I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 15

I dropped my grocery bags…

Natsuki pushed Haruka away: “Wait, I can explain!”

I immediately starts running out of his apartment and hide in an alley.

Natsuki chased me, but he ran past my hiding spot. I came out of hiding after he ran past and then I walk to Shiina’s place…

I knocked on her door, looking down.

Kyouya opens the door: “Who is it~? Ah, Mayumi, what’s wrong?”

Shiina approaches: “Mayumi’s here?”

I looked up.

Kyouya: “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Shiina: “Come inside.” and she pulls me in.

They were having an afternoon tea.

Mayumi: “I’m sorry to disturb…”

Shiina: “It’s fine. Just tell us what happened…”

I told them everything.

Kyouya: “Didn’t know he was such a guy…”

Shiina: “I think there got to be a misunderstanding…”

Kyouya: “But he skipped work just for this.”

Shiina: “But things doesn’t add up…”

Kyouya: “We still need to talk to him about it.”

Shiina: “I will text him. Once we meet up, we will confront him about it, you just stay behind.”

Mayumi: “I’m sorry to ruin both of your days… I have nowhere to go…”

Shiina: “It’s ok, since he can go to your apartment anyway.”

So Shiina arranged a meeting at night at the nearby park. I hid behind a tree close to them so I can hear the conversation.

Natsuki: “Where is Mayumi?”

Shiina: “She’s not here.”

Kyouya: “You won’t see her until you explain to us what happened.”

Natsuki: “It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Kyouya: “Explain then, before I punch you in the face.”

So the whole mess started when Haruka knocked on his door, forced her way in, locked the doors to stop him from leaving, that’s why he missed work.

Then they had a peaceful conversation, which escalated after Haruka tried to force him to break up with me. Somehow, the clichéd moment of them tripping over onto his bed and landed with a kiss, just when I walked in.

Kyouya: “Why didn’t you chase her out? Don’t you remember what she did to you during high school?!”

Natsuki: “I’m a person that doesn’t hold grudges, you know that. I forgive and forget…”

Kyouya: “But still, that’s how you keep getting hurt again and again.”

Shiina: “You need to harden up. You forgot you have a girlfriend right now, do you?

Natsuki: “I do know I have a girlfriend… But someone was being ridiculous to me doesn’t mean I can be horrendous towards them.”

Kyouya: “With your current soft attitude, you will lose more. I can assure you that.”

Then Shiina and Kyouya walked away. I met up with them outside the park.

Shiina: “What do you plan to do now? We won’t blame you if you intend to break up with him. We will also stop being friends with him if you break up with him.”

Kyouya: “He doesn’t sound sincere, he didn’t even talk about trying to get you back. Just break up with him, he’s not worth it.”

Mayumi: “I will think about it… and talk to him tomorrow.”

I couldn’t sleep again that night.

I met up with Natsuki at a café, Shiina and Natsuki are sitting at a table at the corner observing us.

Natsuki: “I’m sorry for yesterday…”

Mayumi: “It’s ok, Shiina explained everything to me.”

Natsuki: “I didn’t know Haruka know where I lived and also I didn’t know that she studied at the same uni as us…”

Mayumi: “The reason why I called you here today… is because I want to tell you that…

I want to break up with you…”

Natsuki’s face went into shock.

Mayumi: “I was there at the park last night. I heard every word you said. You sound like you are fine without me, like you are willing to go back to Haruka. Your tone and stance made your explanation sound very unconvincing. I don’t want to date a guy that is not dedicated towards the relationship, and is very vulnerable to external parties… ”

Natsuki: “But I do love you.”

Mayumi: “I don’t feel it in your tone last night. You sound like as if you are treating me like a doll, a doll that you can toy feelings with…”

Natsuki: “Even if I break up with you, I won’t go back to her.”

Mayumi: “Actually I met her since last week. She initially asked to break up with you… But things escalated after I keep resisting her. She threatened me with a knife on my throat that night after eating dinner at your place.”

Natsuki: “What? No way… How could she?”

Mayumi: “Another reason why I want to break up with you, is because I don’t want to date a guy that cannot protect me, gives me insecurity…”

Natsuki: “I didn’t know Haruka was this crazy… I will protect you I promise, I will change.”

Mayumi: “No point dedicating a relationship when the feeling isn’t mutual.” and I left the table.

I then met Shiina and Kyouya at another café…

Mayumi: “I broke up with him.”

Shiina: “So you still eventually did it…”

Mayumi: “I thought about it last night… He didn’t sound like he really wants me… I kind of knew that I’m forcing a relationship…”

Shiina: “I can understand…”

Kyouya: “What are you going to do now?”

Mayumi: “Get over him, move on.”

Shiina: “Need us to introduce guys for you?”

Mayumi: “I just broke up, not really a good time to so that…”

Shiina: “Just kidding… If you wanna hang out or need anything, just ask us.”

Kyouya nods.

Mayumi: “Thanks guys…”

And the 3 of us hung out the whole day.

The next day, when its time to go to uni, Natsuki is waiting downstairs.

Mayumi: “Why are you here? We are no longer in a relationship.”

Natsuki: “Then I cannot follow you to university as a friend?”

Mayumi: “Please be 5 metres away from me. I don’t want to talk to you…” and I started walking to uni. He followed me behind.

Shiina: “Hey good morning~”

Mayumi: “Good morning.”

