I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 9

My eyes were puffy from all the crying when I went to uni in the next morning, but somehow managed to finish copying the notes, probably cried my eyes out while copying. Managed to sleep better than usual too…

As I was about to enter the campus, I saw Natsuki standing at the gate. Trying to act like yesterday didn’t happen…

“Good morning~!” and a wide smile on my face.

Natsuki: “Ah, good morning…”

Mayumi: “Waiting for the rest?”

Natsuki: “Yeah…”

Mayumi: “Since we are in the same lecture later, I’m going to wait here too…”

We didn’t talk for about a minute… then…

Natsuki: “You do understand why I have to reject you, right?”

Mayumi: “Yeah, but I did say I won’t give up on you…”

Natsuki: “Right…”

Then Shiina and Kyouya came.

Kyouya: “Mayumi-chan, why are your eyes puffy? Did you cry? WHO BULLIED YOU?!”

I answered awkwardly: “No one did… Just crying over the notes copying last night…”

Kyouya: “Oh really? Ok then…”

Shiina glanced at me silently, then whispered to me: “Talk to you after the lecture.”and the 4 of us walks in for our first lecture.

The lecture was long and boring as usual.

After the lecture I followed Shiina.

Kyouya: “Where are you girls going?”

Shiina: “Girls talk.”

Natsuki: “Ok then…”

We bought our lunches, and brought it to one of the rooftops. We sat down at a corner and started eating.

Shiina: “So, what’s wrong?”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Shiina: “I know you are lying. Just tell me what’s wrong, I won’t tell the guys.”

Mayumi: “You sure are sensitive…”

Shiina: “Your mind is pretty easy to read.”

I took a big breathe…

Mayumi: “I confessed to Natsuki-kun yesterday.”

Shiina: “What? When did you confessed?”

Mayumi: “After he sent me back, just outside my apartment…”

Shiina: “And I guess he rejected you.”

I nodded, eyes getting teary again.

Shiina sighed: “Not surprised…” and eats an eggroll. “Let me tell you a little bit of history…”

Shiina: “The three of us were friends since high school, but I only joined them after the 2nd year… But I managed to know them inside out pretty quickly.
Throughout Natsuki’s school life since middle school, he already had 2 breakups and 5 rejections…
He has never received a confession before, yet he confessed for 7 times to 7 different girls.
The reason of the breakups were because he was apparently “too nice” to the girls, making them feel like he was out of their league. And in the 5 rejections, 2 of them were indirect, where the girls date his other friends instead,  1 of them, was the girl asked guys to “take care of him” and 2 of them, girls ridiculed him.
I think he has reached a stage where he doesn’t want romance anymore or maybe it was the first time he received a confession he don’t know how to react…”

Mayumi: “He told me that he treated me like a little sister.”

Shiina: “I see… You might have a chance… You are already a step into his heart. Just don’t be overaggressive with your advances, slowly make him lower his guard…”

Mayumi: “Ok noted…”

Shiina then passes a tissue to me: “You can wipe those tears away from your face… It’s not like there is no chance for you…”

Mayumi: “Thank you…” and I wiped my tears.

We finished our lunches and goes back for our next lecture.

Natsuki glanced at me… I smiled back.


After a long day of lectures…

Kyouya: “I’m hungry, lets splurge a bit and go for beef…”

Natsuki: “I don’t mind…”

Shiina: “Hmm, it’s been awhile since I last ate beef…”

I looked at my wallet…

Shiina: “I will pay for your share.”

Mayumi: “But…”

Shiina: “It’s ok, take it as if I borrowed you money…”

Mayumi: “Thank you…”


Dinner was great… and guess who got drunk again.

Shiina: “This guy doesn’t know what a hangover is…”

Mayumi: “He really loves to drink…”

Natsuki: “But his alcohol tolerance is still so weak.”

Shiina: “Looks like its the same pairing again…”

Natsuki: “Sorry that you have to deal with this all the time when we drink…”

Shiina smiles and start walking…

Natsuki: “Let’s leave too, it’s getting late…”

I smiled and starts walking first. We didn’t really talk much during the journey… and the day ended like that.

The next day…

I went to school with a smile on my face. There is a crowd near the entrance…

“What is going on…?”

I squeezed through the crowd, and I did not believe what I saw… It was Natsuki… on the floor, dripping wet… I ran towards him.

“Natsuki-kun, what happened?!”

“So, I guess you are his friend…”

I turned my head, it was the girl he confessed a few days back, but with a couple of guys with her, holding empty buckets.

Mayumi: “Why did you do this?!”

Girl: “He confessed to me… when I’m WAYYYYY out of his league!” and starts ohoho-ing.

I stood up, clenching my fist.

Mayumi: “I guess you are missing out then… A guy like him is better than your 2 lackeys who only wags their tails for the sake of your face. But inside, you just a lonely little girl living in your own world. I guess you probably will never get to experience true love.”

I lifted Natsuki up, took his bags and walk away with him. I made him sit down outside the store, I went in to buy a towel, and starts wiping him and drying him, since he didn’t bring extra clothing and the closest shop is outside of campus…

While I was wiping him, I have never seen him so dead before, like he has completely lost his soul. Suddenly, my phone rang.


Shiina over the phone: “Where are you guys? Are you 2 in campus?”

Mayumi: “We are outside the store beside the cafeteria… I will explain things when you get here…” and hangs up.

I opened his bag…

“Ah your notes are wet, but luckily not completely… Got to find a way to dry this… I will copy the notes later and pass it to you to copy at the end of the day. Thank god your laptop is still dry…”

And after being quiet for so long… He finally said something…

Natsuki: “Thank you… for just now…”


6 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 9

  1. Depending on where you are in the US, intentionally dowsing someone with water buckets is considered physical assault/battery and is subject to prosecution by law… it’s also just straight up mean…

    Liked by 1 person

    • In Asia it’s not really. It’s all under the discretion of the school to handle the kids, unless the parents called the police and making it a civil lawsuit. Those only happens when parents love their kids a lot.

      But often kids don’t tell their parents what happens in school and they treat it like nothing happened.

      I am one prime example for the latter.

      Liked by 1 person

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