I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 14

I reached home… I dropped to the floor, leaning on the door and curl like a ball, remembering what happened at the dark street while on the way back.

Mayumi: “I told you I won’t let you take him away.”

Haruka then pulled out a penknife, pushed me against a wall, slide the blade out and placed it at my throat…

Haruka: “You leave me no choice… Break up with him… or die…”

Mayumi: “You are crazy, even if you killed me, you won’t get his heart… and besides, you probably will go to jail forever for this.”

Haruka: “I’m wearing gloves… and there is no one around… no one will know… But I won’t do it now… I will give you another chance… Break up with him or else…” and she kept the penknife and walked away.

I then rubbed the spot of my neck where she placed her penknife at… I have never been so scared about something before…

I couldn’t sleep at night at all…

The next morning, I see Natsuki waiting for me downstairs.

Natsuki: “Good morning~”

Mayumi: “Morning… I didn’t make any lunch because I kind of overslept…” but actually I didn’t sleep at all because I couldn’t get my mind off from what happened yesterday.

Natsuki: “It’s fine, I’ll buy lunch later.”

Mayumi: “Okay… Thanks.”

We reached the gate, but Shiina and Kyouya surprisingly were there first.

Shiina: “Wow you guys are slow today…”

Natsuki: “We were hungry so we went to the convenience store to get some bread. We also ate them in there too.

Kyouka: “Going out on dates already this early?””

Natsuki: “Not really…”

Shiina: “Mayumi-chan, you ok? Why do you looked so distracted?”

Mayumi: “Oh, I didn’t really sleep well last night…”

Natsuki: “And she overslept. So I have to buy lunch later.”

Mayumi: “It’s okay, I will buy my own later.”

Natsuki: “No, I insist I buy them.”

Mayumi: “Okay then…”

We then walk in for our first lecture.

I couldn’t pay attention at all… I keep remembering the threats Haruka gave…

Its lunchtime. Haruka went to find me again. Natsuki went to buy lunch and I met Haruka in private.

Haruka: “Have you broken up with him yet?”

Mayumi: “Can you please be more patient… We only started a few days ago…”

Haruka: “I don’t care… I want him now…”

Mayumi: “Give me a week… Just a week will do.”

Haruka: “Ok then… A week it is…”

Mayumi: “Thank you…” and I hurriedly walk away to eat lunch with the rest.

Natsuki: “Where did you go?”

Mayumi: “Just talking to my other group mates about the project…”

Natsuki: “Guess what I bought for lunch.”

Mayumi: “Yakisoba.”

Natsuki: “How did you know???”

Mayumi: “You packed a ton of instant yakisoba in your cabinet… That’s not healthy…”

Natsuki: “Usually after work I’m too tired to cook… And besides, they are cheap too.”

Mayumi: “I will come every weekend from now on to cook for you.”

Natsuki: “Wow really?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, to stop from eating junk food.”

Natsuki: “Now I can’t wait for the weekends… Ah it’s Thursday now… Yay…”

Mayumi: “Don’t put high expectations on me. I’m not a chef like you.”

Natsuki: “I will judge your cooking…”

Mayumi: “Please no…”

And the 2nd half of the lectures commences. This time, Natsuki is in another lecture, meanwhile I’m stuck with Haruka, for 4 hours. And of course, she chose to sit beside me.

Mayumi: “Why are you sitting here?

Haruka: “I don’t know anyone in this module, actually I could say the same with the rest of my course too.”

Mayumi: “You didn’t try to make any friends?”

Haruka: “My only purpose of coming here is for Natsuki-kun.”

Mayumi: “You still need friends if you want to survive 3 years here…”

Haruka: “Don’t need them… All I want is Natsuki-kun…”

I sighed…

Haruka: “I really wish I can get rid of you right now…”


The day ended, time past by so slowly, the lecture felt like hell while sitting beside a crazy girl.

Natsuki is waiting for me at the gate.

Natsuki: “Hey…”

Mayumi: “Hey~ Where’s Kyouya and Shiina?”

