I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 10

Shiina and Kyouya walks towards us.

Shiina: “What happened? Why is he all wet?”

I explained everything…

Shiina: “I guess it’s time to pull someone’s hair today…” and starts clenching her fist.

Kyouya: “I wanna join~!”

Mayumi: “That’s not what Natsuki-kun would want…” as I stop them from doing something irreversible…

Shiina: “Nah, we won’t be dealing with her directly…”

Kyouya: “We have our ways…” and the two of them laughs like villains from an over-dramatic movie.

Shiina: “Since the lecture is still about an hour plus later… Kyouya, go buy some clothes for him, we will look after your belongings…”

Kyouya: “Oh, ok.” and he quickly bolts off.

Mayumi: “What do you intend to do with her?”

Shiina: “Things… over the internet…”

Mayumi: “You have some dirt on her already?”

Shiina: “Nah, that’s Kyouya’s job, my job is to “market” it out.”

Mayumi: “Ah… I see…”

Kyouya came back running with fresh clothing, and Natsuki went to change up. I copied all the notes from the lecture and passes him the notes to copy for the night…


The next day, people keep murmuring stuff about the girl yesterday, including something about her high school life and everything. I then met Shiina in the study room, she was doing a report.

Mayumi: “I guess the rumors today was your doing?”

Shiina winks: “Mhmm. I’m quite efficient, aren’t I?”

Mayumi: “I wonder how that girl is going through…”

Shiina: “Me and Kyouya has been doing this since high school, whenever he gets rejected by the most ridiculous reasons… I want to make them feel like it’s hell on Earth…”

Mayumi: “Wow…”


After a long lecture, I bought lunch and saw the girl who rejected Natsuki walking alone with a bread on her hand, walking to the staircase to the rooftop. I decided to follow her up. As I open the door, I was shocked by what I’m seeing. She went over the railings, standing at the edge of the ledge, like she was about to commit suicide.

“What are you doing?!”

Girl: “Don’t come here! I will jump!”

Mayumi: “Don’t do anything stupid, you still have a long road that awaits you!”

Girl: “My life is over… My perfect uni life is dead…”

Mayumi: “Don’t jump, we can talk this through…”

Girl: “I’m still going to jump” and she looks down.

I took the opportunity while she was not looking and pulled her back in.

Girl: “Why did you do this… You must hate me, since I poured water on your best friend…”

Mayumi: “This time is different, I wouldn’t want to be scarred for life for witnessing a suicide, and also, it’s normal for a human to stop another human from doing irreversible stupid things. Let’s talk things out…”

The girl then talks about her history, similar to my high school life, discriminated, isolated… But before entering uni, she changed how she looked, how she behaved and 180-ed her personality. She eventually gained popularity and let it get over her head, making her the proud girl she is right now.

Mayumi: “It’s still not too late to change. Go back to the old you, but with more self-confident… Don’t let all the fame get over your head again. Humility is key.”

And I stood up…

Mayumi: “Don’t reject the next guy who confesses to you. You have a beautiful heart and you know it… Being like a proud girl will isolate you even more.”

And I exited the roof for my next lecture.

In the lecture room…

Shiina: “Where did you go?”

Mayumi: “Oh, I ate lunch with someone else today.”

Shiina: “Making new friends already? That’s new…”

Mayumi: “I’m not anti-social you know…”


The day is finally over, time to go home but Shiina wants to eat a new sushi place around the area…

Mayumi: “The girl from just now…”

She’s waiting at the gate, she noticed us and walked towards Natsuki.

Girl: “Erm… May I have a moment with you…?”

Shiina and Kyouya then stood in front of Natsuki.

Natsuki: “Sure.”

Shiina: “Huh? But she…”

Natsuki: “It’s fine, I can defend myself.”

Girl: “Thank you…”

Mayumi: “Let’s go to the sushi bar first, we will wait for you there, Natsuki-kun…”

And I pulled the both of them away with me.


We were eating for a lot of plates already…

Mayumi: “Natsuki-kun is taking a bit of time…”

Shiina: “Worried now? You stopped me from interfering just now…”

Natsuki then enters and sat down beside me.

Mayumi: “Ah. You finally came, what did she tell you?”

Natsuki: “She apologised to me for the water pouring, and then followed by a confession.”

Mayumi: “Ah? Really? How did you respond?”

Natsuki: “Of course I rejected her… But she sounded like a totally different person…”

I thought to myself: “Looks like the counseling session worked…”

Kyouya: “Now that he’s here, let’s carry on the binge eating! Whoever ate the least will pay!”

Shiina: “Oh no…”

I let out a cold sweat, and starts to rush my sushi. But surprisingly, I didn’t lose, Natsuki ate the least plates, so he footed the bill.

Shiina: “It’s been awhile since Kyouya walks home sober…”

Kyouya: “What do you mean by that statement?”

Shiina whispered to my ear: “He ate way lesser on purpose, he can easy down 30-40 plates if he wanted to…”

We then separated with the same pairing.

While we are walking…

Mayumi: “How did you feel about the confession?”

Natsuki: “Surprised?”

Mayumi: “Why did you reject her? Since you said she’s a totally different person now.”

Natsuki: “I got over her already and other reasons… And apparently, you became a counsellor now…”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “She told me everything already… Great job you did there…”

I blushed: “I did nothing… I just did everything as a human…”

Eventually, we reached the front door of the apartments.

Natsuki: “We are here I guess…”

Mayumi: “Erm… Do you want to come and have more food? Shiina told me you didn’t eat much so that you can foot the bill for me…”

Natsuki: “Ah… She told you… Why can’t she keep a secret…”

And then Natsuki’s stomach is grumbling, his face turned instantly red.

Natsuki: “It’s ok, I will make some instant noodles at home…”

Mayumi: “That’s unhealthy! Let me cook something nice for you… as a form of gratitude for just now…”

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