I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 5

Mayumi wakes up in the morning, on her bed.

“Ahhh what I did last night… Headache…” as she turns around, she sees 014 sleeping on the floor.

“He brought me back? Wow, he’s a nice guy after all.  should make him breakfast as a thank you…”

She then gets off bed to make breakfast.

014 then wakes up the smell of breakfast. “I smell bacon…” and he gets up. “Ah… my back hurts from sleeping on the hard floor… Is she making breakfast for me?”

He then gets up and walks to the kitchen. Mayumi turns around.

“Ah you are awake? Thanks for bringing me back home… I wonder how did you even know I live here and open the door…”

014: “I told you multiple times, I need to keep observing you… and your keys are in your handbag… took awhile to find it though.”

Mayumi: “Sorry… You sit down, breakfast is almost ready…”

014: “Ok then, hopefully your cooking tastes good.”

Mayumi: “My dream was to be a housewife too, so don’t worry about my cooking.”

014 went back to the coffee table in front of her bed, because Mayumi lives in a rented apartment room.

014: “Why didn’t you buy a proper house?”

Mayumi: “I’m just here temporary, I will find a way to go back to my timeline…”

014: “I can help you now, if you want.”

Mayumi: “My job here isn’t done yet.”

014: “Figures…”

Mayumi then serves breakfast: bacon, eggs and sausage.

014: “Seems simple…”

Mayumi: “Don’t judge, that’s all I have in the fridge.”

014 starts eating: “Not bad… I approve of your cooking.”

Mayumi: “I told you before, my dream is to be a housewife one day.

014: “Right…”

The both of them eats.

014: “You do know saving him here does not mean that you can save your fiancé in your timeline, right?”

Mayumi: “I do… ever since you told me about me being in another timeline.”

014: “Then what is the point now exactly?”

Mayumi: “I just want to know why he chose to die… You have no idea how much I was distracted by this mystery for the 5 years…”

014: “You love him that deeply, eh?”

Mayumi: “You have no idea…”

014: “You are right, I don’t know how love feels like anyways.”

And then an awkward silence…

Mayumi looks at the clock: “Oh no, I need to leave for school. Help me lock the doors on the way out… If you want to sleep here from now on, I don’t mind.”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “You don’t have a place to sleep right? If you want to observe me, stay here then.”

014: “I… Are you sure you are in the condition to work today? You are still having a hangover…”

Mayumi: “It’s fine.If you want to go out, just lock the doors for me.” and she grabs her belongings and left the house.



Mayumi runs to the faculty office: “Sorry I’m late!” and she quickly puts her stuff down, get the student roster and left. “Takeo-sensei isn’t here today… I feel so sorry for him…”

Mayumi enters class: “Sorry, I’m late…”

A female student: “How was your date with Takeo-sensei last night?”

Mayumi: “Huh, what date, it was just a normal dinner between colleagues.”

Natsuki thought to himself: “Mayumi-chan has a date with Takeo-sensei?”

Honoka: “I wonder why sensei is already in her prime age, but still chose to not get married… Takeo-sensei is a great guy…”

Mayumi laughs off at the question she gets spammed with from the students and commences class anyway.


Class ends and Natsuki approaches Mayumi.

Natsuki: “I wish to talk to you in private again…”

Mayumi: “Ok, sure, same spot as last time.”

Honoka: “Ah, Natsuki-kun and sensei are having another conversation of their own again…”

Kyouya: “Maybe he has something to ask sensei about class…”

Honoka: “I doubt so…”


Natsuki: “I want to ask you something…”

Mayumi: “Sure, ask away.”

Natsuki: “Are you Mayumi-chan… from elementary school?”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

Natsuki: “You look like her, like how she will look like when she gets older…”

Mayumi thought to herself: “How did he find out about her… Does he know her for a long time…?”

“I’m not her… I don’t know what you are talking about…”

Natsuki: “Really?”

Mayumi: “Yes…”

Natsuki: “Ok then…” and he leaves…


At the school gate…

Honoka: “What did you ask sensei about?”

Natsuki: “Nothing much.”

Honoka: “Ok then…”

And the two of them walks home together.


Honoka: “Natsuki-kun…”

Natsuki: “Hmm?”

Honoka: “Do… do you…”

Natsuki: “Yeah?”

Honoka: “Do you like yakisoba?!”

Natsuki: “Huh?”

Honoka thought to herself: “This is not what I want to ask!!!”

Natsuki: “I kinda like yakisoba yes…”

Honoka: “Ah, that’s great…” and give off an awkward laugh…

Natsuki: “You are weird today…”

Honoka: “Hahaha…”

and then an awkward silence.

Honoka: “Erm… Actually I like you, Natsuki-kun…”

Natsuki stops: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Honoka: “I… I like you!” she screams as she blushes.

Natsuki stops and froze.

Another silence.

Natsuki: “I… I don’t know what to say…”

Honoka: “You don’t have to give me an answer now… I can wait…” and she runs off…


Mayumi enters home: “I’m back…”

014 is watching TV and munching chips: “oh, welcome back.”

Mayumi: “Oh, aren’t you having a great time…”

014: “Since you told me to make myself at home, so I did what you said.”

Mayumi: “I didn’t really tell you that… but anyway… time to make dinner…”

014: “I stockpiled the fridge with groceries, with my own money, don’t worry.”

Mayumi: “Wow, how responsible.”

014: “I’m living your place now, I have to foot a fair share of the rent…

Mayumi: “True, I will start making dinner now.” and she wears her apron and starts cooking…

014: “Hurry up, I’m hungry, carrying groceries back here was heavy… Why do you even rent at a place so far away from the supermarket?”

Mayumi: “Because the rent here is cheap. And I’m saving up for a car so I don’t need to walk to school… So that I can wake up later…”

014: “Sounds lazy of you…”

Mayumi: “Oh shut up…”

And the bickering continues…


Natsuki on his bed, thinking about Honoka’s confession…

“AHHH!” and he covers himself under his pillow.

“I don’t know what to do… because I think I fell in love with… Mayumi-sensei…”


One response to “I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 5

  1. As I read this, I was mentally translating it to Japanese, and so when I knew where Honoka was going with her confession, I immediately yelled “Daisuki!” before she said it and scared the person next to me in the library.

    It’s good, and I like Mr. 014. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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