MAYDAY MAYDAY: May Personal Update


Good day.

It’s finally May, with one hell of a month…

I started my first quarter with a bang and ended it with a boom. Q1 started strong, ended disastrously. But now its May, new quarter, new beginnings? I don’t know. Hopefully May won’t be this bad again.

Are you changing your decision about ending the blog?

Erm, no, it’s still under planning. It will happen at the end of the year. So now I’m writing posts as much as possible.

How is the novel coming along?

Yeah, it’s fine. I found my passion to writing novels again.

For those who constantly read my novel chapters, I want to thank you guys for the support. For those wants to read it, go to the novel category in the home page.

If you are wondering if the flashback arc is ending, yes I intend to end it pretty soon, so stay tuned.

Is the blog going to be all about the novel?

Nah, it won’t. I still have reviews in the backlogs, I will be writing them as soon as possible. Sometimes the novel is rather time consuming to write so I give it a priority.

I will finish up on my 30day video game challenge and move on to the 30day song challenge.

So yeah, that’s basically it for my May update. Hope you have a better April than what I had. And may your May be nice and merry…

pun unintended

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