I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 13

Haruka: “I will take him away from you.”

Mayumi: “Why? I thought you broke up with him…”

Haruka: “Because I was immature back then… I didn’t know how romance feels like… And I couldn’t bear to reject him, so I decided to give it a try… But after a month plus, I still can’t feel anything, that’s when I decided to let him go.”

Mayumi: “Then why do you want him back now?”

Haruka: “After leaving him, I slowly realize… the warm feeling in my heart is my love for him… I even moved out of my hometown to go into the same university as him…”

Mayumi: “But you are too late, you could have kept dating him back then.”

Haruka: “Can you please break up with him?”

Mayumi: “You are getting unreasonable. My lecture is starting, I’m going back in.” and I walked back in for the lecture.

Natsuki: “Where did you go?”

Mayumi: “Someone was asking me about another module that you are not a part of.”

Natsuki: “Ok then.”

I decided to hide it from him.


The long day has finally ended.

Kyouya: “So where are we going for dinner?”

Natsuki: “Not today… I have something on…”

Shiina: “Yeah me too…”

Mayumi: “I have tons of assignments to complete…”

Kyouya: “Ok then… Looks like its instant noodles tonight.”

Mayumi: “Don’t eat too much of such things… That’s unhealthy…”

Kyouya: “It’s only once in a while…”

Then we walked away with the usual pairing…

Natsuki: “Come to my place. I want to make dinner for you.”

Mayumi: “Eh?”

Natsuki: “Your bento was great, I was thinking of making dinner for you as a reward.”

Mayumi: “Oh really…”

Natsuki: “You didn’t add blood in the food right?”

Mayumi: “Still milking old jokes?”

Natsuki snickers.

We reached his place.

Mayumi: “You lived in an apartment room too?”

Natsuki: “Yeah…”

Mayumi: “How do you pay your rent?”

Natsuki: “I work on weekends…”

Mayumi: “I see…”

And we entered the apartment.

Mayumi: “So tidy… unlike mine…”

Natsuki: “Just start by being less lazy… Make yourself at home. You can sit on my bed and watch TV, while I prepare dinner.”

Mayumi: “Ok…”

Natsuki: “Just don’t fart on my bed.”

Mayumi: “Sheesh.”

Natsuki: “You want anything to drink?”

Mayumi: “Just water will do.”

Natsuki: “No, you drink tea.”

Mayumi: “Is that how you treat a guest?”

Natsuki: “I don’t accept water as a request from a guest…”

And he serves tea.

Natsuki: “I don’t know how to bake so there’s no cookies… Sorry about that.”

Mayumi: “It’s ok. You can come over to my place sometime, I can teach you how to bake.”

Natsuki: “Sure… Come to my place on Saturday afternoon, after I’m done from work.”

Mayumi: “Ok then… What are you working as?”

Natsuki: “A part-time chef in a Chinese restaurant” and he starts slicing veggies.

Mayumi: “Oooo a chef, I have high expectations from you now.”

Natsuki: “Please don’t give me any pressure.”

Mayumi: “Hehe… Oh no, no time for television, I need to work on my assignments!” and I hurriedly took my stuff out, place them on the table and start working.

Mayumi: “Oh yeah your jacket… I managed to clean it perfectly after washing it 3 times…”

Natsuki: “Woah 3 times…”

Mayumi: “I hand washed and machine washed it before I brought it to the laundromat to do that final wash. Luckily it worked out without damaging the jacket from all that washing…”

Natsuki: “So dedicated… Now that I think about it, this jacket has experienced quite a lot with you… Maybe you should keep it…”

Mayumi: “But it’s yours and its too big for me.”

Natsuki: “Can I ask you something? Did you sniff my jacket for my scent when you brought it back?”

Mayumi: “Eh?” I blushed because… I actually did sniff the jacket… before bed.

Natsuki: “You did?”

Mayumi: “NO WAY! I would never do such disgusting things…”

Natsuki: “Haha, you better get started with your assignments… I’m almost done cooking.”

Mayumi: “Ah yeah!” and I started doing.

50mins later, Natsuki is done cooking and I managed to finish my assignments.

Mayumi: “You said you were almost done…”

Natsuki: “Since you were doing assignments so I took my time to cook.”

Mayumi: “Wow… It looks delicious.” It was all Chinese food. Sweet and Sour pork, Stir-fried veggies matching with rice.

Natsuki: “I have still have rice remaining, so just tell me if you want more…”

Mayumi: “I don’t eat a lot…”

Natsuki: “Maybe my good food will make you eat more…”

Mayumi: “So confident about your own cooking?”

Natsuki: “I’m a chef for a reason.”

I started digging in.

Mayumi: “It’s… not…. good.”

Natsuki: “Stop lying to yourself…”

Mayumi: “Fine, you win.”

After dinner, we chatted for a little longer and by the time we realized it, it was late at night already.

Mayumi: “It’s time for me to go… it’s late…”

Natsuki: “Stay here for the night then.”

Mayumi: “Pfff… no… Are you going a little too quickly with the development?”

Natsuki: “You need me to send you back?”

Mayumi: “It’s fine… I will be careful.”

Natsuki: “Okay then.”

And just before he closes the door.

Natsuki: “Ah wait.” and he passes me a key. “This key is for the lock of this room. This Saturday if I’m late or anything, you can just come in.”

Mayumi: “Is it fine… to give me your key?”

Natsuki: “I trust you…. to not steal my stuff.”

Mayumi: “Is that how you see me…” and I walked off.


“Why is this street so dark today… I better hurry.” and I walked faster and faster.

Suddenly, someone pushed me against the wall.

“What were you doing at his house?”

Mayumi: “This voice… Haruka? You have been following me?”

Haruka: “I will ask again… What were you doing at his house?”

Mayumi: “Doing what a proper girlfriend would do.”

Haruka then started pulling my blouse.

Haruka: “What did you say…”

Mayumi: “I said… I’m doing things that a girlfriend that knows what love is would do.”

Haruka: “What do you know about me… I will make you leave him… no matter what…”



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