I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 8

Natsuki: “I do like someone…”

Then I thought to myself: “Is it me? Or is it someone else…?”

Natsuki: “Why did you ask?”

I turned around and smiled at him: “Just asking…”

Natsuki: “Weirdo…”

I thought to myself again: “Argh, the suspense is killing me even more now…”

We then finished eating, Natsuki was kind enough to bring me back to my apartment because it was night time.

I couldn’t sleep that night because I was busy thinking about his potential crushes… maybe I should have asked more specifically…


I went to uni the next day like a zombie.

Natsuki: “Are you ok? You dont look good…”

Mayumi: “I just had to do some homework last night… I think I will ask my manager about me not going to work later.

Natsuki: “Yeah, go back and rest…”
Entered class, barely could stay awake for more than 5mins, fell asleep as soon as I entered class.


Natsuki: “Wake up…”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “Lecture is over, time to go home.”

Mayumi: “Already? Did I drool again?”

Natsuki: “Nah, you are good…” and he passes a notebook. “That’s the notes for today’s class, go copy it at home.”

Mayumi: “Ah…? Thank you…”

Natsuki: “I need to go somewhere, so I will leave first…”

Mayumi: “Oh ok…”

So he hurried off. Me being curious about him, decided to follow him. Packing my bags like crazy, and hurried to his direction.

He went to the school park, I stood behind a tree, peeking at him.

A girl approaches to him, someone that looks very pretty.

“Oh, who is that… Ah I can’t hear what they are talking about…”

The two of them are talking about something, and then Natsuki bowed.

“Is he apologising?”

The girl laughed and walks away.

“Huh what is going on…”

Natsuki looking dejected, also walks away.

Mayumi: “Is it… a confession?”

Natsuki walking out of the main gate, looking like he lost his soul, I approached him from the back.

Mayumi: “Natsuki-kun, I’m hungry~ Want to get ramen for lunch?”

Natsuki: “Ah Mayumi, you still were in campus? Sure, let’s go.”

Mayumi: “Want to grab some beer too?”

Natsuki: “Ah… Beer, sure, craving for some.”

Mayumi: “Let’s go~”

I pulled his hand and went to the ramen bar.


We entered the shop, saw Shiina and Kyouya sitting together eating.

Mayumi: “Ah~ Shiina-chan, Kyouya-kun is here too?”

Shiina: “Oh you two came.”

Mayumi: “Yeah, we are grabbing beer too.”

Kyouya: “Beer at this hour? Hell yeah, looks like hangover won’t happen next morning.”

Mayumi: “I’m scared that I might fell asleep since I was so tired…”

Shiina: “You slept through a 4hr lecture…”

Mayumi: “It’s only a nap…”

Shiina: “And I’m assuming Natsuki gave you notes…”

Mayumi: “Yeah he did.”

Kyouya slaps Natsuki’s shoulders: “What a nice guy~ Maybe a bit too nice?”

Natsuki is just silent.

Shiina: “I guess the confession didn’t go well?”

Mayumi: “Confession?”

Shiina: “Yeah, he likes another girl from another major.”

Mayumi: “Ah… I see…”

Shiina: “You sound like you already knew…”

Mayumi: “I was actually there when he confessed…”

Natsuki looked up towards me.

Mayumi: “I didn’t mean to peek at you, I just want to know what you were doing… Which is why I suggested beer…”

And then silence.

Kyouya trying to break the silence: “Okay Okay~ Let’s grab the beer and start drinking! But let’s not get drunk, since we have to go home.”

We sat there for about 3hrs, talking non-stop, trying to cheer Natsuki up… and at the end of the session, Kyouya is the only guy that got drunk…

Shiina: “Let’s not get drunk, he said… I will bring him home, Natsuki you bring Mayumi back.”

Mayumi: “I can go back on my own…”

Natsuki: “It’s going to be night time soon, let me send you back. As gratitude to you trying to make me feel better… and I felt better.”

Mayumi: “Ok then… But trying to make you feel better was my way to say thank you for giving me notes…”

Natsuki: “It’s ok… looks like to have to get busy tonight, sorry that we dragged too long.”

Mayumi: “It’s fine, I’m so full now I can skip dinner, so I can copy the notes in no time…”

Natsuki: “Ok then.”

Then Natsuki accompanies me back home.

Natsuki: “And here we are…”

Mayumi: “Thank you…”

Natsuki: “You go in now, you have loads of work to do.”

Mayumi: “I know…”

Natsuki starts walking away. Then a sudden burst of courage within me came and…


I screamed pretty loudly, probably my loudest I ever shouted. The next moment, my legs started to run on their own and I hugged him from behind.

“I don’t like how she treated your confession like a joke, she should feel honored that she has someone liking her, especially when it’s from a great guy like Natsuki-kun… I want to be there for you, I want to heal you, I want to make your life better…”

Natsuki turns around and hug me back.

Natsuki: “Thank you for the concern, I’m fine, after that session of beer drinking. I probably would have been a lost cause by now if you didn’t come and console me… But I’m sorry… I need to still get over this rejection, even though it’s not my first one… And also, I always see you as a little sister… You are a great girl, you will find someone else better than me… Someone that will love you more than me…”

I then releases the hug.

Mayumi: “Ahh, that makes me feel much better…”

Natsuki: “Eh?”

I turned around, showing him my back.

Mayumi: “I had a crush on you since the start of this major… and I can finally get it out of my chest… But I won’t give up on you, I will get you to say yes one day…”

And I ran back to my apartment, looked at Natsuki walking away, until he turned around to look at my window, then I pulled the curtains and ran to bed, crying to my pillow…

3 responses to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 8

  1. Probably my favorite chapter thus far. As someone who gets confessed to often (not trying to brag–making a point), I really don’t get why some people laugh at their confessors. A simple “Thank you for being so courageous. However, I’m not ready to be in a relationship” or “I’m flattered, but I’m sorry, I’m not interested in a relationship right now” or even just being blunt (yet polite) “I’m flattered, but I’d be lying to you if I said I felt the same way–I like someone else.” All of those would be so much better than laughing at someone for having the guts to do something a lot of people have trouble doing: owning up to their feelings and DOING something about them.

    Props to Mayumi for being super bae and strong.

    Liked by 1 person

      • The only time I ever confessed to a guy–it was horrible–harder than a 3 hr Calc exam. But I learned that those who reject me don’t know the awesomeness they’re missing out on 😉

        I love stories that mix suicide and love together (except for Romeo and Juliet… like wtf Shakespeare?). Also, as a young Psychologist, I’m really interested in different people’s perspectives on and conceptions of suicide (how it happens, factors that led to it, etc.)–which is why I love Orange and why I continue to follow this straightforward story. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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