is your homework…”

Kyouya: “Thanks… I heard that you and Honoka are dating?”

Natsuki: “Yeah…”

Kyouya: “Lucky…”

Natsuki: “Hmm?”

Kyouya: “I did like her actually… since middle school.”

Natsuki: “Oh I’m sorry… You should have told me…”

Kyouya: “No point, she likes you anyway… Congratulations man…”

Natsuki: “I could have backed out…”

Kyouya: “It’s fine… Relax. Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be having a dinner date with her?”

Natsuki: “I told her to go back, so that I can visit you…”

Kyouya: “Go go go, I’m fine.” He pushes Natsuki outside the room and slams the door.

Natsuki: “Kyou…” and he left. Kyouya cried behind his door…


Natsuki then made a phone call to Honoka.

Natsuki: “Hello Honoka, you had dinner yet?”

Honoka: “Yeah… Why?”

Natsuki: “Dammit, I was too slow…”

Honoka: “Hmm?”

Natsuki: “I was planning to go out for dinner with you since the visit ended earlier than usual…”

Honoka: “Ahhh… I can come out for supper though.”

Natsuki: “Would that be too much trouble?”

Honoka: “It’s fine, I haven’t shower yet.”

Natsuki: “Oh ok… I will meet you at your doorstep.”

Honoka: “Ok I will get ready too…”

And Natsuki hangs up the phone, and started walking.


Honoka walks out of her home: “Did you wait long?”

Natsuki: “Not really, I just got here.” and he offers his hand.

Honoka: “Let’s go!” and smiled.


Mayumi: “I’m home.” and no one answered.

Mayumi: “Hmm where did he go? Never mind, I will just make his dinner as usual.” and she starts cooking.

014: “I’m back.”

Mayumi: “Ah! Welcome back, why are you so late today?”

014: “Had to do some overtime…”

Mayumi: “Even an officer had to do overtime…”

014: “Shut up and serve dinner already, I’m famished.”

Mayumi: “Tch, okay okay, it’s almost ready… So rude.”

014 sits down and watches TV.

Mayumi thought to herself: “Is he in a bad mood, I wonder…” and she serves dinner.

Mayumi: “Are you okay? Are you in a bad mood? Is it from work?”

014: “I’m fine.”

Mayumi: “Ok then…”

014 sighs…

014: “My boss was being a dick today that’s all.”

Mayumi: “Ah I see… You want some beer?”

014: “Sure.”

Mayumi then goes to the fridge to get a couple of cans.

014: “Thank you…”

Mayumi: “Wanna share the story? You might feel better if you do.”

014: “Don’t want to talk about it… I want to forget it.”

Mayumi: “Ah… I understand.” and they continue eating.

014 thought to himself: “Can’t let her know about what the superiors want… Ugh, they are so stubborn…”


Finally the weekends are here.

Mayumi: “Hey 014, let’s do something.”

014: “What?”

Mayumi: “Go to the amusement park with me.”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “Since we both have time now, let’s go~~~” and she pulled him up and walks out of the apartment.


And they reached the amusement park.

Mayumi: “Was the ride ok?”

014: “Can you please stop doing wheelies right off the bat during green lights?”

Mayumi winked: “Teehee.”

014: “What a long queue…”

Mayumi then takes out her tickets: “Tadah~ I bought them in advance!”

014: “You planned this way beforehand didn’t you.”

Mayumi: “Mhmm, you were in a bad mood for the past couple of days, so I thought we can just go out and chill a little.”

014: “I rather be in a bar drinking alcohol.”

Mayumi: “You should have told me, that would have made my life a whole lot easier, I know a place to go.”

014: “Let’s go later after this.”

Mayumi nods.

Mayumi: “What should we do first?”

014: “Definitely the roller coaster.”

Mayumi: “Let’s go then.” She pulled 014’s hand and goes.

014: “Look out!”

Mayumi then bumps into someone.

Mayumi: “I’m sorry!” as she rapidly bows.

“It’s ok… sensei.”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

She raised her head up, it’s Natsuki and Honoka…

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