I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 16

2 years after I left the town I finished my uni in.

I eventually decided to help out my parent’s inn. Working under them was not easy.

Mom: “Why did you come back… when will you ever get married… when will I ever get to see grandkids…”

Mayumi: “Mom… I thought I told you before I didn’t intend to get married… I don’t plan to do so…”

Mom: “Boohoo, looks like my chances to see grandkids are gone, boohoo…”

Mayumi: “Mom…”

The job isn’t stressful, but my parents are the one that gives me pressure… Otherwise, I love my job of running the inn, it’s relaxing. Meeting new people to stay over, serving customers, it feels like a dream.

Then one day…

Door opens

Mayumi: “Welcome…”

The guy who entered is… Natsuki.

Natsuki: “Ah, so this is the inn you were boasting about… The girl at the door feels rather… unpleasant already…”

Mayumi: “What are you doing here?”

Natsuki: “It’s been 2 years isn’t it?”

Mayumi: “Erm yeah…”

Natsuki: “And I haven’t forget about you.”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “The reason why I came, is because of you.”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry but… I don’t think I’m ready for romance…”

Natsuki: “I will stay here until you are willing to accept me.”

Mayumi: “What about your job?”

Natsuki: “My company temporary transferred me here.”

Mayumi: “No way…”

Natsuki: “I will stay here until you accept me…”

Mayumi: “Ah…”

Mom: “Who is here?”

Mayumi: “No one…”

Natsuki: “Hello auntie, I’m here to marry your daughter.”

Mayumi: “Huh?!”

Mom: “I approve.”

Mayumi: “Don’t simply give me away~”

Mom: “Give him the best room we have.”

Natsuki: “Ah, it’s ok, I can have just a simple room…”

Mom: “It’s ok, I will give you a discount.” and she winks.

I facepalmed and then brought Natsuki to his room.


Mayumi: “Here’s your room, enjoy.”

Natsuki: “Wow, it’s pretty huge… And tatami mats too. So classical…”

Mayumi: “I’m glad that you like it. If you excuse me I have to cook dinner…”

Natsuki: “Will you bring the food to my room?”

Mayumi: “Yeah sure, but it costs extra.”

Natsuki: “I don’t mind, just remember to bring yours too.”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “I want to eat with you. I’m willing to pay double or triple.”

Mom: “It’s ok, she’s free-of-charge.”

Mayumi: “Mom, stop!”

And I walked out of the room and pushes her away.

Then in the kitchen, while I was cooking dinner for the guests.

Mom: “Who is he? How did you know him?”

Mayumi: “He’s my ex, back in university.”

My mom gasped: “What? Why didn’t you tell me you dated someone so good-looking?!”

Mayumi: “It only lasted a week… Didn’t had the opportunity to tell you.”

Mom: “Who confessed? Why did you break up?”

Mayumi: “I did, and I broke up with him… It’s complicated.” I didn’t want to worry her with the details.

Mom: “Oh just tell me…”

Mayumi: “Let me concentrate on cooking please… I don’t want to ruin the guests’ food. If they complain about anything, you are responsible.”

And she kept quiet…

Mom: “Did you two kissed?”

I flinched and blushes…

Mom: “You did?!”

Mayumi: “Shut up and let me cook!”

And eventually she stopped prying about it.

I then brought dinner to Natsuki’s room.

Natsuki: “Ah you came, and dinner… I miss your cooking.”

Mayumi: “Just eat…”

And we started eating.

Natsuki: “What time is breakfast tomorrow?”

Mayumi: “7am.”

Natsuki: “Ah, that’s early…”

Mayumi: “You are still eating by 7?”

Natsuki: “Bad for your sleeping schedule… What time do you usually wake up?”

Mayumi: “6.”

Natsuki: “Don’t you feel tired?”

Mayumi: “Got used to it. I love my job.”

Natsuki: “My purpose for coming here isn’t just to pursue you again… I want to bring you back… back to where we used to go through uni together.”

Mayumi: “I don’t intend to go back… I have enough bad memories there…”

Natsuki: “We can migrate then, where do you want to go?”

Mayumi: “I’m fine staying here… I don’t think I’m suitable to date…”

Natsuki: “You were the one who convinced me to date you back then, you changed my life ever since… I want you back… Living alone for 2 years trying to forget about you is like hell on Earth.”

Mayumi: “Keep enduring then, because I got over you.”

Natsuki: “No, I want you back. I have all the time in the world to make you mine again.”

Mayumi: “Keep trying then, nothing will separate me and the job I love.”

Natsuki: “I will move here instead, I will buy a house here, then you don’t need to leave your job.”

Mayumi: “If you are just trying to ruin my dinner, then I will leave.”

Natsuki: “I’m sorry…”

Silence for the rest of the dinner.

Natsuki: “Thanks for the food…”

I took the empty dishes and left the room.

Mayumi: “Let’s… eat dinner together everyday…”

Natsuki: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “I said I will bring dinner everyday for you!” and slams the door.


It’s been a week since he came and it’s non-stop chaos. He keeps flirting, Mom keeps pushing me towards him. But the good thing that the chaos keeps me sleep well at night due to the exhaustion.


It’s the weekend. My mom ordered me to give Natsuki a tour around town, and so I did, unwillingly.

Brought him around town, and eventually we walked towards my favourite spot, a bridge on top of a river at about 15mins of walking outside town.

Mayumi: “This is where I came to whenever I feel low… I came here frequently when I came back from uni… I miss Shiina… a lot…”

Natsuki: “Me too… Even after 2 years, I still feel guilty for her death… It was avoidable… If I would just buck up…”

Mayumi: “You don’t need to feel bad… She did it on her accord…”

Natsuki: “Is it the reason why you don’t want to date me?”

Mayumi: “No…”

Natsuki: “Then what?”

Mayumi: “I think I will bring you misfortune… I have thought sometimes… if we never met, maybe Haruka won’t approach me… maybe Shiina wouldn’t get killed… maybe we wouldn’t have dated.”

Natsuki: “I didn’t regret a single second with you… I just wasn’t sure about showing my dedication… I wasn’t sure if I can really love you despite my past…”

Mayumi: “I… don’t think we should still be dating one another…”

A bright light with loud noises suddenly comes towards us.

Natsuki: “Watch out!”

He hugged me and jumped down the bridge…

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