I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 17

I regained consciousness at the river bank…

Mayumi: “Ah… what happened and why am I all wet…”

I then remembered what happened. I got up and looked around.

Mayumi: “Natsuki-kun… Natsuki-kun…”

I see him lying at the other side of the riverbed. I swam towards him, he’s unconscious. Both of our phones are dead due to liquid damage. Luckily a guy who was fishing around the area saw us and call the ambulance for us.

My parents then came to the hospital to visit me.

Mom: “Are you ok?”

Mayumi: “I’m fine, just some bruises…”

Dad: “What about the other guy who was with you?”

Mayumi: “He’s still being operated…”

The operation took hours. After an anxious wait that I lost track of time, the doctor finally walks out of the operating room.

Doctor: “He’s fine… but he has amnesia…”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Doctor: “He probably hit his head during the fall, and since the river was shallow, he must have hit his head at the riverbed.”

Mayumi: “Thank you doctor… May I see him?”

Doctor: “Yeah you can.”

I rushed to his ward. He was unconscious for days, even after his mom came 3 days later…

Natsuki’s Mom: “Who are you… and what happened to Natsuki?”

Mayumi: “My name is Mayumi… Natsuki saved me from an incoming vehicle, we were on a bridge so his first reaction was to hug me and jump down the bridge, and he shielded me from the impact…”

Natsuki’s Mom: “So you are the girl he was trying pursue?”

Mayumi: “Yes…”

She got down on her knees.

Mayumi: “Huh?!”

Natsuki’s Mom: “I’m sorry on behalf of my son… He told me that you dated him during uni… and he told me that you broke up with him due to his incompetence… causing one of your friend to die from his lunatic ex… I wish to ask for your forgiveness on his behalf.”

Mayumi: “Please get up!”

Natsuki’s Mom: “When he came back for vacation after his graduation, he’s different. He looks extremely dejected, distracted… and then he told me the story about his university life…”

Mayumi: “I didn’t blame your son for anything, please get up…”

Natsuki’s Mom then gets up: “Are you willing to accept my son once again?”

Mayumi: “I… don’t know… I need to think about it…”

Natsuki’s Mom: “I understand, it’s hard on you…”

Mayumi: “Do you have anywhere to stay for the night? How long intend to stay?”

Natsuki’s Mom: “I haven’t found a place yet and I intend to stay for a week…”

Mayumi: “My family runs an inn, if you don’t mind, you can stay there.”

Natsuki’s Mom: “Oh… it’s fine… I will find my own place.”

Mayumi: “No, I insist. Let’s go.”

I brought her back to the inn.

Mom: “Who is she?”

Mayumi: “Natsuki-kun’s mom.”

Mom: “Oh really? My future-in-law?”

Mayumi: “Is it really the time for this?”

Mom: “I will serve her well, you go back to the hospital and take care of your future husband.”

Mayumi: “Please stop.”

I quickly showered, change clothes and rush to the hospital. I entered the ward, hoping that he will wake up, but he still unconscious.

I watched the TV until eventually I fell asleep, head on his bed, while holding his hand.

The next morning, I felt something gripping my hand.


I raised my head and I see Natsuki awake.

Natsuki: “Where…am I?”

Mayumi: “You are in the hospital.”

Natsuki: “What happened?”

Mayumi: “We were on the bridge and you tried to save me from an oncoming vehicle. But you hit your head while trying to help me…”

Natsuki: “Oh… I see… Oh yeah, Who are you by the way?”

“Ah? Oh yeah… he has amnesia…” I thought to myself. I felt disappointed, sad and guilty, I was hopeful of him not losing his memories. To be honest, I actually felt good of his advances…

Mayumi: “I’m Mayumi… your girlfriend…”

Natsuki: “I actually have a girlfriend? Sorry, but I can’t remember…”

Mayumi: “It’s ok, you have amnesia…”

And he never did remember ever since… His personality took a change too, he became the calm, emotionless and quiet person of what he is today…

014: “What a touching story… I think I cried a little.”

Mayumi: “Stop being sarcastic…”

014: “But it was kind of touching though… What if I tell you that I know why he chose suicide?’

Mayumi then jumped up.

Mayumi: “How did you know?! Tell me now!”

014: “Relax… I don’t think you like this…”

Mayumi: “Just tell me, I’m ready.”

014: “He actually did remember everything, but at a very bad timing… He remembered on the day he asked you the question.”

Mayumi: “How did he remember…?”

014: “That I’m not sure…”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, you told me more than enough now…”

014: “He basically remembered everything, couldn’t take the trauma from his past. The rejections, the breakups, Shiina’s death…”

Mayumi: “I wouldn’t be able to take it too, especially everything all of a sudden…”

014: “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Mayumi: “How did you know all these by the way?”

014: “I checked for the data during your storytelling.”

Mayumi: “Oh really?”

014: “The reason why Shiina isn’t here is because her parents migrated overseas with her. She does exist in this timeline, but not here with us.”

Mayumi: “Oh I see…”

014: “Haruka is in another high school, and she never interacted with Natsuki in this timeline back in middle school. Natsuki in this timeline is in a clean state. He had no rejections, no break ups, all that darkness from your timeline.”

Mayumi: “No wonder he looked a little bit more cheerful than the time I see him in uni…”

014: “I think I should find a place to stay… I cannot stay in your apartment forever… I do have a job here.”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, just pay your share of the rent and food.”

014: “Really? Are you sure you are supposed to be nice to the guy who intends to arrest you?”

Mayumi: “Since you cannot arrest me temporarily, let’s just be friends for the time being…”

014 just looks away and they finished their dinner.

Mayumi: “I will wash the dishes…”

014: “Thanks… I will be at the balcony to make a phone call.”

Mayumi: “Oh ok…”

014 walks to the balcony and closes the door. He takes out his futuristic phone and looked at the text.

“The cooldown period is over. Rearrest Mayumi now.”

014: “Looks like I ran out of time…”

12 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 17

  1. I was missing 014. Well this makes more sense if he had retrograde amnesia. He must have really damaged his orbitofrontal cortex to have such extensive personality changes. Did he hit concrete ’cause geez… This story is like K-drama met science fiction.

    Liked by 2 people

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