I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 11

“Let… Let me tidy up the room first! Don’t come in yet!”

Natsuki: “Oh…ok…”

I slammed the door, and cleared up the place, tidied the bed. Took about 10mins to finish. I slowly open the door…

“Sorry to keep you waiting… You may come in now…”

Natsuki: “Sorry for disturbing…”


Mayumi: “Do you want coffee, tea or me…?”

Natsuki: “You.”


That was just an imagination I had… I wish I could pull that off…

Natsuki: “Your apartment is pretty cute…” while he was looking at the posters of male idols I have on the wall…

Mayumi: “Thanks. You want some tea while I prepare your dinner?”

Natsuki: “Hmm… Sure.” and he smiles at me. I blushed pretty hard, I quickly turned my head, walk briskly to the kitchen to prepare tea and some cookies.

Mayumi: “Here’s some matcha and some of my homemade cookies. Make yourself at home, while I make your dinner. Feel free to ask anything…”

Natsuki: “Okay.”

I rushed back to the kitchen, takes out the knife and starts chopping ingredients…

“I think I will make some chicken baked rice…” and smiled while thinking to myself.

I started giggling to myself and then…


Natsuki came rushing in: “What happened?”

I hid my hand behind myself: “No, nothing! Just sit down, dinner is almost done…”

He moved closer towards me, pulled my left hand, I cut it on accidentally, during the self-giggling moment.

Natsuki: “So this is nothing? You want me to consume your blood-filled dinner?”

Mayumi: “No, I… I…”

And he sucks my finger.

Mayumi: “Are you a vampire?” as I blushes.

He sucked it for a minute.

Natsuki: “Where’s the first aid?”

I pointed to a cabinet. He opened the cabinet and took out the first aid box. He gently bandaged my finger.

Natsuki: “What were you intending to make?”

Mayumi: “Chicken… baked rice…”

Natsuki: “With your blood as topping?”

Mayumi: “Stop it… You drank my blood just now already…”

Natsuki: “I like it fresh.” and snickers as he pets my head. I looked down.

Natsuki: “Now you sit down while I cook…”

Mayumi: “But but…”

Natsuki: “You cut your finger already, just relax, I know how to make the baked rice.”

I then sit down, while observing him cook.

He then sat down with his nicely baked rice and starts eating.

Mayumi: “I’m sorry… I was supposed to be the one cooking…”

Natsuki: “It’s fine, at least you contributed with the ingredients and a little bit of your blood…”

Mayumi: “Is it a running joke now?”

Natsuki: “Maybe.” and he winks at me.

I look at him eat intently, until a stroke of courage strikes me again…

Mayumi: “I still like you, Natsuki-kun.”

He pauses.

Mayumi: “I want to heal you… I know you are still hurt but you act that you are okay… I wish to make lunches for you… I want to make sure no one will ever hurt or destroy you ever again…”

Natsuki: “I’m sorry… but… I think I’m done with relationships… I don’t want to date anyone ever again… You are a great girl, you will find a better guy eventually…”

Mayumi: “There is no one better than you. I have never met a guy who is willing to foot my bill, twice, willing to help me with copying notes, even though I slept in class, talks to me so informally like as if we known each other for ages. I want to give something back…”

Natsuki: “I told you before… I only treat you like a little sister… I do all those because you are like a little sister to me… Nothing more, nothing less.”

Mayumi: “But I don’t see you as an elder brother, I see you as someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Natsuki: “But I… I…”

I went on to hug him.

Mayumi: “I will never ever hurt you. I will dedicate my life for you. I will never shut you out like those other girls did to you.”

Natsuki: “Stop talking… Let me go wash the dishes…” and he releases my grip, grabs the plate and walks to the kitchen.

I sat down there, doing nothing, don’t know what to do.

Natsuki: “I’m done with the dishes, it’s getting late so I will leave now. Thank you for the food” as he grabs his bag and walks to the door.

And just before he closes the door. “I will give you an answer… tomorrow after the lectures…”


The next morning, I looked down and walked to uni.

Natsuki: “Good morning…”

Mayumi: “Good morning, see you in class…” and keeps walking.

In the lecture room.

Shiina: “Good morning! Why didn’t you wait for us at the gate?”

Mayumi: “Good morning, Shiina-chan. I was just feeling like sitting down in the lecture room earlier today.”

Shiina then saw the bandage: “Your finger. What happened?”

Mayumi: “It was nothing.”

Natsuki: “She was cooking some food for me at her apartment last night, and got injured while slicing some veggies.”

Shiina: “You went to her home?!” and then turned to me. “Did anything happen between you two?”

Mayumi: “No, nothing happened. I got injured so it ended up with him cooking his own food…”

Shiina: “Awww. That was your best opportunity.”

I didn’t reply back to her and the lecture commences.

Me and Natsuki didn’t speak to one another after that, even during lunch when we were together, we didn’t talk to one another directly.


Eventually, it’s time to go home. Natsuki approaches me.

Natsuki: “Come with me.” and he pulls me away with him.

Kyouya: “Where are you guys going? What about dinner?”

Natsuki: “We will join you later, you two can go there, grab seats and order food first.”

Kyouya: “O…kay…”

I didn’t say a single word while he was pulling me to a hidden corner in the campus.

Mayumi: “Why did you bring me here for?”

Natsuki: “I did tell you that I’m about to give you an answer after the lectures. Did I hurt your finger while I was pulling you? Sorry, I wasn’t thinking…”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, don’t worry. It’s okay if you want to reject me, since you rejected me once already. It doesn’t even matter anymore.”

I was expecting another rejection. But…

“Let’s date.”

10 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 11

  1. Well, this brings back cringe worthy memories of my high school relationships… Natsuki reminds me a lot of Kakeru from Orange–but maybe, it’s because I know he committed suicide. Still, I picture Kento Yamazaki in every single chapter.

    Liked by 3 people

      • I saw him in 俺物語!! and instantly fell in love with him. He should’ve played Irie Naoki in ItaKiss: Love in Tokyo, but Furukawa Yuki is cool too. I don’t think there is a Japanese actress whose roles I can really relate to… but some people say, I bear some resemblance to Honoka Miki, who I loved as Aihara Kotoko. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

          • I know… my boy Kento is in that movie too xD Shoujo is such a complicated genre for me. Part of me loves it, but another part of me wants to destroy it because I expect stronger female (not bitchy) roles. I like to see men and women support each other. Anyways, I had a small obsession with Kento from 2015-2016. I’m glad it’s over.

            Liked by 1 person

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