I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 7

014: “Shiina? According to my records of this timeline, she doesn’t exist.”

Mayumi: “What do you mean by she doesn’t exist?”

014: “She’s not born. Or should I say never born in this timeline.”

Mayumi: “Can you check her out please… I want to know.”

014: “Ok sure, I can do it after your story.”

“Oh yeah the story…” and the flashback continues.


Natsuki: “Let’s go in for the orientation already, we are getting late.”

And we all went in.

The dean talked for about 2hrs, and I slept for a solid 1.5…

Natsuki: “Wake up… It’s time to go out for class…”

Mayumi drooling: “Ah…”

Natsuki then gives a tissue: “For your mouth…”

Mayumi: “Huh?” and she touches her mouth. “AH! I’m sorry! Did I drool on your shoulder?!”

Natsuki: “It’s fine, its just a jacket, I can take it off and wash it later.”

Then I grabbed the jacket from him. “I WILL WASH IT!”

Natsuki: “O…ok…”

We went to class and the 4 of us sat together.

I have his jacket in my bag. Still embarrassed about earlier, I didn’t even dare to glance at him.

Lunch time.

Kyouya: “Let’s go try this shop!”

Natsuki: “You already research the university inside out, didn’t you…”

Kyouya: “My dream for my first month in Uni, is to try all of the cafeterias, all the restaurant inside the campus with all of you guys!”

Natsuki: “I don’t want to get fat…”

Shiina: “Me too…”

Mayumi: “I… I don’t mind…”

Kyouya: “Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

We all then went to a restaurant, it was western.

Kyouya: “I will get the lamb chop.”

Shiina browses the menu and starts biting her thumbnail: “Ahhh the menu all looks so good, I can’t pick one… I will get the pork cutlet then…”

Mayumi: “I’m just going to get the fish and chips…”

Natsuki: “Ah me too.”

Mayumi: “Do you like fish and chips too, Natsuki-kun?”

Natsuki: “Not particularly, but I always eat fish and chips whenever I go to a restaurant I never tried before. Is fish and chips your favourite then?”

Mayumi: “Ehehehehe yeah…”

Actually it was because I didn’t bring much money to this town when I moved, regret instantly after moving here whenever I have a meal… I eventually went to get a part time job…

The food then came.

Kyouya: “Ahh this food is great~~~”

Shiina: “Mine too…”

Natsuki: “We can come here again, they didn’t screw up the fish…”

I thought to myself: “My money… but this fish is so good…”

Natsuki glanced at me for a moment.

Mayumi: “Mmmm? Is there something on my face?”

Natsuki: “No, nothing.” and gently smiles.

When we finished the food, we are about to pay.

Natsuki: “I will pay Mayumi’s fish and chips too” and passes extra money to Kyouya.

Mayumi: “What? No, I will pay.” and I scrambled my bag for my purse.

Natsuki: “Its ok.”

I blushed and look down: “Th…thank you.”

While we were going back for our next lecture…

Natsuki whispers: “You didn’t bring enough money didn’t you…”

I turned around and shows a shocked face.

Natsuki smiled: “Your face was pretty obvious when you were eating the fish.”

I looked down and blush again. And I didn’t dare to look at him till the end of the day.

After the day ended, back in my apartment.

“I need to get a job quick…” and furiously flipping the pages of the job listing ads. The washing machine chimed to inform me that laundry is done.

“Ah the jacket, I need to dry it.”

That night was a busy night and I didn’t sleep till 3am…


The next day. We met up at the gate, and I immediately returned the jacket to him, luckily it got dried in the morning and also returned the money.

Mayumi: “I’m going to find a part time job eventually, so I’m paying you back”

Natsuki: “Ok then, but do you have enough money for Kyouya’s extravagant lunch later?”

I looked away and said: “Ah hahahahaha sure.”

Natsuki gave me back the money: “You can pay me back AFTER you get the job and AFTER your first paycheck…”

Mayumi: “But but…”

Natsuki starts walking away… And that’s how I slowly like him… Like I want to know him better… Being in uni everyday is like in paradise… with him around.

Eventually I got a part time job at a convenience store, the pay was not bad, did pay him back the fish and chips.

Then one evening, during the weekends, Natsuki came to the store I worked in.

Ding dong
“Welcome… ah, Natsuki-kun…”

Natsuki: “Ah, Mayumi, you work here?”

Mayumi: “Yes…”

Natsuki: “What a coincidence… I live near here… Weird that I didn’t bump into you earlier…”

Mayumi: “I worked for a month already…”

Natsuki: “Ah I see…”

Mayumi: “What can I help you with?”

Natsuki: “I was thinking of grabbing a sandwich… but since you are here… when are you knocking off from work?”

Mayumi: “In about 30mins or so…”

Natsuki: “Ok then, let’s get some ramen for dinner. I will browse some magazines while waiting for you.”

Mayumi: “Ok… sure…”

The store manager comes out of his office.

Manager: “Ah? Your boyfriend came to fetch you, Mayumi?”

Mayumi: “He’s not my boyfriend!”

Natsuki snickered while reading. I blushed hard.

Manager: “Hahaha, I’m sorry. Just knock off early, the next guy will come soon anyways…”

Mayumi: “But 30mins is a long time, manager-san…”

Manager: “Just go, don’t make your “boyfriend” wait…”

Mayumi: “He’s not!”

Then I went to the staff room to change out of my uniform.

While we were walking to the ramen shop…

Natsuki: “Your manager is an interesting person.”

Mayumi: “That’s how people will normally react…”

Natsuki: “I guess… Ah, here we are.”

And we both entered the empty shop since it’s already past meal time. We sat at the bar table, right beside each other.

Natsuki: “I’m paying for this one.”

Mayumi: “No… stop paying for my food.”

Natsuki: “Hehe…”

We ordered and starts eating… We were both very quiet… I had this burning question in me for over a month… I don’t know what happened, but I just blurted it out…

Mayumi: “Do… you have a crush?” I covered my mouth and turned away after asking that.

Then an awkward pause…

Natsuki: “I… do.”



One response to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 7

  1. Hehe when guys pay for food, there are a couple reasons that could fit the sitch best: 1) he feels bad for her, 2) he’s just a really nice guy/friend, or 3) he likes her.
    I always assume the first option as coping mechanism against rejection xD But we all know who Natsuki likes ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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