I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 3

Natsuki wakes up like waking up from a nightmare next morning.

Natsuki: “Was everything a nightmare last night? I thought I saw Mayumi…”

Mayumi and 014 are at the opposite roof observing Natsuki.

Mayumi: “Thank you for saving him.”

014: “It was my fault for shooting him on accident anyways. But you have a lot to explain, young lady.”

Mayumi: “I have class to teach, can I explain later? We will meet for dinner!”

014: “Sure, name your place.”

Mayumi tells him the place.

014: “Ok then, 7pm?”

Mayumi: “Hmmm seems a bit rushed but sure.”



Natsuki walked like a zombie, thinking about his “nightmare”.

Honoka: “Good morning!” and slaps Natsuki in the shoulder.

Natsuki: “Good… Good morning…”

Kyouya: “Hey, you ok? You looked dazed.”

Natsuki: “Oh, was thinking about something.”

Honoka: “Oh, do tell.”

Natsuki: “May I have some privacy here?”

Honoka: “Ok ok…”

And the three of them walks to school.


Mayumi at the school gate greeting students. “Good morning~”

Natsuki stopped at the gate.

Mayumi: “Good morning, Natsuki.”

Natsuki: “Good morning, sensei…”

Mayumi: “Are you ok? You look kind of unwell…”

Natsuki: “I’m fine… Just a bit tired.”

Mayumi: “Ok then, see you in class.”

Honoka and Kyouya: “Good morning sensei…”

Mayumi: “Good morning, you two~”


In class, during Mayumi’s lesson, Natsuki dozed off on his desk. Mayumi acts like she didn’t notice and gave Kyouya a note written: “Make sure Natsuki copies the notes at home later, that is his homework.”

After class, Mayumi rushes out of the faculty office to the restaurant she told 014 as it is already 6:45pm.


014: “You are late.”

Mayumi panting: “Give me a break, I literally ran here, and besides I’m only late by 5mins.”

014: “You could have asked for a later time.”

Mayumi: “I don’t like to make people wait for too long…”

014: “You made me wait for an extra 5mins.”

Mayumi: “Are you always this grumpy?”

014: “It’s my personality.”

Mayumi: “Hmph.”

And she sits down, orders her drink and food with 014.

014: “Ok, explaination time. How did you get here, why are you here, what’s your motive? How did you infiltrate this timeline so specifically, records, everything were tampered to perfection.”

Mayumi: “My friend created a time machine and I’m here to fix the future… My fiancé committed suicide… just a few days to our wedding. I want to know why and prevent him from doing so. My friend also gave me a tablet and some forged documents to blend into the past perfectly.”

014: “Don’t you realize something different?”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

014: “The younger you don’t exist in this timeline.”

Mayumi eyes widen in realization: “Wait… You are right… Why is that…”

014: “Your friend’s prototype time machine probably sent you to a different timeline. So you are in the past, but a different timeline. This isn’t so bad. If you bump into the younger version of you, you would have distort the balance of this timezone and potentially collapse it entirely. You do realize the severity of your deeds now?”

Mayumi nods in shock.

014: “What I can tell you is, the younger version of you died 5 years ago in this timeline, from a car crash, along with your parents.”

Mayumi: “Really? Where were they buried?”

014 gives an address.

Mayumi: “Thank you…”

014: “Its nothing.”

Mayumi: “Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your timeline.”

014: “My timeline was destroyed… I was saved by a senpai, just before it was totally gone.”

Mayumi: “What happens when a timeline gets destroyed?”

014: “It’s like the end of the world. Everything gets sucked into a black hole.”

Mayumi: “What was the cause of it?”

014: “Someone went to the past attempting to save his past self, but their interactions was too much, causing the entire timeline to go.”

Mayumi: “Oh I see… Time is such a fragile thing…”

014 nods.

Mayumi: “Then how is this time patrol thing like? How long did you do these things?”

014: “We don’t just patrol time, we explore timelines endless, since time is limitless. I worked for 6 years already.”

Mayumi: “I see…”

014: “We have this massive facility to time travel, track timelines and also imprison time fugitives like you.”

Mayumi: “So I’m a fugitive now…”

014: “Yes, but HQ told me to stay back, because I injured the person of interest on accident during our fight.”

Mayumi: “I see…”

014: “But its only temporary, once they give me the go, I will arrest you. How do you even learn to use the tonfas? You were good. Capturing a fugitive wasn’t this hard before…”

Mayumi: “Learned during the 5 years before I came here, to distract myself.”

014: “Not bad… Oh yeah, forgot to ask, if you want to escape, this is the time because I temporary cannot “arrest” you. Go back to your timeline.”

Mayumi: “Firstly, I can’t, my friend didn’t give a return ticket. Secondly, I will do whatever it takes to finish what I started, and what I came here for.”

014: “A stubborn one, can’t wait for HQ to give me the green light to arrest you, didn’t had so much fun trying to subdue a fugitive.

Mayumi: “Heh… Oh yeah, I wanna ask, who pioneered the time travelling tech you have?”

014: “Professor Kyouya.”

Mayumi: “Huh? Wait, THAT Kyouya?”

014: “If you say about the person, yes, that Kyouya, but timeline wise, no. He created a time machine, in 2033 from another timeline.”

Mayumi: “Wait, I am from 2033.”

014: “He didn’t revealed anything about testing with someone.”

Mayumi: “It’s definitely from my timeline, but he probably didn’t say that I was his test subject.”

014: “I don’t remember which timeline exactly, but maybe you are right. Ahhh there is too many timelines to remember exactly.”

Mayumi: “So he became such a great person… We have a lot to talk about even though we are enemies. We should meet more often, know each other better.”

014: “Why? You want to find out my weaknesses?”

Mayumi: “Maybe. But probably trying to make more friends.”

014: “Pffft, make friends? No way.”

Mayumi: “Be more positive, not all fugitives are bad. Firstly, I didn’t know I got transported into another timeline and not the past I was in. Secondly, I didn’t know such laws exists…”

014: “Whatever…”

Mayumi sighs: “Ok then, its getting late. I have things to do tomorrow.”

014: “It’s the weekend. What do you have to do?”

Mayumi: “Stalk my fiancé.”

014: “Huh?”

Mayumi: “Bye~” and foots the bill just as she leaves.


Natsuki in his bedroom still trying to recall his “nightmare”.

“Why do I have a feeling that I met Mayumi before… and even her name is familiar…”


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