I Never Expected This Reality: Chapter 1

The year is 2028.

Life seems perfect for Mayumi, getting married to her long time boyfriend in a week at her dream age of 26, working on her dream job of a wedding planner.

The guy in question is Natsuki, also 26, but works at an engineering firm. A romantic guy with not much facial expressions, but strangely Mayumi knows how to read him.

They picked their wedding gowns a few months back and preparations are all ready. All they have to do is just the ceremony.

It was night time for them a week before the wedding, so they decided to eat supper after work.

Natsuki: “Hey…”

Mayumi eating her ramen: “Mmmm?”

Natsuki: “If I suddenly passed, what would you do?”

Mayumi: “Please don’t scare me… Are you sick?” and starts touching all over his face.

Natsuki: “I’m ok, just a thought… Let’s change topics.”

and they talked about something else. Wrapping up the night with smiles on their faces.

Fast forward to 3 days later. Mayumi just knocked off work and reached home.

Mayumi thought to herself: “Ah, he’s not back home yet.”

The phone rings, Mayumi picks up the phone. “Hello?”

And she drops her phone.

–5 Years Later–

Mayumi and some of her friends places flowers at Natsuki’s grave.

Kyouya (one of their high school friends): “Time flies… It’s been 5 years”

Mayumi: “Yeah…”

Kyouya: “His suicide is still a mystery… No suicide note, no motives…”

Mayumi: “He did left a note. All he wrote was “I’m sorry…””

Kyouya: “I want to do something for you… Come to my lab later…”

Mayumi: “Lab?”

Kyouya: “Our old playhouse back in the day… I converted it into a lab 3 years ago.”

Mayumi: “Wow, didn’t knew.”

Kyouya: “You were still mourning, couldn’t find a perfect timing to break it to you. But it think now the time is right.”

Mayumi smiles: “Ok then, I’m excited now.”

Mayumi then drove to the place after grabbing a cup of coffee. It’s a lone old warehouse just outside of town.

Mayumi grunts while trying to open the huge warehouse door. “Woah…”

It’s like place with lots of lights like Christmas decorations, with a huge circular device in the centre.

Kyouya: “Welcome~!”

Mayumi: “What is this?”

Kyouya: “A time machine.”

Mayumi: “What?”

Kyouya: “Time Machine!”

Mayumi: “You serious.”

Kyouya: “Mhmm.”

Mayumi: “So… what do you intend to do with this?”

Kyouya: “Send you to the past.”

Mayumi: “Huh? What? Me? Back to the past?”

Kyouya: “Yeah, 15 years back, because that’s the maximum I could do for now.”

Mayumi: “Why? Why did you do this?”

Kyouya: “I want you to save Natsuki, figure out why he decided to commit suicide and stop him, so that he can be here, with us.”

Mayumi: “You want me to change history.”

Kyouya: “Yes.”

Mayumi: “But…”

Kyouya: “There is a catch. Once you go in, you can never come back.”

Mayumi: “What…?”

Kyouya: “I figured that you probably don’t like here since he’s gone, so I didn’t develop a device to get you back.”

Mayumi: “But if I do change the past, the future will change too…”

Kyouya: “I’m not sure about that… Because… time has unlimited possibilities.” And he powers up his device.

Mayumi: “Wait!”

Kyouya pushes her into the centre of the device: “Leave your parents to me, don’t worry…”

Mayumi gets out of the device: “NO! I need to prepare myself. I will give you an answers in a few days…”

Kyouya: “Ok then… I’m sorry.”

Mayumi: “Can you develop a return device in a few days?”

Kyouya: “I don’t think so. Too little time. I will do some refinements on the machine before you decide whether you want to do it or not.”

Mayumi: “Thank you… and everything you did… I appreciate it.” and she walks out of the warehouse.

She then went to her parent’s house, had dinner and had a conversation about the time travelling.

Her parents were amazing and found it kind of unbelievable, but Mayumi’s resolve to travel to the past is so firm that they can’t stop her. They bid farewell, since Mayumi will never come back once she goes.

Fast forward to 3 days later. Mayumi went back to the warehouse.

Kyouya: “I’m assuming you are ready to go?”

Mayumi: “Mhmm.”

Kyouya then powers up the device: “I did some refinements to the machine while you were gone. And also take this.”

Mayumi: “Huh? What’s this?”

Kyouya passes a tablet and a forged identity card: “Its your new identity. Just connect to the internet during that timeline, activate it, and it will upload your new identity into their database, becoming a person in that timeline. It will give you your teaching license, driving license and bank accounts, everything. And also, have some money…”

Mayumi: “You shouldn’t have… but you are very… well-planned.”

Kyouya: “I always knew your dream was to be a teacher. You need the money more than I do. Hopefully this machine will work…”

Mayumi: “I have faith in you and your masterpiece.” and walks into the device.

Kyouya activates the machine: “Godspeed… Bring him back…”

Mayumi nods and a bright light shines on her and disappears…

Kyouya: “My biggest gift… to my crush…”



Mayumi wakes up: “I was unconcious… What was I doing… Oh time travel! Looks like it worked… but where am I… and what date is it…?” She thought to herself.

It’s night time at a residential street.

A little boy walks towards Mayumi: “He…Hello?”

Mayumi turns around: “Wah?”

Boy: “Are you an alien?”

Mayumi: “Pfft no…”

Boy: “Then why are you on the floor and why is there a bright light shining at this very spot?”

Mayumi thought to herself: “I cannot say I’m from the future… It will ruin this little boy’s dream.”

and then said: “I dropped my flash light because I was feeling unwell.”

Boy: “Ah… Are you ok?”

Mayumi: “I’m fine. Oh yeah, tell me the day and date.”

Boy: “It’s April 16, Wednesday”

Mayumi: “Year?”

Boy: “2014…”

Mayumi whispered: “Dammit, he sent me too far back in time…”

Boy: “What?”

Mayumi: “Nothing! What’s your name and how old are you, boy?”

Boy: “Natsuki, 12 years old…”

Mayumi widens her eyes…

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