Shiina: “Oh he’s behind you…”

Mayumi: “Yeah… He came to my apartments…”

Shiina: “Kyouya is in the lecture room waiting for us, let’s go.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”

We entered the lecture room, Natsuki sat on the other side of the room, with Haruka sitting beside him.

Haruka then approached me during lunch time.

Haruka: “So you broke up with him already?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, isn’t it what you want?”

Haruka: “Thank you then.” and she walks away with the smug look on her face.


Shiina: “Where did you go?”

Mayumi: “Haruka talked to me.”

Shiina: “Did she threaten you again?”

Mayumi: “No, she just thanked me for breaking up with her.”

Shiina: “Tch, that girl…”


The day ended with a low note. Shiina and Kyouya walked me back home, fearing that Haruka might do something stupid.

After that we didn’t talk to each other for over a month, Haruka keeps trying to advancing on Natsuki everyday.

Then one day, Haruka approached me after our lecture.

Haruka: “Let’s go home together, I want to talk to you…”

Mayumi: “Huh? Ok…”

As we are walking…

Mayumi: “So how was it? Trying to make Natsuki date you again…”

Haruka: “Sigh… He wouldn’t budge.”

Mayumi: “What did he say?”

Haruka: “He keeps talking about you and how he felt being with you. And you also told him about me threatening you… You already planned to make it harder for me, didn’t you?”

Mayumi: “I was just using you as a reason why I want to break up with him.”

Haruka: “Now that you made it harder for me… I have come to a conclusion… I need to end you…”

Mayumi: “What?”

Haruka then pulls out her penknife: “Since I don’t get to have Natsuki-kun… I will then erase you… and then myself, so both of us won’t get him…”

I got scared, dropped to the floor and lean against the wall: “No… go away! You said you won’t kill me when I broke up with him!”

Haruka: “Looks like I have to break that promise…” and she slowly approaches me. I closed my eyes and heard someone’s voice, someone familar.

I opened my eyes and I saw Natsuki grabbing the knife away from her.

Natsuki: “Are you okay? Can you stand?”

I nodded and stood up on my own.

Natsuki: “Never approach Mayumi ever again… and also, stay away from me. I will never date you, I will never date a potential murderer.”

Natsuki then held my shoulders and walks away with me.

Then suddenly…

“Watch out!”

Someone pushed the both of us away and blood was in the air… I fell onto Natsuki and I quickly turned around to see who was it.

It was Shiina… she was stabbed in the chest by Haruka. Haruka releases her grip on the knife, trembling and ran away. The knife dropped from the stab wound as the knife blade broke.

I screamed her name and ran towards her, catching her before she fall. Natsuki quickly called the ambulance.

We followed Shiina in the ambulance in the hospital.

Natsuki called Kyouya immediately after reaching the hospital. The operation took hours and the 3 of us were waiting anxiously.

The doctor finally walks out of the operating theatre… and the news we got is that Shiina has passed away.

I froze into blank space. Kyouya dropped to the floor, broke down. Natsuki just stood there.

Kyouya then recovers and pulled Natsuki’s collar: “Thanks to you! Thanks to your weak personality! Because of you not fighting back against that stupid bitch, Shiina paid the price!”

Natsuki then woke up in realization… and starts to cry: “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” and collapsed down to the floor…

We all attended her funeral, Natsuki and Kyouya never talked or even look at one another.

Haruka got arrested of course, sent to a mental asylum due to her insanity.


Kyouya and Natsuki didn’t talk to each other all the way till graduation. I decided to organize a graduation gathering and I didn’t tell either of them on who is coming.

Kyouya came first and then Natsuki came later. Kyouya was about to leave his seat but I stopped him and then awkward silence.

Mayumi: “I think Shiina would not be happy to see this… You two had never talked to one another since the incident… Natsuki never visited her grave because he thinks that he is to blame and unable to face her. But I’m here to get us together again, so please, at least for Shiina’s sake, let’s all be friends again.”

Natsuki then eventually started talking, Kyouya responds and eventually everyone is laughing like the good old days again…

Kyouya: “So what are your plans now? I think I will find a job around here.”

Natsuki: “Same for me…”

Mayumi: “I will go back to my hometown to find a job there.”

Kyouya: “Why not stay here?”

Mayumi: “I think this place isn’t really for me after staying here for 3 years. I still like my hometown more.”

Kyouya: “When are you leaving? We will see you off.”

Mayumi: “Maybe next week.”

Kyouya: “Just text us when you are leaving, we will help you with your bags.”

Mayumi: “Ok then… I will do that.”

We all went home on our own separate ways.

Time flies and a week past by. Kyouya and Natsuki helped me with my rather massive baggage.

Natsuki: “Are you ok when you reach to your hometown?”

Mayumi: “My mom and dad are driving to the train station to wait for me, so I’m ok.”

Kyouya: “I wonder when we will meet again…”

Mayumi: “You guys can come here for a vacation, since my hometown is by the countryside… And I think I didn’t tell you guys, my parents run an inn actually.”

Kyouya: “Oh really? Then I will come stay for a couple of nights when I go there, you can be the tour guide.”

I laughed.

Natsuki: “Isn’t it time for you to go? The train is coming in a few minutes.”

Mayumi: “Oh yeah! I should go in now… Thanks you guys for helping me out with the load…”

Natsuki: “Anytime… We’ll meet again.”

We then bid our farewells as I entered the train station…

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