I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 2

Boy: “My name is Natsuki… 12 years old.”

Mayumi’s eyes widen.

Mayumi: “Ah… I see. Do you know the nearest hotel?”

Boy: “Its at downtown… Just go down the…”

Mayumi: “Ah I remember now, see ya!” and she ran away… with tears in her eyes. “I’m in the past…”

There is a shadow looking on the roof of one of the houses… He disappeared after Mayumi ran.

At the hotel.

Mayumi washes her face and thought to herself: “I need to buck up… Time to find a job with the teaching license I have… Oh yeah, I need to activate that first…” and she activates the tablet and the tablet makes a ding noise to notify that it has done its job.

“I think he’s too young… I will go to a high school and teach instead, spend 4 years to train myself, prepare and everything…”


Natsuki in his bedroom. “That woman is weird… but she’s pretty…” and starts blushing to himself.



And then 2018 came in a blink of an eye. Natsuki enters high school.

Natsuki: “Ahhh, Vacation passes by so fast… and now I’m a high schooler…”

Kyouya: “Yeah… Time flies when we are having fun.”

A girl that walks with them: “I need to study harder since I barely made it for the entrance exams…”

Natsuki: “I can remember the moment when you cried on my chest when you found your name in the list… Ahh that moment was so funny, Honoka…”

Honoka then shoves her hand on his mouth: “Shhhh!!!! Don’t say that out loud!”

A teacher: “Good morning… New students please proceed to the hall for your entrance ceremony~”

Natsuki then walks past her: “She looks familiar, where have I seen her before…”

The three of them then walked to the hall, sat together.

Kyouya: “Another slow and lengthy talk from the principal… I played till late yesterday, lend me your shoulder, Honoka, I want to take a nap…” and tilts his head towards Honoka.

Honoka: “Why me?” and tried to push his head away”

While the two squabble, Natsuki stares at the female teacher he saw at the gate.

Kyouya: “Where is he staring at?”

Honoka: “That teacher we saw just now…”

Kyouya then bump his shoulder: “You have a crush on her now?”

Natsuki blushes: “No way I will like a teacher!”

And everyone stares at him, Natsuki blushes harder: “I’M SORRY!” and bows.

The teacher chuckles and Natsuki glanced at her.

They then entered class, excited about their homeroom teacher.

“I heard its a guy…” “But my sources says its a woman…”  The whole class keeps gossiping.

Kyouya: “I bet he wants that teacher to be here…”

Honoka: “Yeah… for sure…”

Natsuki: “Shut up.”

The door then opens, the teacher walks in and claps: “Ok settle down, settle down.”

Natsuki eyes widen.

“My name is Mayumi, so you guys will have to call me Mayumi-sensei. I will be teaching English and Maths.”

Natsuki then remembers the name.

Class commences.



Class ends and Natsuki stood up and walk to Mayumi.

Natsuki: “May I have a moment, in private?”

Mayumi: “Sure… Let’s meet behind the school.”

Kyouya approaches: “Let’s hit the ramen bar~!”

Natsuki: “You guys go first, I will join you 2 later.” and he bolts off.

Kyouya tilts head in curiosity.

Honoka: “You wanna follow?”

Kyouya: “Nah, let’s not. He probably need to do something…”


Behind the school.

Natsuki: “I have a question…”

Mayumi: “Yeah, ask.”

Natsuki: “Are you the lady I saw 4 years ago? At night, in the streets…”

Mayumi: “Mhmm, I recognised you the moment I see you.”

Natsuki: “I guess you became a teacher.”

Mayumi: “It’s my dream.”

Natsuki: “That’s all I have to say, I just want to make sure it’s you…”

Mayumi: “Glad to see you again Natsuki.”

And Natsuki walks away.

“He seemed more cheerful than the days I dated him… I have never seen him so… much personality before… But waiting for 4 years for this day was worth it…” Mayumi thought to herself while looking at Natsuki walks away.

Mayumi then walks to the faculty room to get her belongings and get ready to leave for home.


Mayumi turns around: “Ah, Takeo-sensei.”

A colleague of her for 4 years while working at the high school.

Takeo: “May I… bring you out for dinner?”

Mayumi: “Ah… I’m sorry I have something on later. Maybe next time…” and hurried off.

Mayumi went home. Opened the fridge and realized there is no more food. “Ah… Forgot to buy groceries… Time to get some instant noodles at the convenience store… So lazy…”

She walks out of her apartment, and starts her journey to the store. About to walk past an alley, a guy walks out of the alley…

“What are you doing here… What are you doing in this timeline?”

Mayumi: “Huh?”

“You have violated laws regarding time and space here… I will have to arrest you.”

Mayumi: “Arrest me? Who are you?”

“My codename is 014. My real name is classified… I’m from the Time Space Patrol.”

Mayumi: “So you are from the future?”

014: “Not really. But from a different timeline.”

Mayumi: “Looks like I have to defend myself… I cannot afford to get arrested yet.” and she took out 2 metal boxes, expanded into 2 tonfas.

014: “You leave me no choice then.” and he pulls out a gun and knife.

Natsuki who was also going to the store, happens to bump into them and hid behind a wall and peek. It was dark out so he couldn’t see their faces.

“What are they doing…”

And a battle ensues.

014 charges his gun and shot, Mayumi dodges, but the beam hits the wall that Natsuki was hiding.

Natsuki flew against and hit the back of his head on the other wall.

Mayumi saw Natsuki and stopped the battle and ran towards Natsuki.

Natsuki falling into unconsciousness and hear the voices faintly.

Mayumi: “Ah, he’s bleeding! Call an ambulance.”

014: “No need to… I have something.” And he pulled out a box.

014: “Go to sleep… Everything is going to be okay…” and Natsuki falls into unconsciousness.


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