Natsuki: “They went off on their own… They wanted to eat dinner together they said.”

Mayumi: “Ok then… Where are we going for dinner?”

Natsuki: “Hmm… we ate yakisoba for dinner… Let’s eat something related with rice…”

Mayumi: “Bring me to the Chinese restaurant you work, I want to try their food.”

Natsuki: “Ok then… It’s kind of far though…”

Mayumi: “I don’t mind.”

And we started walking to the restaurant. It was a long walk, we walked for around half an hour.

Mayumi: “Ugh… So far…”

Natsuki: “I did tell you… It’s far.”

Mayumi: “I didn’t expect it to be this far… Why did you choose to work here when its so far away…”

Natsuki: “It pays well here. Probably better than your part time job”

Mayumi: “Show off…”

Natsuki: “And here we are…”

There is a slight queue.

Mayumi: “Noooo, a queue…”

Natsuki: “You want me to exploit my rights as an employee and jump the queue?”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, I’m not impatient…”

And we queued…

Natsuki: “A queue this size… we probably need to wait for 15mins or so…”

Mayumi: “Nice maths.”

Natsuki: “I work here remember?”

Mayumi: “You are in the kitchen.”

Natsuki: “So? I need to understand crowds too.”

Mayumi: “Okay okay…”

We stood for 15mins and finally it’s our turn. Quickly ordered our food since we were hungry.

Natsuki: “Are you okay? You look rather listless.”

Mayumi: “Just a bad night sleep, I can’t wait to sleep later since I have no assignments to do today…”

Natsuki: “Let’s eat quickly then.”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, I want to spend more time with you anyway…”

Natsuki: “Ok then.”

Mayumi: “May I ask you something?”

Natsuki: “Hmm?”

Mayumi: “If let’s say one of your ex came to university to pursue you… What would you do?”

Natsuki: “Reject her of course. Why?”

Mayumi: “What if she wants you to the point that she is willing to kill me just to have you?”

Natsuki: “I will hire a bodyguard for you. What’s wrong, what’s with the questions?”

Mayumi: “Nothing, just curious…”

Natsuki: “Is something wrong?”

Mayumi: “No, nothing, just a random thought I had.”

Natsuki: “Ok then, you worried me for a second.”

Mayumi: “Sorry…” I put my hands together and winked.

Natsuki smiled.

The food is served and we started eating.

After eating, Natsuki sent me back as usual, as it was far, it took 45mins to reach back to the apartments.

I entered my room, quickly showered and texts Shiina to come over to my room.

Shiina took about 20mins and came.

Shiina: “Why did you text me to come over?”

Mayumi: “I have things to talk about…”

Shiina: “Sounds so serious…”

Then I told Shiina about everything about Haruka except about the part where she threatens me.

Shiina: “What? She came to the same uni as us? Why didn’t I notice?”

Mayumi: “Maybe she changed her look?”

Shiina: “Maybe, tomorrow you tell me how she look like.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”

Shiina: “Let’s change subjects…”

Mayumi: “Ok, what do you want to talk about?”

Shiina: “Actually Kyouya confessed to me during dinner…”

Mayumi: “What~~~!?”

Shiina: “Mhmm… But I haven’t gave him answer yet.”

Mayumi: “Did he say how long he has liked you?”

Shiina: “Apparently when we first met in high school, he was the one who brought me into the clique.”

Mayumi: “Wow, he is rather patient…”

Shiina: “He did confess once before just when we entered the 3rd year…”

Mayumi: “Oh really?”

Shiina: “Shot him down straight away because I didn’t feel like dating anyone.”

Mayumi: “Do you like him now?”

Shiina: “Kind of… He’s been trying to click with me during the 3rd year and it felt comfortable. He’s not trying to force anything to make me like him, he’s patient…”

Mayumi: “Then accept him!”

Shiina: “I don’t know if I’m at the right time to date anyone yet…”

Mayumi: “You are already in university… 3 years will pass very quickly. By the time you realized it, you are already working, don’t miss this chance out.”

