I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 6

Natsuki then talks to Honoka at the back of the school.

Natsuki: “I will give my reply…”

Honoka gulps.

Natsuki: “Let’s date…”

Honoka: “Really?! Ahh… I couldn’t sleep at all last night… Thank god…”

Natsuki laughs softly…

Honoka: “What? Don’t play with a maiden’s heart!”

Natsuki stops laughing and starts petting her head: “Haha, ok ok…Good girl…”

Honoka blushes…


Then Honoka and Natsuki enters class together, Kyouya notices.

Kyouya: “Hmm, why did you guys go to school without me?”

Honoka: “I want to talk to Natsuki-kun in the morning…”

Kyouya: “What did you guys talk about?”

Honoka: “We are dating now.”

Kyouya: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “You heard her, we are dating now.”

Kyouya: “Ah I see…”

Mayumi then enters class: “Ok class is starting, get back to your seats.” and she notices that Honoka’s and Natsuki’s gestures and Kyouya’s dejected look on his face. “I guess she went for it and got it…” she thought to herself.


Lunch time, Kyouya leaves the classroom immediately after the bell rings. Mayumi goes after him.

“Oh no, I need to get my bento from the office first. If I know him well enough, he would go to the roof.” and she goes to the office to get her lunch.


Mayumi goes to the roof, looks at Kyouya sitting in the corner, and moves over to him.

Mayumi: “May I sit beside you?”

Kyouya nods.

Mayumi sits down and opens her bento: “I guess Honoka went on to confess…”

Kyouya: “I always knew… but I regret that I didn’t confess earlier…”

Mayumi: “It’s okay, there are many girls out there, you still have university, you will meet new girls…”

Kyouya: “Why didn’t you accept Takeo-sensei’s confession?”

Mayumi: “I… I have my reasons…”

Kyouya: “Do you think that he’s not good enough for you?”

Mayumi: “No… I just… can’t invest my time anymore in a relationship.”

Kyouya: “You are hitting your 40s soon.”

Mayumi: “I’m fine that way…”

And then silence…

Mayumi: “I’m here to console you, but ended up with you questioning me instead.”

Kyouya: “Sorry, I shouldn’t ask so much.”

Mayumi: “It’s okay… You can hug me if you need one…”

Kyouya then hugs and cries loudly, Mayumi pets him.

Mayumi: “It’s okay, let it all out…”

and the crying continues…

“Poor guy… is he destined to be rejected all of his life… I rejected him in my timeline… But now… Sigh…” she thought to herself.


Class finally ended.

Honoka: “Kyouya, wanna go get some ramen?”

Kyouya: “Nah, I have things to do.” and he leaves.

Natsuki: “What’s wrong with him?”

Honoka stares apologetically  at Kyouya walking out of the classroom. “I’m sorry, Kyouya-kun, I wish you would find a girl more suitable for you…”

Honoka: “Let’s go on our first… date…” and she blushes and head went down.

Natsuki: “Hehe, let’s go.” and he holds Honoka’s hands and leave.

Mayumi looks at them leave the school gate from the office. “Ah, I need to make dinner!” She then rushes to get her belongings and left.


Honoka and Natsuki went to their favourite ramen bar and eats…

Honoka: “Do you have an ideal look for a girl?”

Natsuki: “Ideal look?”

Honoka: “Like how do you want me to dress?”

Natsuki: “Hmm… since we are wearing school uniforms, we can’t change that… But I like girls that wears glasses and ties a ponytail…”

Honoka: “Ok I can do that! What about during weekends when we go on dates?”

Natsuki: “I don’t really have a preference, but I wish that she will wear mini skirts… like not too short, but slightly shorter than the school’s skirt.”

Honoka: “Ok, noted. Let’s go to the amusement park this weekend!”

Natsuki: “Saturday?”

Honoka nods: “Morning. I want to have fun with you the whole day!”

Natsuki: “Ok then, track and field is not on anyways, you want me to go to your house and wait for you?”

Honoka: “It’s ok if you wait for me at the train station.”

Natsuki: “Nah, I will go to your house.”

Honoka: “Ok then…”


Mayumi reaches home: “I’m back.”

014: “I couldn’t wait for you, so I went on to cook dinner.”

Mayumi: “What…? You can cook?”

014: “It’s a basic survival skill to have especially when doing long missions like these.”

Mayumi: “I’m such a pain, am I?” and winks.

014: “Yes, very.”

Mayumi: “Don’t be mean~ I told you I will return once I’m done.”

014: “By then I probably getting ready to retire.”

Mayumi pouts: “Oh yeah, your HQ still hasn’t decided to take action against me?”

014: “You are lucky, they are taking their time.”

Mayumi: “I see. Let’s eat dinner first, then I shower. I’m hungry.” and she sits down.

014: “I’m bored, let’s talk about our past while we eat. I wanna know more about you, maybe after that I can understand how I feel.”

Mayumi: “Hmm? You sure are opening up towards me a lot. But sure… where do I start…”

014: “From high school should prove that you are old enough.”

Mayumi pouts, and commences the flashback:

High school was nothing much. I was bullied for how I looked, I had thick glasses, braided hair…

Was made fun of for having crushes.

So I decided to study hard and go to a university where no one knows me, start life afresh, and I managed to pull it off. I decided to change my glasses, and got rid of the braided hair for a ponytail. I even dyed my hair light brown.

Entering university was scary for me… I didn’t know anyone, and its in an entirely different town, until I bumped into him…

Mayumi: “I’m sorry!”

Natsuki: “I’m sorry too… I’m assuming you are lost…?”

Mayumi: “Yes…” and I told him where I was supposed to go…

Natsuki: “Ah, I’m going there too, I’m searching for my friend there. I can bring you there.”

Mayumi: “Oh really? Thank you…”

Natsuki: “My name is Natsuki. What’s yours?”

Mayumi: “My name is Mayumi…”

So I followed him towards the building.

Kyouya: “Wow, you are slow…”

Natsuki: “Give me a break, I’m new to this place too.”

Kyouya: “Who’s that behind you? Are you flirting on orientation day already?!”

Natsuki: “NO! She’s just someone I bumped into while on my way here. She was lost trying to find her way here so I decided to bring her here.”

Kyouya then moves towards me: “I’m Kyouya, his best bud.” and offered a handshake.

Mayumi: “I’m Mayumi…” and shakes his hand…

“Ahhh so noisy already on the first day of school…”

Natsuki: “About time you came… Shiina…”


And we return back to the present…

Mayumi: “Wait… Shiina… Why isn’t she here in this timeline?!”


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