How I found Seo Kouji’s Works and How I Fell in Love With it…


Heyo… Time for a personal session on how I fell in love with the romance genre.

Some of you probably have realized that I wrote a lot about Kouji Seo’s work for the past week. There is a reason why.

For those who know me long enough, should know I put pretty heavy emphasis on romance genre in anime. One of the reasons why I like romance is probably because of Seo Kouji…

How it all started…

It all started a decade ago… when my source of anime is from TV itself. I bumped into this anime called “Suzuka”.

It was a totally new thing for me, I watch a lot of combat-type animes for so long and never got bored, so a sudden change of pace is pretty great. A slow paced anime talking about high school romance.

Watching all 26 eps inspired me, to have a high school romance similar to the anime, but now I’m way over that age and it didn’t happen at all, in fact it was all the opposite. Putting that aside.

Eventually a lot of romance show came to TV and I got extremely intrigued and I explored the genre even further. To be honest, that’s how I groomed to be a romantic person I am now. I don’t really use ideas from anime, but the anime inspired me to the romantic stuff, that’s how I helped my colleagues plan dates, using my ability.

Time flies 10 years has passed and I’m still watching romance in a regular basis, but still take a major pie of my anime viewing time.

What happened after Suzuka?

I bought the manga, like the entire set and it still is with me. I read it over and over. Somehow, reading the manga actually makes me feel pleasant, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

After so many years, I still reread over and over. Reading it makes me cry in certain chapters when things gets heavy every time.

What happened next is I chased Kouji Seo’s works from then on, even though they didn’t live up to expectations.

After Suzuka’s anime ended, School Rumble’s anime came. Bitter sweet romance with a huge chunk of comedy. Eventually, I was hooked to the romance genre, never really watched any action anime until 2014, when harem became mainstream.

What do you like about Suzuka that made you the romantic guy that you are now?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why.

The subtle romance, the way the romance was executed and how the male protagonist dedicates his time and effort for just one girl when there are other options waiting for him.

Somehow the romance in the manga made me strive to be a guy filled with romance and also make me wanna achieve such a high school romance.

What do you think Seo will do now that Fuuka is done?

Kind of hard to say. He has transitioned from the countryside beginnings to the now-modern settings.

I hope it’s a Fuuka sequel because I am not satisfied with that ending. Seo should try drawing in a more mature setting. Like I would say working-class age setting. So just continue the manga with a timeskip of like 5-8years, Fuuka and Yuu got married and how they juggle between their music career and marriage. That would be a very interesting topic I would say.

Kouji Seo’s weakness has always been anime adaptations of his mangas. Like from literal copy and paste to beginning the anime AT THE MIDDLE of the manga and now we get changed endings to an arc which didn’t happened in the manga.

Suzuka has been the only anime I enjoyed from his works so far and never pretty changed.

So this is just a little post about how I gained my romantic mindset. Hope you enjoyed and know a little more about me.

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