Shiina: “My dream is to get a job, get married and have kids…”

Mayumi: “Then what are you waiting for?”

Shiina: “Ok then… I will accept him tomorrow after the lectures. If I tell him in the morning, he won’t be able to focus in the lectures.”

Mayumi: “You know him inside out too, you are subconsciously prepared for this too…”

Shiina: “You are right…”

I then pulled out another bed under my bed.

Shiina: “Woah, didn’t know you had a bed here, I thought I was going to sleep in a futon.”

Mayumi: “I won’t torture a friend who is willing to sleep over with me… If I only had a futon, I would not even called you to come here, I will be talking to you over the phone.”

Shiina: “You are just too nice sometimes…”

Mayumi: “That’s who I am… I guess.”

And we both chatted a little longer before going to sleep for real. I managed to have a good night sleep this time round.


The next morning, I woke up earlier to make lunch bentos for me and Natsuki. I tried to do it quietly so that Shiina won’t wake up.

But she still woke up.

Shiina: “Good morning~”

Mayumi: “Ah, you are awake, did I wake you?”

Shiina: “Nah, I usually wake up at this timing. What are you doing?”

Mayumi: “Making bentos for later.”

Shiina: “You and Natsuki’s?”

Mayumi: “Yeah.”

Shiina: “May I ask you something?”

Mayumi: “Hmm?”

Shiina: “I… I want to make lunch for Kyouya too… But I don’t know how to cook. Can you teach me?”

Mayumi: “Sure.”

And I started teaching…

Mayumi: “What have you been eating at home since you can’t cook?”

Shiina: “Food deliveries or instant food.”

Mayumi: “Another person with an unhealthy diet…”

Shiina: “Don’t judge me…”

Eventually we finished cooking the lunches. Shiina went out earlier to change her clothes and get her belongings at home.

Mayumi: “Sorry did you wait long?”

Natsuki: “Not really, I bumped into Shiina while I was on the way here, did she come to your room?”

Mayumi: “She did, she was here for a sleepover.”

Natsuki: “Oh really?”

Mayumi: “Yeah… I just wanted someone to talk to.”

Natsuki: “You can talk to me about it.”

Mayumi: “It’s girls stuff.”

Natsuki: “Ok then…”

We start to walk to uni.

Mayumi: “Did you know that Kyouya confessed to Shiina last night?”

Natsuki: “Oh really? Did she reject him?”

Mayumi: “No… She didn’t give him an answer yet. But she says she will accept him later after the lectures.”

Natsuki: “I think I know the rationale of that…”

I giggled.


The day was over and we lurked at Shiina accepting Kyouya moment. Eventually we jumped in to congratulate them.

Kyouya: “Am I the only one who doesn’t know the answer? Why am I always left out?”

Natsuki: “We did say before, you are rather dense.”

We all laughed with Kyouya showing a grumpy face.


We decided to go on our separate ways for dinner.

Natsuki: “Ah another happy ending.”

Mayumi: “Yeah, so happy for them…”

Natsuki: “Now its a competition, on who is getting married first.”

Mayumi: “I’m not going to be that easy to accept your proposal when the time comes…”

Natsuki: “Oh we’ll see, I have my ways… Oh yeah are you coming over tomorrow?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, I am.”

Natsuki: “I will end work at about 3pm… so you can just prepare dinner.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”


We ate dinner and he sent me back, the usual stuff.

Next morning, woke up, brush my teeth, showered, did some assignments.

“I think I should reach there at around 1pm… but first, let me buy some groceries…”

So I left the apartment room early to buy some groceries. After cheerfully buying groceries, I started to walk to his apartment.

“Ah, I’m too early… Maybe I will chill here for a while before I commence my cooking.”

I took out my keys, unlocked the door and walked in. I heard some noises at the bedroom, so I walked in to check it out.

And I saw…

Haruka and Natsuki, kissing on the bed…

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