I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 4

Mayumi went to visit the grave.

“June 18th… that’s my birthday… They probably were going on a roadtrip when it happened, because every year on my birthday, we will go on a roadtrip…”

And she places flowers on the gravestone and walks away.



Time for school again, Natsuki spent his weekend trying to remember things regarding the “nightmare”, but to no avail.

Natsuki goes to school slightly earlier, because he has morning practice for his track and field activities. Natsuki joins track and field because he loves to run.

clap clap “Ok time for practice~!”

Natsuki: “That voice?” and turns around. Mayumi is there.

Mayumi: “Ah, Natsuki is part of the first year new members? What a coincidence.”

“I didn’t expect him to join this club, I thought he was part of the cycling club in university… and I joined the club because of him… That’s where I knew I need to exercise…”

And training starts.

Mayumi: “The 2nd and 3rd years can start their regular warm-ups and training. I will be briefing the 1st years.”

Natsuki is kind of excited and hyped.

After the warm-ups, Natsuki starts running for a couple of rounds. During his runs, he happened to glance at Mayumi while she was stretching.

Natsuki thought to himself: “Boobs…” and then he fell down and slide on the floor for a good 2metres face down.

“Are you ok?!” Mayumi rushed towards Natsuki.

Natsuki turned his head around with a thumbs up: “I’m fine…”

Mayumi: “No you are not, your right knee is bleeding! I will bring you to the nurse’s office.”

Mayumi puts Natsuki’s arm over her shoulder and walk him to the nurse’s office. On the way to the office, Natsuki gets a flashback to when he was in elementary school, remembering a girl named Mayumi and some random activities they did as kids.

Natsuki whispers: “Mayumi-chan…”

Mayumi: “Hmm? Did you just call my name? In school you have to call me sensei… but in private… Hehe…”

Natsuki: “No… Nothing.”

Mayumi: “Ok then…” and gives a small giggle.

They entered the nurse’s office.

Mayumi: “You have a break here, and I will see you in class, ok? Or do you need to go home?”

Natsuki: “It’s ok, I will turn up for class later…”

Mayumi: “Ok then, see you in class.” and she leaves the room.

Natsuki then thought to himself: “Did Mayumi… come back to life?”



Natsuki limps his way to class.

Honoka: “Oh my god, are you all right?! What happened?”

Natsuki: “Just a little fall during training.”

Honoka points at the bandage that covers the whole knee: “This is not little!”

Natsuki: “Whatever…”

Honoka with a worried look: “Don’t be so reckless…”

Mayumi enters class: “Get back to your seats, weekends are over, time for class.”



The school bell rings and school is over. Honoka approaches Mayumi.

Honoka: “Sensei, may I have a word with you?”

Mayumi: “Hmm?”

Honoka: “You are the teacher-in-charge of the track and field club I heard…”

Mayumi: “That is correct.”

Honoka: “What happened to Natsuki-kun’s knee?”

Mayumi: “Ah… He fell down while running.”

Honoka with the worried look: “I see…”

Mayumi: “He didn’t tell you?”

Honoka: “Yeah…”

Mayumi: “Hmm… may I ask you something too?”

Honoka: “Yes?” and she starts drinking water.

Mayumi: “You like Natsuki, don’t you? Hehe” with the smug face.

Honoka sprays water.

Mayumi laughs hard.

Honoka: “N… No way!”

Mayumi: “It’s ok, you can admit it, it’s just the two of us in class now…”

Honoka looks down and blushes: “Yeah… I do…. like him…”

Mayumi: “Hmmm… I see…”

Honoka then holds Mayumi’s hands: “Can you help me, sensei?”

Mayumi: “Huh?!”

Honoka: “Ask him about the type of girls he likes… His hobbies… How he shower… EVERYTHING!”

Mayumi: “Wah wah.”

Honoka: “Please…”

Mayumi: “No, you have to find out on your own, to pursue your own relationship.”

Honoka: “You are right…”

Mayumi: “But one thing that I can tell you though, he likes ramen, like a lot. He cannot live without ramen for a meal.”

Honoka: “No wonder he keeps bringing us to ramen places, or even goes there alone himself…”

Mayumi: “There you go, and good luck.” and walks out of the classroom.

After getting her stuff, she walks out of school gate.

014: “You are ok with her being too close with your fiancé?”

Mayumi: “AH! You surprised me… Why are you even here… And how did you know?”

014: “I’m just around to observe, make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”


Mayumi turns around: “Ah, Takeo-sensei?”

Takeo: “May I bring you out for dinner?”

Mayumi: “Hmmm… Sure. I will meet you tomorrow then, 014.”

014: “Sure.” and he walks away.



Mayumi and Takeo goes to a family restaurant. Ordered their food and then, awkward silence. Mayumi decides to break the silence…

Mayumi: “So…erm… Did you ask me out for dinner for any reason at all?”

Takeo: “Ah, I’m sorry… I was too nervous…”

Mayumi chuckles: “You are making me nervous too.”

Takeo: “Will you go out with me?”

Mayumi: “Huh? Wait… Are you serious?”

Takeo nods and the food comes.

Mayumi: “I’m… sorry, I actually have a fiancé…”

Takeo: “Don’t lie to me, I have been observing you for 4 years while working with you.”

Mayumi: “He’s busy working overseas…”

Takeo: “Don’t try to find excuses to reject me… You are not young anymore… What would your parents think of you…”

Mayumi: “My parents are not here…”

Takeo: “I’m sorry… Is it because of that guy?”

Mayumi: “No, it’s not. He’s just a friend. I’m sorry, I have my reasons to not invest time in a relationship…” and she leaves the table.



Walking down the street, Mayumi with a can of beer, drinks and threw the can into the bin.

014: “You ok? The way you reject him though…”

Mayumi: “I can’t just tell him the truth! And are you a stalker?”

014: “I told you, I’m here to observe you, for the time being.”

Mayumi could not walk straight anymore and fell towards a wall. 014 breaks her fall.

014: “Ahhh she fell asleep, she has very bad alcohol tolerance… Looks like I have to bring you home then… Sigh, how old are you already…”

014 then carries her home.

Natsuki behind the wall, peeking at them…

“Are you the real Mayumi-chan I know…”

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